It’s a pity that the expected large-scale bombing didn’t come, which made John, who was temporarily mobilized to act as a fireman’s assistant, lose his job and his source of livelihood. The John family is not doing well now, which is even tragic.

He looked at his watch and the new leather bag in the corner, wondering whether he would find a place to sell these two things and then hoard more food at home before anything happens.
But the next day, when he sold all his valuable possessions and sold food with money, he was really in distress situation, because he saw that the price of food was ten times that of the previous two days, and there were people who could not see the end to buy food.
The strangulation attack on the German submarine transportation line made the British soil food short-lived, which was the direct cause of the grain price increase, and the defeat of the navy shook the hearts of the whole country. People changed their ways to hoard food themselves and dug another big hole for the British national grain reserve when it was not needed.
As a result, the price of food went up and up again. If John was not afraid of not eating it, he would have an impulse to go home and sell the bag of flour. It is estimated that at least he could get back his wedding ring and buy two more.
The scene next to the conscription office is also very hot. On the one hand, the patriotic enthusiasm of the British people is really rare. When they heard that the country was in trouble, they consciously came to queue up for enlistment, and the British soil troops expanded from less than 10,000 to Montgomery in almost a few days, and they were very satisfied with 30,000.
Although most of the 30 thousand troops have not received formal training, after all, the number of people there is much better than the original estimate, which also relieved Churchill.
Next to the conscription registration office is the sailor registration office, where there are many more people than the conscription registration office. Britain is an island country with many sailors, many of whom have been sailors for generations, and there are even many experienced "old captains" in the older generation.
It is difficult for the motherland to make these old men who usually walk with crutches come out again. These people were either the main force of the British navy in the prime of life during World War I or went out to sea for generations. The recruiters were not surprised at the fact that "the German submarine terror is worse than the North Atlantic route in most cases" and threatened to swear that the motherland would serve as a powerful reserve corps for sailing.
Although these patriots are brave and persistent, the British government and the Royal Navy are somewhat less worried about the shortage of crew, but the loss of warships and ships is really compensated by the real method. In this terrible consumption of less than 25 days, the gross tonnage of Britain’s huge ships, which is almost astronomical, has been abruptly cut by one tenth
There are a few people with knowledge: White German Navy, Gunther Lutjens, and Deng Nici. How heavy is the weight of the Oak Leaf Knight Iron Cross? That’s the same as the tonnage of millions of tons of British sunken ships. Lei Deer has frequently appeared in Deutsche Bahn these days, and even the marshal’s staff is blue and dazzling.
Of course, all this is too far away for John, who is now one of the hundreds of ordinary citizens queuing in front of the grain sales point, holding a watch and a leather bag in his hand for a few bills.
What he thinks is not the fate of the British imperial fleet in the cold North Atlantic, nor the life or death of tens of thousands of British soldiers in the French mainland. He is thinking about whether there is any food when the team comes to him, and whether his wife and children will hug each other in the dark and cold room.
I finally got to the front of the queue, but I could vaguely see the grain window, but I also saw a more desperate scene. A clerk and two soldiers protected the blackboard at the door and wrote that the price of flour was 3 pence per gram of flour.
The price increase caused several people waiting in line behind, and they were about to stir up when they didn’t watch. Two soldiers were so scared that they quickly took off their rifles and pulled the bolt to top the gun.
As people became more and more angry, an officer came out of the grain sales point. He cleared his throat to the crowd and shouted, "Because the 7-ton grain carrier Banyuemei was sunk by a German submarine in the North Atlantic, this batch of grain can be sold at a higher price. If a new grain carrier can dock next week, the price will naturally drop! Please don’t get excited! "
There are still people in the crowd who are excited, waving their arms and shaking the coins in their hands, cursing and begging for this unfair and despicable price increase. John wouldn’t dare to get out of this situation. He just made an officer a few days ago. Naturally, the army here won’t, so it’s easy to avoid the man who waved his arms and cursed in front of him.
