He took the cup and drank a mouthful of hot tea before saying to Mrs. luna.

"How much does Mrs. luna’s Yugoslav capital guard brigade owe for armaments?"
Mrs. luna looked up at Surdak in surprise, hesitated for a few seconds, then secretly glanced at Baron Golding’s face and squeezed out a stiff smile before saying
"Several times, the payment department accumulated nearly 1,150 gold coins together."
Surdak was secretly taken aback. I didn’t expect Mayor Marco to owe more than one thousand gold coins back and forth.
"It seems that the financial hole left by Mayor Marco is still quite big. So, this part of the fine will go into the treasury of the town hall." Surdak said to Mrs. luna, "Besides, I think this money will repay some of the money owed by the Yugoslav capital guard brigade to the trading firm for arms and materials. Is there any difficulty here in Mrs. luna’s town hall?"
Mrs luna immediately said, "Commander Surdak has no problem."
She didn’t think about the fine, and since Commander Surdak wanted to fill it in that big hole, she had no reason to stop it.
Surdak nodded and said
"It happened that Baron Josh Golding, the owner of the trading firm, also asked the trading firm to issue a receipt here. I really hope that this kind of thing will happen more often. In that case, maybe the money owed by the Yugoslav capital guard brigade can be paid off by fines alone."
Say that finish Surdak will eyes rested on Baron Golding.
Baron Josh Golding’s nose is going to be crooked.
President Buckley said that the mercenary trade union should be responsible for paying the fine, but when the trading firm and the mercenary trade union signed the employment contract, they made sure that everything that happened during the battle of the mercenary trading firm would be borne by the trading firm, and finally the trading firm would pay for it.
Now I want this fine to fill the military supplies of the Yugoslav capital guard brigade.
The money turned a big circle, and finally the money fell back into his pocket, which made Baron Golding feel very unhappy.
He is not a good-tempered person. When he saw Surdak say this, he immediately said with a cold face
"The total amount of arms and materials owed by the Yugoslav capital guard brigade to the trading firm is actually 1,153 gold coins."
He touched his side cane and stared at him sharply, saying, "Commander Surdak, you don’t usually have contact with financial workers. You probably don’t know that fifty gold coins are only enough to pay the interest on materials and keep the total amount of payment from increasing cumulatively."
After that, there was a hint of ridicule at the corner of his mouth, saying, "Of course, I don’t care much about interest at ordinary times, but I hope that the town hall can collect the arrears and pay them off at one time."
"Baron Golding, if that’s what you think, then I have another plan …" Surdak turned the sheepskin book in his hand to the second page.
The tailor’s shop owner and the bakery owner can’t get a word in, and they want to sit in a more private position.
Surdak looked up at the bakery owner and asked him, "How much wheat flour do you think you can consume every day if the bread and baked wheat cakes are handled by the bakery?"
"Do those aborigines count?" Asked the bakery owner carefully.
"Of course I mean everyone," Surdak said.
"It will probably consume 60 bags of wheat flour … but commander, you should know that the aborigines will not buy my baked wheat cake, and not all of these immigrants eat wheat cake every day. The fact is that the bakery can consume almost six bags of wheat flour every day, of course, sometimes it can be more." The bakery owner quickly said.
Obviously, these data are firmly in the heart of the bakery owner.
Surdak asked the bakery owner again, "If the town hall buys wheat flour and sells it to the bakery at a copper coin per pound, can you make a baked wheat cake cheap enough? I mean, the biggest one in your store is best not to cost more than two copper coins?"
"Commander, of course!" The bakery owner readily replied without thinking.
He also asked the tailor’s boss how much ordinary cotton-padded clothes the town residents could spend the winter. When the tailor’s boss told the data, Surdak nodded slightly.
Baron Golding is no longer interested in hearing that he has come to unseal the trading firm and take manager Anthony and the waiter back.
Who knows that Surdak didn’t pay much attention to him all night, and only a few words of conversation between them were sarcastic and very unpleasant.
He clenched his fist and coughed two times to say it.
But I heard Surdak look up and say to everyone
"I’ve been thinking about thoroughly rectifying the tax problem in Duodan Town recently. Since you happen to be here, I’ll inform you in advance that all shops in a town need to pay taxes."
Tailor shops and bakery owners pay taxes every month, and I don’t think there is anything wrong with this news.
But Baron Golding stopped at Surdak and said that his face was slightly coagulated.
I didn’t expect Surdak to look at him at this time. He smiled in his eyes and nodded friendly.
Surdak turned to Batra tax collector and asked
"Take Wilkes trading firm as an example to calculate how much is the annual transaction volume of Batra tax official Wilkes trading firm? How much tax should I pay? "
The tax official of Batra took one look at Baron Golding and said rudely, "The trading amount of the trading firm in Duodan Town is about 1,000 pieces of magic spar every year, which is 350 pieces of gold coins if the tax is paid at a rate of 5%."
Baron Golding didn’t expect Batra to look like a passive Nuo Nuo at ordinary times, but he predicted the annual turnover of trading firms very accurately. This figure happened to be the turnover of trading firms last year, because most of them were magic materials, and the added value was very high. Last year, the market for magic materials continued to rise. His net profit was almost half of the turnover.
Surdak continued to say to Batra tax collector
"Since the Yugoslav capital guard brigade defaulted on the arms and materials of the trading company only in recent years, you will have to account for the taxes owed by the trading company for nearly three years. That is the matter of the former mayor of Duodan Town. I won’t pursue it too much, but I need the amount of taxes paid by the trading company for the past three years. I won’t add interest to Baron Golding. I will fill the materials owed by the Yugoslav capital guard brigade."
He paused and added, "In addition, the taxes of trading firms should be paid before the end of this year."
Besides, since Wilkes Trading Company wants to do business in Dodan Town, it must do things according to my rules.
"From 2000, the taxes of trading firms have to be paid quarterly, and every big business has to be reported to the Batra tax official."
"Every quarter, 20% tax is converted into wheat flour. The price of wheat flour is calculated according to the average price of wheat flour in Wilkes City in that month, and 10% tax is converted into cotton cloth. The price of this part of cloth is also calculated according to the average price of cloth in Wilkes City in that month."
Surdak finished these eyes staring at Baron Golding.
Baron Golding’s eyes were about to pop out. He got up angrily and said angrily to Surdak
"How is that possible? Wilkes trading firm is not a charity. How can we not make money by averaging grain and cloth to Duodan Town? In addition, as an aristocrat in the Green Empire, my industry does not pay taxes. I can’t expect to take out a copper coin for these taxes! "
The tailor shop owner and bakery owner also looked startled. I didn’t expect Surdak to have such an idea.
Surdak said without concession
"Baron Golding, your business is about the fact that the materials of Warcraft in the forest of Warcraft in cargill are not food and cloth. I will do this whether you like it or not. If you don’t agree, the seal will always be posted on the door of the trading firm."


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