Tens of thousands of dead guards are shaking their eyes with a terrible jack-o’-lantern, and it is already dark to raise their broken lance towards Shoushan.

At the moment, Luo Yu proudly stands half-sighted, and everything is a vast expanse of peristalsis, dark and full of decay and filth.
Seeing this, he looked at the self-assured cold thousand suddenly smiled!
At the same time, the claws flew around the semi-xuanlong, but suddenly there was a wave and then several figures appeared!
The line of sight has never been away from Luo Yu’s cold thousand. "This is … can hide the living body! ?”
Just as Han Qian guessed, those flashing figures were just those who were hiding in Luo Yu’s body, such as Wei Shang and others!
At the moment, Wei Shang and others are diving at a high speed, and at the same time, their own magical skills are whistling out of the sky.
The folding fan of a hundred flowers is already a huge charm of fire, and it spins out like a golden stone, and it falls off the flaming barrier at the foot of the first mountain.
Xiaofan danced the blue sword and leaned over to measure the death guard and spilled dozens of four-foot swords. The place where the sword light passed was as sharp as the autumn wind sweeping the leaves.
Jade Barrier, Yoga Man, Jin Er and Yin Er also urged the spiritual forces to display their magical powers and constantly harvest evil people.
A few people haven’t landed yet. The last barrier at the foot of the mountain has been cleared!
At the same time, the same dance Xuanlong Luoyu has been in the middle of a wave of his arm.
In the blink of an eye, there are several silver armor figures! They are holding a crystal shield, a water blade and a long thorn, and "defend the mountains and seas!" "
In a flash, Qian Shan Haiwei has been born before the array. Remember that the huge charm of fire has guarded the first foot of the mountain, and all the faces are excited and morale is high
Chapter 549 Cold thousand shakes Qingyun jade barrier to turn against each other.
"WeiShan sea! Drink ~ "
Looking at what array for Qian Shan Haiwei and apparently spiritual power has been restored. It is unbelievable to look at what is in sight!
He finally shouted at Luo Yu, "Impossible! How can you accept thousands of people? How can your spiritual strength be completely restored? "
Luo Yu proudly stood in front of the array, and thousands of silver armor shone brightly behind him. Xuanlong Ao hunted half-eyed and whispered. "Nothing is impossible. It can be said that you are just a frog at the bottom of the well. It seems that it is extremely difficult for a monk to restore his spiritual power in this Qian Shan sea. It is impossible in my eyes, but it is not a problem."
Seeing him, he went on to say, "… since I inherited the position of heaven and earth, my aura has been inexhaustible. How can you evil spirits stay at the bottom of the well and see the mystery of heaven and earth?"
As Luo Yu said, after he entered the Daoyin pool and accepted the Taoist position, not only Xuan and Bai Chengling merged perfectly, but also his five elements of heaven changed.
Now that the streamer platform of the Five Elements Cave is getting wider and wider, I can freely retrieve the pure spirit fluid in the spirit pool to ensure that the spirit force will never be exhausted!
In a sense, the five elements cave is like his other abdomen!
Therefore, at the beginning of the main hall of Wushan Mountain in Qing Dynasty, he resolutely decided to counterattack the evil clan of Mo Ling.
Because even if you are deep in the enemy’s territory, you can benefit from the five elements of the cave to earn the number of mountains and seas and then return to Shoushan in Lapras for a while
And the five elements of the cave, Wei Shang and others can also quickly restore their spiritual strength. It can be said that killing two birds with one stone is very good. Many well-qualified mountain and sea guards have therefore entered the ranks of repairing the truth!
After all, it took more than half an hour for the outside world to return from Lapras.
And when there are nearly ten times in the five elements of heaven, it is normal for many Shanhaiwei to get refined gas, not to mention restoring some spiritual strength.
At the moment, Qian Shan Haiwei is naturally motivated.
But for cold thousand and other evil leaders, the other party is like a magic weapon.
Don’t look at them now, it seems that there are many people, but if you let the dead guards fight against the top of Sheng Qingyun, it’s just a paper paste. After all, the dead guards are not nocturnal. Although they don’t know life and death, they have no resistance to gas transportation.
Scan around those who are as fierce as black clouds and not afraid of death to cull the dead guards in Shoushan.
After cold thousands of magic champions have glanced at each other, they rushed to Wei Shang and others to fight for one place.
While Han Qian himself refers to Luoyu and Jade Barrier with one enemy and two postures!
See this cold thousand also want to dying, Luo feather has long been twisted and swallowed by Gangfeng anger and stabbed to cut out several ShaQi sword shadows, cold thousand.
Roar, sword roar loud sound at the foot of the mountain is already killing the sky, silver and white, and the two forces are colliding violently, bringing up the stump and arm and splashing long.
This suddenly met Luo Yu. I didn’t expect cold Qian to have strength at the moment! And shaqi is as strong as ink, and even the dragon’s spine can’t completely restrain itself.
The most terrible thing is that even if there is a jade barrier next to the law, you can’t suppress each other!
Besides, Xuanlong’s series of wars has been somewhat inadequate at the moment.
Seeing this situation, I don’t care about the mountain and sea guards behind me. I lost to the more and more walking dead, and I didn’t look back. I took Xuanlong back to Longji and said to the jade barrier, "It’s hard to win without gas and transportation."
Jade barrier understand meaning silent nod.
At that time, the two of them urged the spirit to recite "The mountains and seas have aura to transport my hands …!"
When Lang Lang came out of heaven and earth, he suddenly changed color and vibrated endlessly, like a rainbow light condensed from the side and classified into two human bodies …
On the other hand, Han Qian is not afraid to dance a dark sword across his eyes.
His left hand clenched the blade of the sword, and tears of blood splashed like ghosts. "I sacrificed my blood to the dark soul and refined my body …"
As the devil may cry hoarse broken sound out of the whole body ShaQi unexpectedly rich as ink, such as black ice crystal drops spread continuously.
Those splashes of reddish-brown blood seem to have come to life, and they have condensed like silk and cracked like a net.
Even if Wei Shang and Qingyun Keqing saw that these shaqi and yin bloodshot blood were coming, they had to avoid the edge for a while!
And those who had been fighting with them before were shot into the square bloodshot!
In the squeal and roar, they actually twisted their faces and split into blood, fog and blood gas.
The bloody stump and broken arm are wrapped in blood. Shaqi is condensed by cold blood. The blood network is tightly wrapped around all the income bodies!
Then, like a spectre, a dark ghosting image has broken through the clouds of blood and waved its blade towards Luoyu!
As fast as thunder, dark red and tyrannical!
At the same time, Luo Yu, who is blessed with extreme luck, also stabbed a potentially fissionable thunder shot at the rushing blood shadow.
Beside the jade barrier, you can also drink the dazzling light that can burn the sky!
The huge ring-shaped fire array has split and pierced, and a skyshatter giant fire sword points at the black ghosting image overflowing with blood evil spirit.


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