In fact, Lu Chen will really feel chaos and madness after opening the true sutra. It is because he is used to the mysterious blood forbidden art that this kind of chaos is acceptable.

His self-control ability is extremely strong and he is a natural anti-polluter. He was injected with a lot of mysterious blood when he was a child, and nothing happened, which shows his mental toughness.
Of course, there is a limit to this resistance. The mysterious blood ban will gradually and deeply erode him with the beginning. He has mastered the first realm at present, and it is difficult to judge whether the second stage will become stronger in self-erosion.
However, Lu Chen is not worried that he will lose his fighting power after losing his mind. His fighting skills are equally good, but it is best not to enter the crazy stage. After all, he still has teammates.
"The mysterious and extraordinary method of the Wild University is of great help to my brother’s combat power. My brother will carry forward this method and let the world see the power of the Wild University."
Liu Chen closed hermetic operation eyes back to clear.
"Let the world see that we are better at carrying forward Chengwei … forget it."
Nai Tao, the servant of the boat, said that not everyone is so abnormal as you.
If the law of wild institutions of higher learning is really so easy to learn, the current institutions of higher learning will not be ruined. There is no desire to study here.
I’m glad to see Liu Chen’s success as a servant, but I also know that I’m afraid that hundreds of wild universities in thousands of eras will not welcome new successors.
This method is too harsh, and even non-human and powerful races tend to choose more secure institutions for further study and practice.
"I want to understand the true meaning of a realm again, and I have to trouble my predecessors."
Lu Chen saluted that he did things in an end, and his study in a wild institution of higher learning was not over yet. He was not satisfied with getting started until he understood everything.
"High competitive conference …"
Ship servant mouth think of white old metasomatism awkward.
"The first thing for the younger generation to think about this matter is to consolidate and repair."
Lu Chen said that he didn’t want to refuse, but Nai played the window crazy hint every time he was ready to come.
When Nailuchen can also delay.
But anyway, he has learned so much from the mainland, and then the high world will really lose to him. He must make a move even if he doesn’t want to, otherwise it won’t be him.
Lu Chen seems to have gone too far in origin. Shouldn’t he have spent so long in mainland China helping others out?
However, the origin of this kind of business also caused Lu Chen to think that it may really enter the key moment, so he has to swallow a batch of world resources to supplement his face if he doesn’t handle things properly.
Corner of the commercial street at the bottom of the origin world tree
An old man is sitting in a lounge chair and smoking a cigarette leisurely, looking at the branches and leaves of the world tree that cover the sun.
"Don’t you old out? This operation needs some support. According to ancient regulations, you can be mobilized at this time. "
A virtual sound sounded, but there was no one around.
Lao Wang slowly spit out a mouthful of smoke and didn’t open his eyes. "What am I doing?"
"Isn’t your granddaughter … high in the world?"
The sound hesitate to say
"She has reached the real level, so it’s safe. No one will touch her."
Lao Wang’s so-called way
"I also know that some things this time are not authentic and threatening, but after all, it is …"
The sound paused because Lao Wang opened his eyes to an imaginary position and suddenly let him silence. If Lu Chen did this, I’m afraid he would be surprised that he had never seen Lao Wang show such eyes. That root was not an old man who was kind and scolded on weekdays, but a sublime and taboo!
"… the high world has gone uphill, and the inclusion of world resources in the high world is unfavorable to the situation behind it, which is a wave of resources."
That sound is put another way.
"I don’t think there is anything wrong with the practice. After all, the situation is different. The high world is a dog in the manger and has not made any contribution. If you ask me, calling it is all about nostalgia. After all, many years of arbitration in Heling Virtual Temple has also paid a lot of sweat, no credit and hard work."
Lao Wang said flatly, "But at this time, the No.1 world can’t be the No.1 world. The world doesn’t know how to take the initiative to hand over part of the world’s resources, but it is because they are not sensible."
The master of that sound was horrified when listening to Lao Wang’s words, because Lao Wang didn’t put the high world in a heavyweight category, just like … there is still room to clean up the high world.
What cards are hidden in the Ninth National Congress?
Isn’t the high combat power all transferred to the’ battlefield’?
Lao wang light swept eye virtual place "you this is our business? Is 60% a lot? There is not much left after the nine major distributions. The high world has cultivated Lu Chen, but can’t those things be taken out? Now this link to send Liu Chen in the past is to look at them over the years to help each other. "
I’m afraid the explorers will be shocked if they hear these conversations. I’m afraid it’s no accident or whim to send them to the high world at this time.
Actually, everything is planned and the purpose is only to send Lu Chen to Gao Shentu around the bend and let Lu Chen fight a war for Gao Shentu.
"There is no small lu they don’t have the hair this time, how much pressure is the arrangement? How many resources did you spend? How many people died in front! ? It’s a fart that they cultivate Lu Chen’s resources! "
Old Wang Yue said it seemed that the more indignant he was, the more afraid he was to answer the voice in the virtual voice.
"If it is not from the perspective of growth and regulations, the world can give ten times as much as it can, and it still needs to be invested in them for training?"
Lao Wang sneered, "Oh, it’s just an exchange of interests. The origin has paid a big price. This link has sent Lu Chen and others to the high world, but there is no way to be stingy."
"You’re always right, but … the high world just doesn’t want to make a deal now, and it’s up to them over there. In the event of an accident, Lu Chen will be intimidated, and he won’t have a choice, and others’ personalities are mostly trying to help the high world, so he will tie Lu Chen up as a thief."
The voice said, "I’ve come to ask you to negotiate the strength guarantee this time."
Lao Wang hesitated, "Lu Xiao is really good at fooling and just giving some gadgets away … This is a problem."
Lu Chen won’t know that his high-level "Bai Piao" things are worthless compared with the resources paid for this arrangement
Maybe it’s still high. The world is enthusiastic, generous and grateful.
If you can’t get back 60% of the world’s resources this time, it’s a bloody return.
"Those people in the high world know what is going on in their hearts. If they don’t let go, they want to take advantage. Origin never takes advantage of others."
Lao Wang said
"You always mean … ready to leave?"
That sound is full of surprises.
However, Lao Wang shook his head. "Isn’t it already arranged?"
Chapter one thousand five hundred and thirty-nine Rules
It’s been a long time, and mainland scholars are in a state of excitement, because today a new high-tech competition conference is about to start.
Because each high-level congress is far apart, it is not said that the situation of being able to participate in two consecutive sessions also has a limit on the age of Tianjiao. It will take ten years, otherwise there will be an unfair gap in war experience.


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