"It’s hard to be in cold and hot weather without a big medicine, and it’s hard to be hungry for three meals a day when you need clothes all year round."

"My husband’s fate is heavy, and I am busy in this world. I am still restrained by my elders, but I can’t bear to escape from my parents. It is difficult to be invited by the elders of Taoist patients."
"The patient’s love in the Taoist priest’s place is also difficult."
"fame and fortune are entangled in four difficulties."
"There are five difficulties in disaster."
"Blind teachers are bound by six difficulties"
"seven difficulties in discussing differences"
"It’s hard to be lazy."
"Time flies in Jiu Nan."
"This Jiu Nan can serve Jiu Nan, or there may be one or two things that are impossible to hold but futile and can’t succeed."
"The nine disasters are composed of the disasters of immortals, people, demons, samadhi, sex, karma, mind, soul and fate."
"Only by crossing this Jiu Nan can a beginner achieve a carefree and arrogant Luojin Wonderland."
Razer, the face of all beings has become extremely ugly since the three disasters in Jiu Nan have not yet responded to Heaven.
That’s cruel!
If you really want to do as Razer says, the number of monks on that day should be at least 90% less.
Before practice, you have to go through the thunder robbery to become immortal, and then you can be happy all the way. But now, after the three disasters, everything is very different in Jiu Nan.
That’s not a fairy tale. Jiu Nan is not worried about this problem for the time being.
However, the three disasters in Jiu Nan were a headache. Instead of being at leisure, it was a disaster after becoming an immortal.
Once every 500 years, we have to spend 500 years at large. After 500 years, we will continue to go back and forth in Du Jie until we can pick Jin Xian. Who will suffer?
Moreover, you have to spend time in Jiu Nan and Jiu Nan to become a pick-up fairy, and your talent is unparalleled, which is also a method to achieve a pick-up fairy.
Jiu Nan’s three disasters generally passed the repair progress, but they died.
Razer, this is forcing all beings to practice!
From then on, the saying "If you don’t advance, you will retreat" in the monastic circle may come true.
Because if you don’t enter, you will die!
The hearts of all beings are unwilling to return, and they can’t resist what they really have. Whether Jiu Nan can stand or not depends on the final decision of Heaven.
After listening to Razer’s explanation of Jiu Nan’s three disasters, Heaven fell into silence as if thinking about something.
And the method of all beings peeps into the depths of heaven, and the light flashes from the body of heaven.
Chapter one hundred and ten Sanctification
This is the feasibility of the deduction of Heaven by Razer. Once he determines that the Three Disasters Jiu Nan Law really exists, Razer can be sanctified by this step.
After counting the breath, there will be an answer in the heart of heaven, and all the visions will end with it.
The grand sound is heaven’s way of understanding that Lei Zeyan wants to carry out the three disasters in Jiu Nan.
All the disasters in heaven and earth are boiling, and they are intertwined and evolved into a series of disaster chains that cover all beings.
After that, all monks in pick Jinxian will face three disasters and Jiu Nan robbery.
It is the road that is difficult to become immortal, the road that is difficult to live forever, and it is even more difficult to ask for a long way to live. It is full of ups and downs, and if you are not careful, you will die.
If you set foot on this road, you need to be careful!
Seeking the Tao is as difficult as a mortal sky.
When the Three Disasters Jiu Nan Law was recognized by Heaven, the disaster gas that rushed to heaven to punish the eyes suddenly soared by a hundred times and a thousand times.
Soon Razer’s Eucharist will be condensed and scattered, and a holy horse will be born.
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