"What am I afraid of" Liu Keqin hands and then rain from the sky "Xianer elder sister are you afraid of"

"What about you? I’m afraid Zheng Shuang will peek and stare at you."
Two women laughed and zipped up to take off their coats.
"I can’t stand you. The tree outside is waiting for you to wash it. Call me." I flew out of the rain curtain and sat next to a big tree and sat on a branch waiting for them.
Less than five minutes later, two women suddenly came screaming in the rain. When I heard them screaming, my reflexes bounced, but I hesitated when I was ready to fly to see the situation …
Chapter one hundred and nineteen farce in the rain
Five minutes may be enough if they go to the bathroom, but five minutes in the shower, I think they just took off their clothes (of course, undressing under normal circumstances can’t take that long, but for one thing, they are branches that can’t move as fast as the ground, and for another, they are directly sent into the heavy rain by me, and the speed will be affected when their clothes get wet and stick off by the rain). It’s not appropriate for me to rush in like this, but if I don’t go, what fatal danger they encounter, the consequences are much more serious than "inappropriate"
What a headache! I’m so worried that my head is sweating.
Some people will definitely think that I am stupid if I don’t want good things, but where do you know my difficulties? If Lu Keqin takes a bath alone, I won’t hesitate. Maybe the root won’t come out at that time. If Lin Xianer is alone or they are still two, but Lu Keqin and I are not lovers. Although I am not the kind of person who wholeheartedly hopes that someone can do something to fish in troubled waters and eat tofu in the name of saving people, I am not the one who put this kind of good thing in, so the sage will rush in without hesitation and take a bath together.
I saw another naked lu woman’s body in front of my girlfriend. In case I need to take them away immediately, can I still have many good days after I have a little skin kiss with Lin Xianer, a naked lu body?
As far as I am concerned, I hesitate to think of two screams in the rain at these moments. I also think that if something really happens to them, it will not be a problem of whether it will be good or not, but that I will have to live in pain and remorse all my life. So I gritted my teeth and swept into the rain and put their thick branches.
Because I’m so worried about their safety and I’m not far away, I feel that I’m flying so fast that I seem to be in front of them as soon as I lift my foot.
And as soon as I appeared in front of them, I knew I was finished, even though the heavy rain affected my hearing and vision, but I still clearly saw Lu Keqin and Lin Xianer playing naked in the rain and screaming when they laughed and shook their bodies.
Because of me, when they were in danger, they saw them at a glance, but they were so happy that they played slowly for half a beat before they saw me. I saw that both of them were naked and froze. After seeing me, they also froze for a moment. Lin Xianer reacted first. She screamed in a panic. She covered her hands with one hand, which was much fuller than Lu Keqin’s. The other covered her legs. At the same time, she turned around and wanted to hang a branch coat next to her. At this time, Lu Keqin also reacted. She didn’t hide or scream, so she said to me, "Silly, you are scared to death. Why did you rush in at once?"
"You also asked me how I rushed in, how did you take a shower, and shouted like someone wanted you dead. Can I not rush to save you?" I said grumpily that I could clean myself up and blame them.
"You idiot!" Liu Keqin gave me a vicious gouge. "I don’t know what it is to shout first."
I froze again and again. Yes, I thought of rushing in or not. Why didn’t I ask what the situation was before making a decision?
Seeing me still facing myself naked, Liu Keqin looked silly and Jiaochen said, "Have you seen enough? Why don’t you go now?"
"Oh," I came to my senses and looked at Liu Keqin’s concave and convex skin and white body. I really can’t bear to leave.
"Let’s go soon, you can see." Liu Keqin said and pushed me. I consciously took a step to the side. I didn’t expect that I rushed in front of them. This branch is much thinner. There is a branch that crosses the big tree they have. It doesn’t matter. I didn’t see a step on the surface, but it was a bad thing. The branch branched out and just touched Lin Xianer’s calf.
Normally, the branches are not too thick, that is, when the legs are pulled, it will pass, but when something happens, everything can get together so skillfully. When Lu Keqin and I said these two words, I turned my back and went to Lin Xianer in a hurry. I hung the pants next to the branches and wore them in one leg. As soon as the other leg was lifted, I stepped on the branches and just touched her independent leg. As a result, I was too nervous and swayed and fell down.
I was completely dumbfounded when I suddenly turned my head to look at her screaming, mixed with the swaying sound and broken branches. I saw Lin Xianer fall to the tree on her back and waved her hands to catch something. Her knees were slightly bent and her legs were crossed. One leg was hung with her pink lace pants as thin as cicadas, and the other bare leg was exposed to the sheni zone …
Although I had never really been in love before I met Lu Keqin, I also watched porn with my classmates to know what women are like, but I never dreamed that it would be such a situation to see a woman’s body for the first time in reality, so I didn’t even know that I should abandon everything first to save people back.
"You have to see more clearly if you don’t save people."
I can hear it clearly from the tone of Liu Keqin’s voice twice before and after. I suddenly rushed in and saw Lin Xianer naked. Although she was jealous, she was not too relieved. This time, she was very interested in looking at me like that.
