In case he transfers to another school, once he cultivates secret weapons hard and is benefited by others, he will suppress himself in turn …

In fact, this is the last thing Chisi wants to see, right?
Christa hates disobedient dogs and hates being bitten by such animals even more.
This is not a teammate friendship or a vice captain’s responsibility at all.
You’ve been helping me from the beginning, including those "kind" tips.
You have clearly assessed my value, so you will tell me so much here.
False false false false false false false false false false!
All your greetings are just insincere
Everything is fake!
What about me?
Now that I know all this, I’m still here. It’s really the most false that you make a false pretense of me!
But so what?
No matter what, it’s good to be able to leave you and your light.
Leave you before I can control myself from doing something annoying.
Once things get that way … good luck to you and good luck to me.
There is black in three people.
This time, Chisi never asked Hei to sit down again, which may be a small punishment for disobeying himself.
"Chisi" green woke up and signaled that Black was still waiting for his answer.
Black couldn’t help but look up at him and respond that he was holding his green finger against the side face of his glasses, knowing that the man wouldn’t care about black or giving him a grateful look back.
Judging by appearances often leads to losses.
Is it really easy to get along with people who are used to keeping a cold face and don’t like to open their mouths?
Don’t touch that person’s restricted area before.
It’s probably because they are both proud that they are so different in character that they can become good.
"I’m listening to Shintaro" Chisi glanced at the green.
"You always give me a surprise, Black." When he spoke, he got up and walked to Black’s side. He put his hands on Black’s shoulders and forced Black to look at himself. "What is this? Are you laughing at me in disguise? "
Black repressed his body’s rejection and endured the pain and said, "Chisijun …"
"Yes, if Hei insists on leaving the basketball department, of course, no one can stop you from coming to me or looking for a supervisor. It’s just a process, and it really won’t change anything, but what am I left with?" Chisi stared at the black and red eyes, and the smile on his lips became mysterious. "After I recognize your talents, you want to deny me in turn?" It’s great to be black. "
Black was about to open his mouth when ChiSi stopped him.
"Don’t say you’re sorry." Beautiful and clean fingers point to the black lips, and the deeper the smile, "the same sentence will turn pale too many times. In fact, black is the best person to hide, right? On the surface, you are polite, but in your heart, you think,’ What does that have to do with me? Is that right, Zhe and Jun? "
There is no panic in the dark face. It is not clear whether Chisi is really aware of it, trying it or simply venting his dissatisfaction with someone who is out of his control.
Chisi has always had a very strong observation ability, which reached its extreme after the Emperor opened his eyes. He didn’t recognize that he could do it in front of him.
But isn’t it a little early to uncover him?
"Chisijun, I don’t know what you are talking about." Black expression is pious.
Those pale blue eyes looked at each other for a long time before Chisi finally let go of the black imprisonment. The red hair was rendered black by the sun, and I couldn’t help but squint, but I still saw the red eyes shining like a demon against my lips and smiling like an ogre.
"No" when you say this, Chisi’s expression relaxed for a moment.
But when it gets dark, it freezes in place.
"If you violate me, even your parents will die!"
Akashi withdrew his head from his black ear in a low and gentle tone, like a holy oath. "You just need to remember this."
Turning to go, Chisi suddenly stopped, and his right hand was caught by Black.
"Chisijun, please take back the last sentence you said."
This is the first time they feel that the light blue color can be so deep and fascinating.
> > you are not a zhe.
Black was not that kind of grumpy person in the past, but now he has to be calm and collected.
But even so, some qualitative things in the character have never changed, so they are stubbornly protected from day to day.
He plays basketball and is polite.
Even though I know that Chisi’s outrageous words about killing relatives are just a declaration, I still feel that I can’t stand it.
Parents are relatives who give you life and bring you up. You must keep it in your heart and believe in it as a god.
It’s enough to restrain myself by not slapping Chisi directly on the spot.
Chisi didn’t give an answer in the end.
Realizing that the situation was getting worse, Green took the latter away before the outbreak of Chishi.
Maybe I haven’t met my own guy who dared to be so rebellious. Chisi’s expression was wonderful at that time, even though the smiling face was gentle, it was unpredictable.
Black once suspected that it was necessary to stimulate Chishi to open the eyes of the Emperor before the meeting!
"I hope you won’t regret what you said in the future."
And after hearing this sentence, Black felt that his blood was screaming.
This kind of course high in the tone … It’s too damn!
Simply crazy and eager to try, after all, is suppressed by reason.
You should be calm and patient.
Miracles are not the ones you are familiar with now.
They are still very young


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