Chapter two hundred Someone

Dining at noon Ding Qiunan also showed no signs of waking up.
Li Chu sent the rice to the ward, and Li Qiaoyun rice was arranged by Great Aunt Wang to send it to the small stove over there in their compound.
Ding Qiunan didn’t wake up until noon, and she was hungry and widely spread-and deeply felt.
It’s strange that you’re not hungry until after eating early.
Adhere to the class in the past, Li Chu took the two children to eat in a canteen of four. Ding Qiunan ate four big steamed buns by himself.
The two little guys looked at their mother strangely.
After dinner in the evening, Ding Qiunan went to the ward and let Aunt Wang go.
Li Qiaoyun has recovered a lot today compared with yesterday. Although she still has no energy to walk, the bed has moved by herself.
Li Chu ward didn’t go back until the two children were sleepy.
It was already dark, and when I came back, Li Chu didn’t take the main road, but came through the East Hutong.
To go home from the east, he needs to take this hutong to the westernmost end, because his home is the second in the west.
There is no street lamp in the alley, and Li Chu can’t walk carefully with two children in her arms.
Although I can’t see the road clearly, I usually walk more and know the road conditions. Although it is dark, I don’t worry about falling down.
Humming children’s songs for a lifetime, the two little guys are quiet in their arms.
Walking, Li Chu suddenly stopped, humming a song in his mouth, and stopped to look back behind him.
It was almost dark behind him, and occasionally there was a little light coming out of the window.
Li Chu feels very strange. He always feels as if someone is following him when he walks back today.
I felt vaguely when I was on the road just now. When I looked back, I found nothing. After I turned into the hutong, the feeling of being followed was even more obvious.
Looked down at the bosom child Li Chu hesitated a didn’t go back to check, but turned to continue to walk home, his mouth continued to hum a song to the child.
Regardless of whether there is anyone behind him, he is holding the baby now, and everything needs to be safe.
Li Chu’s pace has obviously accelerated.
Walking to the door, he put the child in front of him, took out the key from his pocket and hit the door.
After the door was knocked, people didn’t go in, and the dog in the house had already squeezed out from the crack of the door.
The little black almost just came out, and he shouted at the direction in which Li Chu had just come back.
This makes Li Chu more sure that someone must have followed him just now
And a stranger, at least to blackie.
Li Chu didn’t hit the door light. He put the two children in the gate and let Xiaobai and Xiaohua be next to them.
He squatted and touched the little black head. "Go and bite the little black head."
Li Chu gave Xiaohe the simplest command, and Xiaohe could understand the simple words now.
When I got the order, Xiaohei jumped to the east, and Reagan couldn’t see it in the dark.
According to its speed, Li Chu estimated that it was 50 or 60 meters away, and she heard Xiaohe barking again and the running speed was also increased.
Sure enough, the man didn’t leave just now, hiding in the dark. He probably didn’t expect Li Chu to let the dog out.
"Dad, dad, I’m afraid." Xiaowen Huiyin came out.
Li Chu’s hand just took out the gun from the warehouse and disappeared in a flash.
He stepped into the gate, turned on the door light and picked up the two children.
Xiaowenhui had just been hugged, so she hugged her father’s neck tightly.
Li Chu didn’t expect to shout out that fear turned out to be the most naughty Xiao Wenhui. Although Xiao Wenxuan was shy, she was very calm at the moment. She was held in her arms by her father and held her sister with one hand.
After about five or six minutes, Xiaohei ran back.
Li Chu locked the door when Xiaohei entered the gate, and then walked into the living room with the child in her arms.
I didn’t expect Blackie to spit out a piece of cloth from his mouth and then sit and spit out his tongue and gasped.
Li Chu didn’t try so hard to see it, but scrubbed the two children first and carried them into the bedroom to let Xiaobai and Xiaohua stay inside before he returned to the living room.
I took out a pair of gloves from my satchel and took my hand. Then I squatted in front of Xiaohei and picked up the cloth that I just spit out.
It’s very common. Blue labor is all over the street. Li Chu can’t analyze anything from cloth everywhere
He reached out and just wanted to touch the little black head before he found that there was blood on the little black teeth.
Li Chu held the little black head with one hand and wiped off its tooth blood with the other hand, and looked at the little black mouth. It shouldn’t be little black blood, which means that the little black just bit the man.
Who will follow you and what will follow you? Is it premeditated or random?
A lot of question marks popped up in Li Chu’s head.
Wanted to think, Li Chu picked up the phone and just wanted to dial it out, then got up and took out a hardcover note from the bag, looked at it, recorded a number and put it back in the bag.
Go to the words and pick up the words and dial out according to the number just now.
When the words rang, they were picked up in two minutes, and there was a man opposite.
"Elder brother, it’s Li Chu. Can you come to my house at the moment to do something on my side?"
Soon Li Chu sat on the sofa and swished, and the May 4th pistol in the warehouse appeared again.
Li Chu sat on the sofa with a gun in his hand and waited quietly.
He just called his brother-in-law cousin Wu Xiaoliu, who saved the man.
He didn’t call Uncle Wang or his brother-in-law just didn’t want to bother them late.
He asked Wu Xiaoliu to come over just in case there are two children at home.
After less than half an hour, Li Chu saw Xiaoheimeng rush from the living room to the courtyard, but he didn’t call to see if it should be an acquaintance.
Li Chu got up with a gun in his hand and went to the yard. He also heard a man walking outside.
Outsiders didn’t knock at the door, but directly shouted, "Xiao Chu, I am Wu Xiaoliu."


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