Turbulence! ! !

Suddenly see the whole fusion body suddenly dispersed.
All evil spirits fly back to their own bodies and die, but they grow flesh and blood and hair. Those Asura have armor and weapons to return to their hands.
However, all beings are still frozen and can’t even move.
-On whether Asura or Phoenix once again returned to the state of being cut by the "frost front"
As a result, the so-called evil spirit fusion is no longer
The evil spirit’s skill of nine deep and remote gods naturally loses its release.
I can’t put it out immediately.
Such an incredible scene made the evil spirits who fought in the parallel world speechless for a while.
"What kind of sword are you?" said the evil spirit in silence.
Gu Qingshan looked at him calmly and said, "I won’t tell you."
"Naturally," the evil spirit snorted and sank, and his hands changed to a method to quickly pinch and print.
He’s serious!
The evil spirits beside him also pinched the seal at the same time.
Gu Qingshan did not move and did not make a sword or stop them.
The evil spirit method tactic quickly became a heart’s fear and finally dispersed, and with a kind of irony, he said, "Idiot, you missed the only life and now you still have to die."
Gu Qingshan shook his head and said nothing.
He gave up his figure.
Behind him, Xie Daoling has already recovered himself, and the two-handed tactic has been prompted for a long time.
It takes dozens of French seals to complete this tactic, which is extremely difficult to display in the battle.
Fortunately, this time Gu Qingshan challenged Xie Daoling to win enough time.
Xie Daoling squeezed out the last French seal and finally let go.
She looked at the evil spirits lightly and said, "It’s not only your evil spirits that have specialized six magical skills."
Suddenly everything changed around.
A dim light passed through poverty and projected from that distant world.
The glass world is gradually shrouded in fog.
Deep in the fog, a vast river can be seen across the sky.
There is no end to the silence of the river at first glance.
There is a small boat swaying from the depths of the river, and it is faintly visible that a gentle and graceful woman’s bow gently shakes the paddle.
Chapter one hundred and twenty Who will die?
Gu Qingshan let his figure show Xie Daoling, who has just finished his magic skill.
The whole world was shrouded in faint yellow for an instant.
Vast and vast river, shadowy and lonely boat, the virtual shadow of my gentle and graceful girl gradually appeared.
The evil spirit leader glanced at it and immediately lost his way.
"Not good! This is the magic of the world! Everyone-do that quickly! "
He threw a round ice-colored glass cold mirror.
Dozens of evil spirits read the mantra with their hands quickly pinching the tactic.
I saw a slender shadow rising from their bodies and reaching for the mirror.
All the evil spirits shouted together
"I am determined to resist the six martial arts!"
A series of vitality flew out of their heads and rushed into the virtual shadow.
With so much strength and vitality, the virtual shadow gradually solidified and showed its true appearance.
But a woman in colorful dress.
The female facial expression is to take a photo of the mirror towards the sky and forget Sichuan.


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