Ma Yi is always ready for Fang Qiyi to make her open her fingers and stimulate seven infrared rays with different thicknesses from the evil sword fortress to the sky as shown in the information map.

However, these seven infrared rays are not directed at the camp of the seven powerful families of the evil sword fortress. There is a ray that is very evil and the sword is going to be beyond the sea. This is also why De La Seuss considered that if the nuclear bomb falls too much, when it reaches the ground, the original target has moved to the east for a long distance. The seven "aiming lines" are also prejudging lines.
Ji Tianci realized how difficult this plan is. The speed and angle of De La Sousse’s head can’t go wrong, and a thousand miles will be lost …
The real channel has finally stabilized. It was only by Yin Yuan’s crazy fiddling that it was short-lived and stable. Yin Yuan has been resisting the earth’s atmosphere, and the whole earth’s air pressure has risen a little bit. Although it is not obvious, the strong wind family can feel it.
Tai Zhong De La Seuss dived along seven red lines with a huge nuclear bomb launcher on his back. At first, his speed was not fast at 100 kilometers per second.
When he approached the thickest red line, he kept fine-tuning his posture, and when his eye mask suddenly lit up with a green light, a nuclear bomb was ejected from his back launcher.
This launcher is also custom-made. If people launch it, there will be errors. When the infrared launcher is aligned, the nuclear bomb will eject itself, so the accuracy will be much higher. Delassus needs to make the eye film appear green by constantly fine-tuning the attitude.
After the first nuclear bomb was launched, two values appeared in Delasus’ eyes, one was his current speed and the other was the speed he needed to reach. The two values kept changing, and he had to reach the specified speed in two seconds to successfully complete the second launch.
The red line is the theory of thickness. He first dropped the first nuclear bomb along the thickest red line, and then accelerated to the second thick red line to continue launching the second nuclear bomb.
It’s like the machine tool industry has launched all seven nuclear bombs in less than 15 seconds, but even so, there will still be errors. Because the moving distance forward in the acceleration process is uncertain and the launching position of each nuclear bomb is uncertain, it may eventually lead to the nuclear bombs not reaching the same height from the ground at the same time.
Evil Sword Fortress Some Qingmeng soldiers have looked up at Gao, and the inexplicably appearing light beam makes them feel strange.
But before they could take countermeasures, they saw another "meteorite" to stop it from falling.
The seventh volume QingMeng again Chapter four hundred and forty-six Attack and seize the evil sword
When Ji Tianci could see the first nuclear bomb clearly with the naked eye, he found that it took seven seconds for the nuclear bomb to fall to the ground at a speed of over 100 kilometers per second. Even though the speed was far from one percent of the speed of light, it still reached 294 times the speed of sound, which was an irresistible speed.
The second nuclear bomb soon appeared in view, even faster, followed by the third, fourth … seventh.
There is a nuclear bomb Yin Yuan passing by, and Ji Tianci’s heart is tight 2.
When the last nuclear bomb appeared, Fang Qi’s heart stopped. He will trigger the detonation program to set this nuclear bomb. When this nuclear bomb reaches a position of two kilometers from the ground, the program will trigger this nuclear bomb and detonate its six nuclear bombs at the same time.
However, Fang Qi’s heartbeat also missed a beat. When he first saw the seventh nuclear bomb, in less than a second, all seven nuclear bombs detonated seven bright balls of light and exploded at the same time.
In addition to the future of linen, Ji Tianci and others can look directly at this light, and they don’t look away, while Fang Qiqian wears special sunglasses, but at this time, he can also watch this spectacular scene.
"Save Yin Yuan!"
Ji Tianci shouted that although he didn’t pass the eye the day before, he could also see Yin Yuan falling with blood in the sky and Yin Yuan oozing blood. I’m afraid the channel suddenly closed and the surrounding atmosphere squeezed him.
Ma Yi looked up in the future and frowned and quickly rushed in the direction of the sky.
The nuclear bomb shock wave followed, and a vast wall of water was resisted by all.
After the shock wave, the tsunami rolled over everyone’s head again, and then the water wall fell again, and Ma Yi had come back with Yin Yuan in the future.
"Did you succeed?" Yin Yuan asked Fang Qi in a weak voice.
Everyone will also look at Fang Qi.
The evil sword fortress is gray, and a cloud of smoke has buried it completely. No one knows what’s going on inside.
Fang Qixi’s screen repeatedly played the thermal simulation diagram when the nuclear bomb detonated. After a while, his voice trembled and told everyone, "Success! We did it! Seven nuclear bombs are detonated within the error range! "
Cheers sounded too many people were brought back to the ground by Della Seuss.
