"Now just know the truth? ! It’s a little late. I will implement the’ Moon Eye Plan’; Li Jiu bijuu resurrected ten tail, and then Li ten tail chakra launched a giant illusion to the whole world, limiting Harle to control mankind and create an ideal society without war and eternal peace. When the time comes, if you want to hold a concert, your dream of becoming a rapper will come true in your dream! "

With soil yin survey with a smile.
At this time, the fourth world war has broken out. Although this month’s eye plan did not come according to the meaning of bringing soil, the situation at this time is beneficial to their organization or to him.
Xiao Organization was originally founded by Xiaonan, Nagato, Yahiko. The original intention was to achieve peace and bring the identity of "uchiha madara" to try to persuade and win over Nagato, but Yahiko stopped it.
Later, Yahiko died in the plot of mountain pepper fish, Shimada Hanzo and Shimura Danzou, and the hatred of Nagato drove the Xiao organization to accept the idea of bringing soil and gradually became an evil organization composed of S-class rebellions from all countries
In the original work, the Moon Eye Project was originally hoped by uchiha madara to start reincarnation. sharingan used "Harle" to control all the people in the world, unify the world and create "peace".
Spot intends to bring the foreign magic statue (ten tail’s body) in the moon sealed by Ootutuki Hagoromo back to life by collecting all bijuu, and to open the eye of Jiugouyu with ten tail’s column strength reaching Ootutuki Hagoromo’s level, and then put his pupil strength on the moon to display "Harle-limited" to control all the people in the world, unify the world and create peace in the dreamland.
In fact, Hei Jue resurrected the big barrel of Muhui night and set up a series of plots, which also deceived Patai and others, and was finally stopped by the seventh class of the original Muye.
Now it’s all changed, but it’s still going on according to the plan of blackout. Please browse and read.
Chapter four hundred and thirty The tail was captured
"Big Brother, we are wrong!"
Kirby lost consciousness and shouted out the last sentence with all his strength.
Chilabi, who was pinched by the soil, was also absorbed by the kaleidoscope’s sharingan ability into the great power
However, all this is unknown to the four generations of Brother Qirabi, Lei Yingai. At this time, he is in a state of panic, attacking and defending the enemy, and the strong endurance method is exerted.
Even he attacked half a meter in Chiba.
On chiba’s reincarnation, Luo Tianzheng’s eyes or flying Raytheon’s art are all four generations’ eyes, thunder, shadow and moxa method to deal with it.
Looking at a face of calm and negative hands and standing in front of me, the face of the four generations of Chiba’s eyes became more dignified.
This is the strongest enemy in his life, even the fourth generation of Mu Lei Ying Ai Du has a little regret that he didn’t bring his younger brother Tail Pillar Kiliba.
It would be much easier for him if his younger brother was on the side.
This is more difficult than the four generations of Mu Leiying Ai and Chirabi facing Namikaze Minato, the fastest "golden flash" in the world.
Moreover, the Yunyin Village War shocked the four generations of Mu Leiying, and now Chiba makes him despair.
"It seems that I have to use my father’s stunts!"
Four generations of eyes LeiYing Ai Hu eyes staring at Chiba took a deep breath and secretly decided.
Thunder Dun, Hell Assault and Four Fingers Penetrating Hand are the strongest endurance skills of the three generations of Thunder Shadow. This skill has great penetrating power to chakra’s middle to four fingers.
In the original work, the three generations of Lei Ying used this trick to break the defensive ninja skill "Tudun Wan Li Tuliu Wall" and the defensive ninja skill "Dissolving Dun and Sticking Wall", which can increase the power with the decrease of the number of fingers. This skill is strengthened until there is only one finger left-one finger is called "the strongest spear"
However, this ninja fourth-generation Mu Leiying is not very good at it, far less powerful than his father, and he rarely uses this trick.
It took two years for the four generations of Mu Leiying to finally learn this trick after pretending to be Chiba and invading Yunyin Village.
I just took out the hell, but I couldn’t occupy the wind. Although it was the initial four-fingered form, it was impossible for the four generations of Mu Leiying to underestimate Chiba again.
An instant four-generation eye thunder shadow directly bends three fingers and leaves an index finger vertically, which is a direct step to the strongest finger through the hand!
This move is equivalent to blessing the first four fingers with one finger. The terror penetration has reached the extreme, which is enough to penetrate the four generations of Mu Lei Ying’s own thunder coat and body with one move!
How strong is the defense of the four generations of Mu Lei Ying Lei Dun chakra model?
In the original, his father’s three generations of Mu Lei’s shadow only caused the only scar by himself.
Now, it is hard to fight with Chiba’s eye pupil force. The body tremors and numbness are not damaged by the earthquake, which shows that the defense is strong!
And this horrible defense force can be directly penetrated by his finger stabbing in hell and one finger penetrating through his hand!
Represents the strongest attack spear represents the strongest defense shield is actually stronger than spear!
"Take out the strongest means."
Look at the four generations of eye thunder shadow posture Chiba eyes also became a little serious.
If you really want to break the defense of four generations of eyes and thunder shadows, he can still do it.
But the lethality is too great and too wide. If you are not careful, you will involve Konoha and Wuyin Village Ninja.
This scene is not what Chiba wants to see.
So Chiba has been careful to make the eye pupil force of the circle to launch the God Luo Tianzheng.
Several thoughts flashed by Chiba in my heart, but I still kept fighting against the four generations of eyes and thunder shadows!
Even the strongest spears of four generations of eyes and thunder shadows didn’t make him afraid of truth!
Although the ninja fights by hook or by crook to slay the enemy, Chiba now prefers to sharpen himself with four generations of eyes and thunder shadows.
Today, Chiba almost never met the enemy to make him particularly serious.
Dare to use a shadow as a whetstone to sharpen yourself. I’m afraid Chiba will be the only one in the whole forbearance world!
Chiba also heard about the Yunyin village invasion two years ago. Chiba knew that it could be done. The whole forbearance world, that is, three people can do it themselves, Nagato and bring soil.
At that time, I was at war with Nagato, so I was behind the scenes, that is, I took the soil
Therefore, Chiba has a mind to visit the battlefield for this World War IV.


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