Wild Great Wall Army rarely arranges psychic weapons in the city.

This enable psychic weapons to deal with fierce beast rushing towards that loopholes in the great wall.
And there is no way to deal with the fierce beasts that rush in.
If you want to arrange psychic weapons in the loophole, you need them.
Two loopholes in the Great Wall of Wilderness
They are all channels with a height of sixty or seventy meters and a width of twenty meters.
If this passage really lets the Great Wall Army set up spiritual weapons,
That’s how many fierce beasts they can solve.
When the time comes, for the Great Wall Army,
This is not only not a disadvantage, but also an advantage
But if the fierce beasts still keep the same attack rhythm as the original
Choose a face attack
That is not a good thing for the Great Wall Army to come.
Because the original balance front has now appeared two holes.
Although other fronts can still maintain the same defense as before
But these two holes will upset this balance.
Make it less easy to defend the soldiers here.
After all, his warrior is a 150-meter-high wall commanding the fierce beast.
Even if the ordinary fierce beasts rushed, they would have been blocked in the end.
But the soldiers on the ground are not so easy.
An ordinary combat battalion soldier wants to kill a normal silver fierce beast with a gun.
You can’t get it without dozens of heavy machine guns.
Fighting at the two loopholes.
From the original wall defense war to the close hand-to-hand combat.
Ensure that there are no omissions in his local defense.
Two loopholes began to gather a large number of people.
The fighting here is unprecedented.
The leak in the first city wall
Liu Yuan once again hacked to death the fierce beast in front of him.
At this time, he can’t remember how many fierce beasts he killed.
Then the mountains of bodies around him are the best proof
But fortunately, Liu Yuan is not fighting alone.
Just two or three minutes after he arrived at the No.1 cave.
His animal benders also came to help.
There are two old acquaintances of Liu Yuan.
"Crows … Feast"
Stein in the sky drives his own bloody crows.
Constantly harvesting the lives of flying fierce beasts.
Every time those bloody crows cross the body of a fierce beast.
Will instantly take away a lot of vitality from each other.
A silver fierce beast will be hit by two or three bloody crows.
Soon it will be absorbed into dried meat.
And that small light around Stein is constantly benefit from his amazing speed.
Help it with the auxiliary attack.
His animal bender also sent his own flying pet animals to join the battlefield.
Although there are still thousands of flying fierce beasts in the forest
But Stein was born in front of this special animal bender who was almost a special battlefield.
These thousands of flying fierce beasts were instead killed by him and Xiaoguang.
Dozens of his pet animals were suppressed to death.
Besides Stein, Luyuan has another strong support.
See a sentry tower behind several battle battalions.
Katherine’s bow and arrow in her high hand kept pulling.
Road comparable to silver pet beast attack arrows released from her.
These arrows are fired at a very close speed.
Can emit five or six at a time.


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