"Yes, I am that person!" Gao Chen light mouth way!

"You also said to help me. We are all killed by you. I must kill you!" When the tigress heard it, it was really Gao Chen who immediately became furious. Gao Chen was the source of this disaster!
"Want to kill me? I don’t think you have this chance, because your horse will be destroyed by this man-eating beast. What poor guys! " Gao Chen really didn’t expect that at this time, the tigress was still thinking about killing herself. It’s an unreasonable creature!
"Hum, you won’t feel better even if you die. Don’t forget that the other person is a man-eater!" The tigress was furious and said that Gao Chen was the ultimate culprit in her heart. It is conceivable that she hated Gao Chen, but when she heard that her husband and wife were going to be destroyed, her heart naturally rose a little bleak!
"Even if I die, I will die behind you. It’s a pity that the original is not dead, but now it seems that I have to die." Even if the two moon-reflecting tigers were destroyed, Gao Chen wouldn’t really have been eaten by a man-eating beast at that time. On the contrary, he still has a great chance to kill this man-eating beast. Now he wants to more easily destroy this self-cannibal, Warcraft, and he has some calculations about these two moon-reflecting tigers! …
"What, can you really help us?" The female tiger suddenly spoke urgently. At this time, she was sprayed with the venom of man-eating animals again. This time, she smelled the smell of death. This is the reason why she had to block Gao Chen from hope. She didn’t believe Gao Chen. After all, what can happen to Gao Chen alone in her eyes and the other person is still eating Warcraft!
"I can help you, but you don’t need my help. I’d better watch you two die before you die. It’s also a good thing!" Gao Chen’s faint voice is full of nothing, and he has a feeling of seeing through life and death.
"Do you really have a way to help us? If you do, do it quickly. If we die, you will die. You must know that man-eaters eat." The tigress is busy trying to take a good breath. Although she still doesn’t trust Gao Chen very much, she still forces herself to choose a letter, just like a drowning man desperately grasping at a straw that can’t save his life!
"Yes, I can help you, but what if I help you kill the man-eater and you try to kill me in turn?" Gao Chen seems to have encountered a difficult problem.
"If you really help us kill this man-eating beast, we will definitely let you go, and it will never hurt you or even give you a lot of things. This is definitely a benefit you can’t imagine!" The tigress is busy. At this time, she seems to really believe that Gao Chen can help them! To be continued If you like this movie, you are welcome to vote for recommended votes and monthly tickets. Your support is my greatest motivation. Chapter 314 If you want me to make moves, swear it.
"It’s not that I don’t believe you, but that you say so. Will you kill me when the time comes? Isn’t there anything I can do then?" Gao Chen thought for a moment and then said, at this time, Gao Chen is lying in a tigress’s ear!
"I swear, I swear, this will always work!" The tigress has no choice but to get Gao Chen’s help and can’t help but exclaim!
It’s strange to hear the female tiger suddenly shout that the male tiger is busy and look at her. At this time, the female tiger should say such a thing, so she doesn’t understand. "Do you swear? What do you swear?"
"Ha ha, even if you swear, I’ll kill you too. You’re the Yinghue Tiger, who told you that your background is too big. Today, even if you are released now, you will kill me!" Man-eater laughed and said, although he looks more arrogant than me, I don’t know what man-eater is at this time. I felt very upset for a minute and felt that my attack was sharper!
"Well, you swear now and I’ll help you as soon as you swear!" Gao Chen said seriously that he just wanted the tigress to swear!
"I swear in the name of Tiger God that I, a human being, will help us kill the man-eating beast, and I will never hurt him in the slightest." The tigress’s expression in the battle is more serious than the oath in the name of her own race god, which is the heaviest oath for the martial arts race.
After she read the oath, Gao Chen laughed and said, "Now I will help you get rid of the poison first!"
At the same time, Gao Chen’s healing technique continued to hit the female tiger’s body. Although there was no shortest time to replenish the female tiger’s health, the female tiger already felt that her body had recovered and was infected by the venom of cannibals. The black color had slowly disappeared. For these female tigers, she wondered, "What’s going on!"
"That’s a lot of nonsense. I wish you had a good fight. He called me!" At the same time, Gao Chen kept smashing the cure at her body.
