I finally hypnotized myself. Suddenly, two shadows fell in my room. "The owner has been waiting for a long time."

Xin Yao is sitting up and knowing that kneeling in front of her is her loyal dark guard number one and two.
Dark one and dark two for short.
"From now on, when you two are my personal maids, that’s how you sleep."
Xin Yao told me to turn around and lie down.
"Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes."
"Lin Xinyao, you are still going back to the palace after the show girl election seven days later!" Jun Chen’s faint voice rings in his ear.
Xin Yao "thud" rolled out of bed and woke up from a nightmare.
The soul is weak!
Sleep can dream that the emperor wants her to go back to the palace!
"Lord, you’re awake." A lavender pleated skirt is dark and helps Xin Yao to light up.
Xin Yao looked at the dark eyes and dressed up as a servant girl. There was really such a pure feminine smell, and her skin was as white as jade, with a hint of coolness and pleasure in her smile.
"Lord, please wash your face." Dark two came in with a basin.
Xin Yao’s frown was stiff compared with the dark one and the dark two. Many soles of the feet were trampled into gray cloth by her.
Xin Yao, after washing, is preparing to say a word to her, and then she will be noisy outside the hospital.
"Master handmaiden, go out and see", a soft smile and a nod from Xin Yao.
Dark one came back with a small step and twisted her eyebrows. "Do you want to meet the ladies when they come to visit the adults?"
Xin Yao’s forehead has not been drafted yet!
People threaten the door! Also let not let people live!
"go! See the guest in the lobby "Xin Yao had a stretch.
Dark a proficient in interpersonal skills and playing director accompanied Xin Yao out. Xin Yao saw a group of beautiful girls in her garden far away, and she expressed disdain.
However, her sharp-eyed eyes quickly observed the characteristics-each woman wore a jade brand on her waist. She asked Dark One, "What are they wearing?"
"Back to the Lord, that’s a show girl’s card. Every show girl who runs for election has a number and name written on it. It is said that the number is more important than before." Dark Xin Yao said in his ear.
Xin Yao thought that he didn’t seem to have this.
And this number should be drawn up by the government himself.
"Let the dark two get my card" Xin Yao low command a dark one immediately understand.
"I neglected you."
Xin Yao is wearing a blue gauze skirt, and a white silk robe in Hangzhou looms around her waist. A soft gauze of light green in Cuishan gently holds a little powder, and a black hair hangs down her waist.
Suddenly appeared in front of everyone, suddenly stunning these xiunv.
"Why? Do you want to stay a little longer? " Xin Yao smiled when he saw that they were still.
"Hum! Lin Xiang remembered us! When it’s really an excellent hospitality, "a woman in a pearly white pleated skirt hummed softly.
Xin Yao glanced slightly and took them into the lobby.
They sat down, Xin Yao came first, and the white woman sat down on Xin Yao’s right hand side without hesitation.
Xin Yao grinds her teeth to see that her waist tag is actually number two!
No wonder you are so arrogant!
"I heard that all the sisters came to visit Lin Xiang when he left the palace. I wonder if Lin Xiang is well?"
A woman in a white dress and a long pink dress asked
Her line is gentle like a river, but Xin Yao recognizes the sharpness in this word.


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