"Oh … don’t watch … save lives …" I jumped at Lin Xianer, who was still bared his teeth.
If I want her to catch her before landing, I can’t help but look at her. The closer I get, the clearer I can see. If I say the tree is so shocked that I can’t take my eyes back, now I am completely attracted …
Although we have been together for such a long time, I have always had Lu Keqin in my heart. I have never looked at Lin Xianer carefully. Now I find that her beauty is not inferior to Lu Keqin. Her plump body and mature temperament make her more feminine and attractive.
Because Lin Xianer fell, I dived to the place a little later than I did, but the falling speed was much faster. I chased her when she fell about 20 meters, but I was puzzled again. How can I send her back to the tree? Supposedly, I should try to avoid having deeper feelings with lu Keqin. It is most appropriate for me to contact her body as little as possible, but she has a pair of pants all over her body and hangs a leg. Obviously, it is not appropriate to hold, carry and frame her naked body.
I’m puzzled. We almost face each other and fall for several meters. If we don’t make moves, we will fall into the ground water. I crustily skin of head and look forward to holding Lin Xianer’s arms for a long time. From the moment she fell, my eyes never left her body for whatever reason, and my heart was a little messy. When I held her soft jade body in my arms, I suddenly burst into blood and felt that I had set up a tent as soon as I did. At this time, she was a lifeline. After hugging me with her arms, she suddenly raised her legs like Lu Keqin habitually.
In a panic, my feet stepped on the water for two steps to soar and fell back to the branches through the rain, but I saw at a glance that Liu Keqin was livid and his eyes were a little red. I quickly turned around and put Lin Xianer; Lin Xianer was also anxious to loosen my waist and my legs slipped from my body. When we were anxious to stay away from each other’s bodies, it was more embarrassing than when I set up the tent. I was a little shorter than me. When Lin Xianer was anxious to stick to my body and slipped, her feet didn’t hook the branches, but she actually rode my tent stick. The rain was heavy enough in my heart, but I still heard her moan slightly. What’s more, she looked up at me with a conditioned reflex and then her eyes were messy.
But at this time, I’m not embarrassed. Let Lin Xianer think about Lu Keqin, and I may also hear the groan. It’s finished in my heart. It’s finished
Fortunately, this scary tent went, otherwise I didn’t wear pants outside, just a pair of pants and long pants were so wet that I didn’t dare to turn around.
I nervously turned around and looked at the tiger’s face and wanted to swallow me in one bite. Lu Keqin gently called "Keqin elder sister …"
Lu keqin guang jumped into my arms as soon as she slipped away. I was just that she didn’t turn around and ignore me, and she didn’t tell me to get out of here quickly. She also rushed to hug me and was moved. The soft flesh in my waist on both sides hurt like being cut with a knife, and at the same time my left chest hurt heartbreakingly.
"mama ah" I can’t help but call a.
She pinched my waist, but the strength of her hand didn’t decrease, but she bit my mouth and said "bear with it", and then she opened her mouth and climbed where she had just bitten. She bit up because of the excessive force, and she snorted like a puppy grabbing a bone.
It hurts so much that my tears are streaming down my face. I just dare not make a sound by clenching my teeth.
"I’m sorry, Keqin." I heard Lin Xianer say behind me, "I didn’t mean to."
Lu Keqin let go and leaned out his head from my shoulder and said to Lin Xianer, "Sister Xianer, I know that I don’t blame you. I blame this guy for doing everything rashly. Every time my brother says he, I still protect him …"
Listening to her talk to Lin Xianer is as easy as chatting, but her hands are even more than one. At this time, I realized that she might as well tell me to fuck off or turn around and ignore me, but I dare to think about it and say it. She may let me fuck off forever.
She was relieved that Lin Xianer scolded me, but she turned back to me and rubbed her left chest and said "Let".
I didn’t dare to say I wouldn’t let her bite until she was in a bad mood. I timidly said, "Can I bite the right side instead?"
"No, you make me feel bad, and I will bite your heart."
When I heard her say this, I hugged her and pressed her face against my left chest. Tears fell again, but this time I felt so happy instead of unbearable pain.
Chapter one hundred and twenty After the disaster
About four or five days later, the heavy rain isolated us around the inverted pyramid before it stopped. I swept to the tallest tree by the tower and looked around. The original trees were towering and vibrant. The island had been burned by fire, and even the trees in the distant mountains failed to survive. When we first set foot on this land, we saw those magnificent tall buildings with dense forests burned and collapsed at the top of the mountain, leaving piles of ruins and several sections that were burned by smoke and fire. Because we were lucky to come to the pyramid, this forest became the only oasis in the black.
Seeing that the fire was terrible outside, we were safe and sound. I was too lazy to think about the reason and purpose of the dragon fire. I sighed, "What a fire and water situation!" I turned and swept back to the top of the tower. As soon as I landed, I looked forward to Liu Dachuan and asked, "What’s the situation?"


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