However, Chen Bo, a special killing tool, made a detailed study of this virus, and generally analyzed which file, which disk and why it was hidden, thus avoiding too many lengthy search functions.

Some people’s brains are very messy. If you search them one by one, it will be time-consuming and take up processor and resources. This killing tool is targeted, and the file is small and convenient, and it is also faster to send.
And anti-virus software is to collect at least one set, but killing only once is to save worry and save trouble and broadcast quickly.
Chen Bo explained that they finally understood and deployed five people to form an security protection team, which not only really transformed the network security of the company, but also carried Pangu’s special killing tools.
You don’t need to be gorgeous, you need to simply type a small program.
The leader is a Russian man with a very long name, Arief for short, who leads this small coalition, which is regarded as Pangu searching for a small workshop.
After detailed inspection and testing, Chen Bo found that this worm is called "Nimda", which is mainly infected by mail. Many of the company’s brains have been killed. Fortunately, it is found early that it has not suffered any serious losses except a few unimportant documents.
At the same time, netizens from all major networks, including qq forums, have found traces of Nimda worm virus, and it is spreading at an accelerated pace, and there is a growing situation, but the virus database of anti-virus manufacturers has not been updated yet.
At this time, Pangu specialized in killing and crossing two swords to form the image of ""as if a cold killer was born!
Officially landed in Tengxun. com software center and pushed the message "Nimda" to kill the worm Pangu at the bottom of qq.
For this small and accurate killing tool, netizens who suffered from the "Nimda" virus praised it and broke through 20,000 in just one afternoon.
This is still the statistical data of Tengxun’s network, because the software does not prohibit him from transferring the network. Even if it does, they will crack it for you in a short time. Otherwise, how did those stolen software come from?
A war to eliminate the "Nimda" worm virus, the invisible smoke of the Internet is killing.
Far Yanjing antivirus manufacturers didn’t update the virus database until 24 hours after Pangu’s killing line. It was this short 24 hours that Pangu’s killing found a loophole and was crazy for more than 70,000 times. This doesn’t include the statistics of friends forwarding offline killing and so on.
Pangu killing fought a beautiful battle. When the online media traced back to its roots, they found that Pangu killing was the same as Pangu input method and Pangu browser, and belonged to the same science and technology group as Tengxun qq, Skynet and Yingmei Music Network.
Pulling out the radish and bringing it out of the mud has successfully attracted the attention of several networks, and the media is about to explode the words of Pangu Group’s administrative department, vying for interviews.
Chapter 41 Genius pride
Yanjing chengzhongcun ruixin antivirus software company meeting room
Wangxin, the bloated chairman, angrily patted the solid wood table in front of him and swore.
"Waste is a group of waste. What do you have? Jinshan and Jiangmin are coming to our head, not to mention that even an Internet company is moving faster than you! Who can give me a reasonable explanation? "
Everyone in the room is silent with his head down, and the atmosphere is afraid to go out.
"70,000 people, please give me a good look at this data. This is a shame for Ruixin Company. I will never allow this to happen again, otherwise I will pack my bags and get out of here!"
Not far from Nakamura, Jinshan Software Company asked Bojun and Lei to sit opposite each other.
"What do you think of Pangu’s killing this little program?"
"It’s good to take up a small amount of resources, but the effect is good. Although it is aimed at killing a virus alone, it is to catch the thief first and catch the king. It seems that his purpose is not to make anti-virus software, but to deliberately market it. Otherwise, there will be so many viruses that will not be killed. This kind of influence is more extensive."
Lei Jun’s analysis is very in place. Ask Bo Jun to nod and agree deeply.
"This company is not simple. It has formed a certain scale in a short time. Although the Internet is burning money now, if it is said to make money, I am afraid that all three doors may not be able to catch up with him. It is worth noting!"
Chen Bo of Pengcheng is still an old acquaintance in an exclusive interview with Huaxia Computer News. Liu, deputy editor-in-chief, had an exchange with Sanmen last year.
"I haven’t seen Editor Liu for months. How are you recently?"
"Our media is not short of news, but your Internet company has not been so relaxed recently."
Liu smiled and responded if something was pointed out, "but this is not a thing in front of you, is it?" I have enough news to prove that Skynet has taken the lead in making profits, and Tengxun Company is not far from this goal. "
"Nothing can hide from your discerning eyes, but I don’t think you will take the initiative to reveal it?"
Since Liu is so sure, but he hasn’t seen it in the newspaper, it is certain that he still has some principles of publishing without asking the other party’s opinion. Although the media really can’t ask his opinion, it is a kind of trust and respect. If there is no good one, it will increase the difficulty of taking the news. Although the media is the crown king, it can’t be rigid enough to have no friends.
"That depends on Mr. Chen’s attitude. If someone else encounters this kind of thing, I’m afraid they have already rushed to inform the media to let the world know what you are hiding?"
"It’s simple. I don’t want to be used as a benchmark gun. Wouldn’t it be better to make a fortune?"
Chen Bo plays with a smile. People are afraid of being famous, pigs are afraid of being strong, and if they are really famous, there will be many benefits. High exposure can attract more attention.
But at present, Pangu’s fledgling capital should not be too ostentatious in its initial stage. After all, it is a big tree that attracts the wind.
I have to fight back before, but I don’t take the initiative to seek excitement. If I have nothing to do, I will provoke others. Isn’t that full and idle?
"Well, I can understand, but you don’t want to perfunctory me today!"
"You can ask me if there are any keys involved * * I absolutely know it!" Chen Bo patted his chest and made a guarantee.


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