"bang!" One shot went off, and the officer was smoking with a pistol in his muzzle, while the man who shouted the most loudly in front of John fell on his back.
"Correcting everyone’s incitement to public disorder will regard the German spy as not interrogating the Ministry and killing them on the spot!" The officer warned him that as he shot, two soldiers picked up rifles at the door, and two soldiers with submachine guns came out of the grain shop with a cold face.
Two hundred-pound notes fell, and two drops of blood hit John in the face along his chest and reached John’s hand. He looked at his feet and the body was holding the notes in his hand, neither daring to put them away nor willing to throw them away.
Another woman in line behind him stared at the money in his hand, but after all, she didn’t speak. She bent down and picked up the body of the man. Two ten-pound bills were mixed with her own money.
No one makes a hullabaloo about, and no one disobeys the rules. In the extreme silence, some people leave the long line and stay away from this wrong place, while more people choose to stay and buy those precious flour mixed with impurities.
When John came home carrying two bags of flour, his two children were jumping on the floor not far away, while his wife was waiting for her man to come back for dinner.
"I’m lucky today," John said, putting flour. "I’m lucky to get two bags of food and the price has gone up, otherwise there will be more."
"Don’t go to a dangerous place again, dear," John’s wife said to her husband with a worried look.
"I … didn’t do anything dangerous," John explained, remembering the man who fell to the ground and the unwilling and twisted pale cheek.
"You still have a little drop of blood on your face." John’s wife persuaded her husband with some worries about what crazy things he had done.
"Emperor! This damn life, this sad life! " John quickly explained to his wife, "I didn’t do anything strange!" I picked up some money from a corpse … "
"Hoo …" The wife breathed a sigh of relief and smiled apologetically. "When will this life end?"
Chapter 373 373 Hypocrisy
In a large factory area in western Poland, there is a towering hill on the floor at intervals, and German SS soldiers patrol back and forth with rifles.
At dawn, I can still hear the barking of patrol soldiers holding German shepherd, which makes this huge factory building complex look particularly quiet and strange in the faint fog.
"blare! ….. "The alarm broke the silence, and the German shepherd barked more frequently and loudly. Two men with German flags and armbands on their arms went to the front of a similar warehouse building with their hands behind their backs and shouted," Don’t be lazy! Get up and work! "
A thin old man silently pushed the gate, and the friction of the pulley rail made a sharp squeak. More people came out, most of whom looked pale. These people silently heard that two older people came out of the barracks and were isolated from others. They were also stronger and walked in the opposite direction.
These strong men are going to factory A, because factory A is a factory that produces bombs. These people also have higher dietary standards. Of course, most of them come from Polish factories and German nobles have higher educational level.
Those people who are hungry, sallow and emaciated in the distance feel sorry for the factory workers who produce cars such as bandages. These people have no special skills and can do some simple jobs, and most women have to take care of their children, so the place is relatively stable.
Children are arranged to participate in pro-German education and learn German, which is the "centennial plan" implemented by the arcado Order. It is required that children in occupied areas must learn German and their German test scores should be used to further their studies and evaluate their academic qualifications. If the test scores are 3, the whole family should be "sent" to central Poland.
Compared with western Poland, it is a real hell, where people are arbitrarily suppressed and their identity is no better than that of serfs in those days. Most of the land is occupied by large farmers, and everyone must report their identity in Germany. If there is no government pass, they will be killed if they travel at night.
"The old locksmith heard that you once had a big factory in Munich that could produce aircraft engine parts?" A man with a flag armband and a forward hat walked up to the old man who was in charge of giving two good treatment camps and asked with a smile, "How did you get this job?"
The old man didn’t speak and bent forward with a sigh. He cried and made trouble. Except for being beaten and laughed at, no one here sympathized with a bankrupt and degraded nobleman. He said that many people here were more bitter than him, but when they came here, they stepped into hell. Who would remember such a distant thing as revenge?
