Xuanwu is the crown of water genus and the top representative of water genus. Strictly speaking, therefore, many unknown water resources are named Xuanshui, which is a special name for many water with strange functions.

Like heavy water, there are high and low grades in Xuan water.
However, the appellation is different from heavy water. From low to high, it is "human metaphor for mysterious water", "land metaphor for mysterious water" and "heavenly decree for mysterious water"
It is more common for people to describe Xuanshui. Every common people often have that special mountain spring, which can cure all diseases and be worshipped by ordinary people.
However, this magical curative effect will be completely lost at intervals, and the reason for the drop of water is that Xuanshuiling can run out of power.
It’s very rare to describe the mysterious water in the earth. osawa, which is in many mountains or mountains, is born in Lingshi or Shenshu, which is the real spiritual thing raised by the earth.
In a sense, it’s just that there are different ways to generate Xuanshui.
For example, the level and efficacy of the "life spring" generated in the sacred tree for hundreds of millions of years are no less than that of the top-level Oracle Xuanshui.
The "life spring" is also Sun Hao’s most longing for the mysterious water at present. If there is this mysterious water, it will undoubtedly be very beneficial to the recovery of small fire and intellectual delusion.
The most typical representative of the mysterious water of the heavenly edict is the "nectar from heaven" after the monk advanced, which is a wonderful recipe that has greatly improved the foundation of the monk and can help the monk to cultivate the mysterious water steadily.
However, this kind of Oracle Xuanshui is generally one-to-one based on monks in Du Jie. Even if others can take it away, it doesn’t have much effect, and it is also most suitable for monks to advance, but it is not suitable for round water decision.
In addition to the nectar from heaven, there are some oracles and mysterious waters that are also very unique.
For example, the mainland sometimes rains acid water, which is extremely destructive, just as acid, vinegar and rain corrode the earth, burn ordinary crops and harvest particles in large areas.
For example, sometimes fish will fall from the sky in the mainland, and many lively fish will land in the heavy rain, which makes people catch nothing.
The biggest feature of the mysterious water of the Oracle is its instability.
When will it be difficult to grasp?
Then, once the mysterious water falls to the ground, it won’t take long for it to be naturalized, and Fangen can’t wait for the monk to collect it.
Sun Hao quickly thought about his memory of different water while experiencing the five-element wheel water decision, and tried to quickly find some clues and find some specific ways and means of wheel water.
But after some thinking, Sun Hao found that it would not be easy to round the water.
So far, Sun Hao has accurate information and seen heavy water.
On that day, Sun Hao of Nanyang once fought side by side with Li Yuncong, the uncle of Li Island, and Li Yuncong’s magic weapon should be a heavy water with less water and a dollar of heavy water.
Then it is necessary to go to Nanyang again to visit some old friends, Li Yuncong and Ying Xuanhu.
I just don’t know that Li Yuncong’s heavy water is a kind of grade. If the grade is too low, it will be difficult to meet the requirements of Sun Hao’s turning into a watery root.
DiYiLiuSi Chapter Boiling Qingyun
Sun Hao, who was promoted to Yuanying, suddenly found that he needed to practice more things.
Xuanyuan has a bear ancestor who inherited the "three flavors of Yuanying Fire" and also learned that the digestion in the sea has changed for a while, which shows that Sun Haoke can practice.
Sanwei Yuanying Fire has a high level, and at least it is difficult to achieve the cultivation conditions. The foundation of the nine turns of real fire in Yuanying period is the basic cultivation conditions.
Not only that, but the cultivation method also makes Sun Hao feel incredible. It is not easy to cultivate successfully and consciously.
Classical records show that in ancient times, there was a fire called "Samadhi True Fire", but Sanwei Yuanying Fire was just the predecessor of Samadhi True Fire, just like the divine method, one was the foundation and the other was the product of advanced.
Ancient monks refined essence, qi and spirit into samadhi, and then separated from essence to achieve "samadhi is the true fire". It is said in many ancient books that magic is not burned.
The ancient "Romance of the Gods" recorded that "this fire is different from ordinary fire, and it will come out from the eyes, nose and mouth … how can this demon stand it!"
Xuanyuan has left this "Sanwei Yuanying Fire" by Xiong’s family, which can lay the foundation for Samadhi’s true fire from Yuanying period, but it is really ingenious, which makes Sun Hao have to admire it.
However, it is a mixed blessing for Sun Hao to get such magical skills. In fact, it is really difficult to practice because it is a "three flavors of baby fire"
Cheng described that in order to practice Sanwei Yuanying Fire, Sun Hao needs to refine Sanwei medicine to light Sanwei Fire.
