The port screamed and exclaimed.

Moonlight hurriedly came to the ground.
look up
I saw the rapid convergence of the fire streams and finally came out of a burly figure from the flames.
It seems to be a middle-aged man with many flame lines and a tomahawk condensed by flames in his hand.
Moonlight suddenly a surprised.
Who would have thought?
Xingtian, the "God of Destruction", actually visited the Castle of the Sky.
after that
The fortress of divine voice sounded clearly in everyone’s ears.
"Since the’ White Ivory Tower’ is unwilling to join the church with it, Vault intends to maintain it vigorously."
"Then there is no need for this church to continue this fortress."
"Destroy you!"
Xingtian raised his tomahawk.
Haven’t left it yet
Suddenly a cold light flashed across my cheeks.
Blow out many sparks
Xingtian stopped and rolled his eyes to see the moonlight.
Sweat came out from the forehead in the moonlight. Just now, the feeling was nasty. She made the moon.
But this kind of secret skill didn’t even scratch Xingtian’s skin. It scraped out Mars.
"Is this the gap between mortals and gods?"
The moonlight gave her a wry smile, although it didn’t make the weather.
But the sword just now has made her white, and even if the weather moves, it can’t shorten too much distance.
If the distance between her and Xingtian is 1000 meters, the weather will be shortened by one or two meters at most.
God is so far away
"I remember you"
Xingtian’s eyes lit up. "That human once sheltered you. You must know where he is."
"Tell me where he is!"
Moonlight naturally knew that he meant the sun.
She raised her sword to God. "I don’t know. If I knew, I would have informed him."
"If the sun comes, do you dare to talk big?"
Moonlight says this to avoid revealing that I know the trace of Tianyang, and I don’t want God to know that Tianyang is in a bad state now.
Xingtian invariably said, "I admit that human beings have the ability to threaten us."
"But it’s just a threat. Do you think I’m afraid of a human?"
Moonlight laughed. "If you are not afraid, why should you make him an evil god?"
"Doesn’t that just mean that you can do these despicable things because you don’t have a head-on confrontation?"
"God will do whatever it takes."
"God would have been afraid!"
Xingtian remained unmoved. "I admire your courage to see this and I can let you leave in great pain."
"In your power, I will deal with that human body."
"I wonder what kind of expression he would have if he faced your secret skills?"
Moonlight cold way "shame"
Xingtian suddenly flashed in front of the moonlight, and the tomahawk seemed to be ignored before it was lifted and it had already come to the moonlight.


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