It is impossible to forget hatred. People who came here were arrested because of the prosperity of the empire. Some people were arrested because of the British agents’ attempt to assassinate the Fuhrer. Some people were arrested because they violated the imperial law. Others were framed by the SS or had enemies with a big shot.
At first, they thought about getting out of prison or resisting, but when they were abused and beaten day and night, when they were whined in the confinement room, when they were exhausted by hunger, the guards said that working can make them live like human beings, so they suppressed their hatred and worked hard.
I also wanted not to destroy the machinery and affect the production. However, the next day, someone dragged the other wife and daughter to the camp here. After a day of ravaging in front of everyone, a family of men and women hung barbed wire naked and now it has become a pile of bones, and that daughter is crazy and has been taken into the "good place" next door. There are criminals. Some young men and women work hard, and prisoners can go there for "recreation".
After a long time, people here have a morbid sense of obedience. When new people come in, they will help the guards to abuse them together. When someone wants to resist, they will be reported. They are morbidly enjoying this life and don’t mind transporting the bodies from the barracks every day. A truck can be piled up.
There is no prosperity and grandeur in Berlin, and there seems to be no prosperity in the Third Reich. This is the entrance of hellman, and this is the hall of disaster and terror.
The old man, his two sons and a daughter are both in the camp, and his granddaughter and grandson are also near the school. He can be said to be the most obedient person in the whole camp. Once he is done, he can send starched clothes to the guard room and then help the guards polish their boots and guns.
"Old man, talk about it. Don’t be so stingy!" The big fellow cracked his mouth and laughed as he chased the old man’s footsteps and asked, "The warden said you were a very rich man."
This is a factory contracted by a Jewish consortium. I don’t know if the Fuehrer intends this factory to produce things with a profit of about hundreds of thousands a year, but almost since these "flesh-and-blood" factories, some tycoons in Germany have a good impression of the Third Reich as if they were their own fathers.
The old man held his ground and pointed to a factory in the distance. "I used to have such a big factory that was responsible for producing spare parts for airplanes, and I had some friendship with the military … I don’t know how I became relatives with several nobles. It was a good thing to sum up, but when the Fuehrer cleaned up Keke, those people were ignorant and brought me into trouble."
Although the old man said it simply, he still had some sadness. His sin was not serious, and it might not even be his turn. If he let ordinary people give him some money for a walk, it might be over, but the military took a fancy to his factory management and gave him such a reason to rob directly, so he didn’t relent.
The old man himself has repeatedly thought about this problem. If he had the present thinking, he would have given the factory to the military earlier. It is estimated that he can still mix a sinecure to help the empire manage a small private enterprise, but now he regrets that it is too late to go home. Several people have been arrested and want to go out. That is a matter of years.
The big fellow didn’t say much because he was new here. After all, he was sent by the owner of the middle camp as an unofficial representative. He has the ability to supervise and inquire, and more often it can serve as a deterrent. What really makes prisoners talk about here is those "demons" wearing black SS troops.
In order to appease the prisoners, every month, they go to see their relatives on the other side and talk to each other for a few minutes to comfort each other. This system is what Aka wanted to think of. It is very useful for managing these hopeless prisoners. They are like grasshoppers tied to a rope, and they have no resistance ability and mind at all.
The old man hit the factory, and the lights in the workshop suddenly lit up the whole car. This is a large-scale arms production base in Germany, and there are many large-scale production of cheap 792 mm ammunition in his camp.
Most of these ammunition are for the normal training of troops and the second-line troops, so that every box is signed by strict inspectors and every production process personnel. Once there is a problem, the personnel who produce these ammunition can be found immediately. Because of the normal training and the second-line troops, the ammunition institute is not worried about the great impact.
Of course, there is also a relatively high-level factory near Warsaw, the capital of Poland, which specializes in making 13-mm caliber machine guns and 3-mm caliber machine guns and shells for military training, while the weapons and medicines of the first-line troops are produced by regular factories in Germany.