Three fires refer to "heaven and earth people", which can also be called "fire in wood, fire in stone and fire in the middle"
It is not difficult to understand that there are also standards and steps for practicing ignition, but the difficulty is that Sun Hao, the "three herbs", has a headache when he sees it.
After the first "human touch" refining, the effect of igniting the fire of Yuanying is to make Yuanying more agile and powerful.
The second taste "Buerwei" is refined and ignited, and the effect of fire in stone is to expand the amount of Yuanying, that is, the true saturation of Yuanying, so as to expand Yuanying.
After refining the third flavor "Tian flavor", the effect of igniting Yuanying skyfire, also known as fire in wood, is to enhance the source power of Yuanying, a monk.
Sun Haodu, a three-ingredient medicine, has never heard of it and feels like it has been refined.
However, literally speaking, the first medicine is to let Sun Hao experience the world and refine the worldly human feelings into Yuan Ying to form a heart fire.
Temperament, dragon and tiger, thinking of truth, thinking of fire, thinking of fire …
Sun Hao looked a little puzzled.
I feel that this first fire is not so good.
However, seeing this first fire, I will think back to the state of Xuanyuan Yaqin’s cultivation. Sun Hao suddenly understood that it is very important to practice the heart in Yuan infant period.
However, in the early stage of Yuanying, it is possible that many mentality changes. It is necessary for Yuanying to be more agile before it can meet the requirements of promotion, but it is not just necessary to refine the gas to be promoted.
The first medicine is to refine the heart fire.
Compared with Xuanyuan Yaqin Sun Hao, he came to his advantage in an instant.
Xuanyuanyaqin’s cultivation should be rule-based, and it is a little bit of exploration without goals in this direction.
However, the "three flavors of baby fire" has found a road trace in the thorns, but I have to follow this trace, but I can finally achieve my goal.
I don’t know if master Yaqin’s true fire turns nine times. If it doesn’t turn nine times, even if Sun Hao teaches her this secret technique, she will try to practice.
Compared with "human fire", the second taste and the third taste of medicine show that many medicines are unique, which means that the fire in the stone is the flame born in the earth, but since the meaning is unique, that is to say, Sun Hao can refine and burn blindly
In this way, the quality of fire and the quantity of fire are very important.
Finally, blindly "skyfire" should be the real need to refine the spirit fire of heaven and earth. According to your own cultivation situation, you must go to day order to see the spirit fire of heaven and earth.
But this level of heaven and earth spirit fire even less spirit fire list in the top ten.
Sun Hao doesn’t feel so easy.
Sun Hao, who is on a boat, gradually clarified his cultivation ideas according to his own situation.
There are many things that need to be dealt with urgently.
In addition to the five elements wheel spirit tactic and the three flavors Yuan Ying Huo, the first four attribute methods need to be re-selected, and the advanced method needs to be selected after Yuan Ying, and the water attribute method has also changed the cultivation schedule.
Then there are a few specific things. The recovery of small fire and mental retardation is the most important thing. We need to find Luo Mei and find ways to make them recover quickly.
We have to practice some spells to prepare for attack and defense, and the means of attack and defense should not be too single
I have to sort out my knowledge of alchemy, alchemy, array method, etc. These abilities have been improved a lot and need to be digested and stabilized.
You have to persevere in practicing "Sword Feather" agarwood has always been Sun Hao’s most important standing attack means. The more difficult it is, the more powerful it is. The more Qiang Jian Feather doesn’t know what effect it will have after being tempered.
Finally, it seems that the Sumeru tower can also be refined on the second floor, and the young and the old have come over with a long list of materials. Sun Hao’s head is bigger and many materials are unheard of.
Qing Lao calmly told Sun Hao that "the repair of the second floor of Xiaohao is estimated to need to reach the boundary before starting."
Sun Hao was suddenly stupid.
The promotion of Yuanying has a long life, but Sun Hao still feels that there are so many things that he can’t be discouraged when he is not enough.
Of course, Sun Hao still has a few things to do before he is nervous about uniting.
One nature is to go back to Qingyun Gate to consult some materials, select some achievement methods, and arrange your own way in one step.
The other is to go back to Xia Guo and go back to Nanxian to have a look
It’s been decades since I left my hometown, and I don’t know how my younger brothers and sisters have developed.
Once again, I don’t know what the record of Xia Guo’s younger generation will be like
I met my grandparents unexpectedly, which affected Sun Hao’s yearning for his parents. I don’t know if his parents’ graves are still safe and whether they have been cleaned.
It’s time to go back and have a look


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