The evil sword fortress is blazing with fire, and a lot of smoke and dust are rolling to the high place. People see hope in this desperate picture.
Victoria turned on the com and shouted with excitement, "Jiuzu warriors listen to the army to attack the target evil sword fortress!"
In a short time, the sea was not calm, and several bubbles rolled out. Extraordinary soldiers rushed out of the water and arranged and formed.
Nine ambassadors flew to the front of the army and led the extraordinary human forces to the evil sword fortress, and soon their figures were swallowed up by smoke and dust.
Flames, flashes, strong winds and heavy rains suddenly attacked the whole evil sword fortress, and as the mushroom cloud gradually dispersed, the scene here gradually became clear.
Fang Qi once again sent a little bee to observe the situation here. He has sent man-machine signals to all countries. In front of the capital squares of all countries, the battle scenes of human beings are projected. These projection equipment are also prepared by Fang Qi.
The squares of various countries are crowded with people, and even the high-rise buildings around the squares are full of people.
Cheers rang with the fall of a famous youth league soldier and the collapse of a number of youth league buildings.
The destructive power caused by the seven nuclear bombs exceeded Fang Qi’s expectation. He did not expect that the seven nuclear bombs produced shock waves and formed seven "squeezing walls", which squeezed a large area in the center of the evil sword fortress from all directions.
Seven explosion points, the evil sword fortress, form a circle. Because the shock waves all spread in a circle from the explosion point of the nuclear bomb, the circle will be squeezed by shock waves from seven different directions after the nuclear bomb explodes.
A large number of members of the Youth League were crushed to death by shock waves in different directions and turned into a "pancake", even if the elite soldiers in the Youth League wanted to stay in the circle, they would be greatly hurt.
Man’s extraordinary attack can match the momentum and begin to push the whole evil sword fortress.
The fighting lasted from noon to evening, and various natural disasters such as hurricanes and tsunamis appeared at the same time.
It was not until the storm gradually stopped fighting that it entered the tail, and at this time it was particularly sunny
The explosion of a nuclear bomb brought up dust, which was slapped to the ground by the extraordinary rain of the aquarium and swept away by the strong wind. Here, a long-lost red sun appeared in people’s field of vision again.
That red sun is like being dyed red with blood, dyed red with the blood of human youth league.
There was a cheer in the evil sword fortress, which was deafening for human beings.
The battle is finally over, and a very small number of Qingmeng soldiers have escaped from the evil sword fortress, and they are no longer in the climate.
A small number of members of the Youth League became prisoners and were held in their own prisons.
The supernatural power of Jiuzu purifies the evil sword fortress. For Fang Qi, it is a scientific treasure for him to want to get the alien artifacts here.
Ji Tianci Fang Qi didn’t go to war. Without Lapras’s sword, Ji Tianci’s combat power could not reach the top level, which is of little significance to the overall situation. He is protecting Fang Qi.
At this time, Fang Qi did not pay attention to the situation in the evil sword fortress. He looked up at the red sun and looked at it very carefully. He wore sunglasses and watched it for more than ten minutes.
"What are you looking at?" JiTianCi uncontrollable coughing heart curious asked
Today is a rare time to see the transit of mercury. The sun, mercury and the earth are in a straight line, and I can see mercury with the naked eye.
Ji Tianci was surprised. He knew that the transit of mercury was an astronomical phenomenon. When mercury moved between the earth and the sun, if they could be connected in a straight line, mercury would block a tiny area of the sun. When the earth observed it, it would be found that a small black dot would cross the round surface of the sun horizontally, and this small black dot was the projection of mercury.
Mercury transit is a periodic phenomenon, which occurs six times in 46 years, each time after 35 years, 13 years, 7 years, 95 years, 35 years and 95 years.
For a long time, the war kept Ji Tianci from noticing the transit of mercury. At this time, he heard Fang Qi’s words and looked up at the red sun. Sure enough, he saw a small "black spot" in the red sun, just like a small mole on the sun’s face.
"Did you see it?" Fang Qi asked Ji Tianci that he knew Ji Tianci could see the little "black spot". What he really asked was whether Ji Tianci had seen it.
"I saw that the Youth League has planted a star tree with mercury." Ji Tianci closed his eyes and had the word "inflammation" on his forehead facing the "black spot" in the sunset
Fang Qi nodded and took out a flat screen again, showing the scene of Mercury.
Mercury’s surface is covered with cliffs, basins and craters, which are similar to the moon, but its strong light is khaki.
In the picture, Qingmeng Kunsuo landed on the surface of Mercury, and the army landed in Kemo without stopping, and found a star tree species buried in the equator of Mercury. In a blink of an eye, this tree species sprouted and the thick trunk of matchsticks broke out of the surface.


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