These free men are nervous and orderly in their own jobs, although they don’t have to patronize other people’s wives and daughters, but they should ensure that their wives and daughters are safe, right? Wouldn’t it be too late to regret if you got into some problems and ended up hurting your wife and children not far away?
The old man bent over his back and the machine roared in the factory building, squinting and patrolling him out of the door. There is still a job outside the door to patrol all the places to keep them clean and tidy. Of course, if there are other people cleaning, he is responsible for checking the dirt and notifying the management personnel to a certain extent.
Only when he has a patrol can he feel that he is still a leader in the factory or that every worker loves the factory director very much. At this time, his face is still smiling, but he is afraid to look at those cold eyes for fear that he will wake up from his dreams.
In fact, he doesn’t know what he can be chosen to do such a job, which looks relaxed and comfortable, instead of starving to death and incinerating it into a pile of fertilizer like his old man. It is occasional speculation that he may have occupied his own property and robbed the factory with a monthly income of hundreds of thousands, and the SS bigwigs still feel a little guilty.
In fact, he guessed wrong. He can continue to live here because the Fuehrer ignored the suggestion of the SS to kill those who were robbed of their assets and ordered them to be kind to those who were deprived of everything.
Chapter 374 374 Bomb London again
Butcher bomber can be regarded as the most advanced long-range strategic bomber in the world. After arcado spent a lot of money to build the world’s first ultra-long-range strategic bomber unit, it left an indelible horror impression on the British.
Now, at the beginning, there were 44 planes that scared everyone in London in a cold sweat. Now that the butcher bomber fleet is out of maintenance, there are more than 12 planes, which can be regarded as real overwhelming. These bombers are now scattered and parked in four airports, and they are nervously loading ammunition.
The bright lights make the whole airport look like a daytime. The ground crew shouted slogans and hung 25 kilograms of bombs on the plane’s bomb bay. These bombs were painted with a special symbol and a thick red line around the whole bomb body. It looked as if it was bloody and chilling.
"Be careful! Don’t go wrong! This is our secret weapon! You must ensure that every bomb will explode and no duds are allowed! " A skilled worker ordered loudly while checking bomb screws.
All ground soldiers solemnly replied "Yes!" So more careful inspection and loading.
This is a German napalm bomb. The new weapon is strictly kept secret. The bright red color of the bomb represents the flame, which is the distinguishing color of this new bomb. All such bombs must be kept and guarded by special forces until they are loaded into the plane, and they must be registered and recorded. Never allow a bomb to go wrong.
It was this new bomb that destroyed the Manchester factory and equipment, and it was this new bomb that took away thousands of skilled workers’ lives in Britain at one breath, which caused the British fighter production plan to collapse by half in an instant.
It is precisely because of the Manchester bombing that the British can now gather enough hurricane fighters, only six of which are not as good as the number of strategic bombers that Germany can take off. It is even more tragic that the British navy has just suffered a fiasco, which makes the German navy even more brazen in attacking British coastal cities, especially Edinburgh.
Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland, near the famous Firth of Forth, which is the four major cities in Scotland. First, it is the center of justice, banking, insurance and investment in Scotland, and it is also the center of learning and medicine. The main industries are food, machinery, appliances, printing, shipbuilding and chemical industry, especially machinery manufacturing and shipbuilding. After being bombed by German naval sailors, the British lost more confidence.
The docks and docks in Edinburgh were bombed and destroyed, and the equipment of nearby chemical factories directly polluted the waters. The British navy avoided fighting and accelerated the destruction of Edinburgh. The German naval bomber troops attacked the dock for three days and blew up a British aircraft carrier under construction in one breath.
In order to resist the German crazy attack, the British government deployed two p36 fighter planes and three hurricane fighter planes in an attempt to defend Edinburgh facilities. There was a fierce battle near the coastlines of both sides. The British army shot down 17 German fighter planes and paid a tragic loss of 73 fighter planes.
Obviously, it is not the result that arcado wants to see, nor is it the ultimate mission of the aircraft carrier, the German army arcado instructed to prepare this large-scale attack on Britain.


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