A few minutes later, the place where the female tiger was sprayed with the venom of the cannibal has returned to the former healthy color. A cannibal who is not easy to find this suddenly exclaimed, "What the hell is going on?" What are you poisoning! "
"Are you really an enemy of your poison? This poison is just a trivial matter for our Yingyuehu. Do you really think he can hurt even the eleventh order? Tell you that you are dead today!" The tigress growled and said, now there is no poisoning, and the tigress seems to have seen the dawn of victory!
"If you lied like you said, wouldn’t your husband have been poisoned long ago?" Man-eaters don’t believe in the female tiger’s words. This is not because the female tiger’s words are false, but because the male tiger is still poisoned at this time, but there is no sense of detoxification. From this, we can see that the female tiger’s words are false, but it is because this is a lie that the man-eater feels even more afraid because he doesn’t know what makes the female tiger’s poison disappear!
"That’s my husband teasing you to play with horses, and you will know. Now you should think about how to die!" The female tiger laughed and said that she wanted to help herself detoxify, and Gao Chenma would help the male tiger detoxify, so that they would not be far from victory!
When the male tiger saw that the female tiger’s venom really solved more than half of the surprise, he roared at the man-eating beast. Although he didn’t know how the female tiger’s venom was solved, the male tiger didn’t ask so many questions at this time. He knew that this time was not when he asked these things. At the same time, the female tiger was busy saying to Gao Chen, "Please help my husband to cure it quickly!" “…
"It’s not that I don’t want to cure it, but that my life is safe and I’m going to kill your husband." Gao Chen surprised the tiger and suddenly the tigress exclaimed, "What do you mean?"
Gao Chen’s surprise of curing his poison was that he thought of being saved, but he never imagined that Gao Chen’s answer was actually like this. Gao Chen replied faintly, "Swear not to destroy me, but it doesn’t include your husband. If you don’t kill the cannibal, your husband will kill me. You know, it’s also very dangerous for me. I will kill your husband myself!"
"No, you can’t. I promise my husband won’t do this to your hand. Isn’t that enough?" The female tiger begged for mercy. This short instant eating beast actually gave up the attack. The female tiger threw all the attack parts at the male tiger. It seems that he saw that the male tiger did not have the ability to detoxify, which made the male tiger even more dangerous!
You know, the level of the original man-eating beast was just that of the male tiger. At this time, it is not uncommon for the male tiger to be poisoned. When his wounds are increased one by one, he can heal quickly, but now it takes a long time to recover, and new injuries have been added before the old injuries are healed!
"Can you guarantee that your husband is not in my hands? It’s not that I don’t believe this, but that it’s hard for me to believe that you are your husband." Gao Chenbi said in a serious tone, but in fact, at this time, Gao Chen’s face is just more than a wretched smile. It seems that an uncle just cheated a little general!
"I can really guarantee that my husband won’t do anything to you. I can swear!" The female tiger begged, because the male tiger has added many scars again at this time. That’s because the attack by the man-eater is more fierce at this time. If we go to the root of the male tiger according to this situation, it won’t last long. Although the female tiger also helped attack, at this time, the man-eater seems to recognize that the male tiger can’t detoxify the root, so she ignores that the female tiger is bent on killing the male tiger!
"Well, you swear that if your husband starts work on me, then you will be my pet." Gao Chen said lightly, but this time he smiled in his heart!
"What makes your pet your delusion!" The tigress was furious. She didn’t expect Gao Chen to ask her to make such an oath. It’s a great shame for the world of Warcraft in the science of uniting as a Terran pet, not to mention the strength gap of several times in the martial arts world!
"Hum, I knew you weren’t kind. Fortunately, I didn’t do it, otherwise I really didn’t know how to die!" Gao Chen cold hum a mouthful of tone that is more than anger seems to have been deceived!
"What do you mean, I’m not kind!" The female tiger didn’t understand and asked her if she really didn’t know what Gao Chen wanted to say. At this time, she wondered how she could save herself and how the male tiger had any idea to calculate Gao Chen!
"According to what you just meant, didn’t you say that you were going to ask your husband to deal with me?" Gao Chen seemed to say angrily!
"When did I ever say such a thing?" asked the tigress, puzzled for a moment, because she could be sure that she had never said it!
"You think I just want you to swear. If your husband doesn’t shoot me, you won’t be my pet. How could you say I want you to be my pet if you don’t have a plan for your husband to deal with me in your heart?" Gao Chen asked angrily!


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