Luna complained in her heart, but suddenly she felt a familiar fluctuation in the induction of the contract. The individual immediately got excited. She just complained that the thought of Tang Yi coming back just happened to be where he went and spent the whole night.

Look indifferently at the foot flying over the mountains. Tang Yi quietly checked the map in his memory. It was a little relieved. Tang Yi, that guy, did things too casually. If Luna did something while he was away, it would be good to leave a guard. Even if he wanted to go hunting, he did things too impulsively. The root is that he didn’t have any plans.
Have swallowed up eleven holy order strong spirit, even Tang Yao felt a little too much, so he had to control his body to Tang Yi, and silently digest the surge of strength in his consciousness. As the spirit rose today, the fire phoenix can be said to have almost embraced the holy terrace level. Of course, it also has this level of strength. Compared with the holy order, the real combat effectiveness is far from enough.
However, Tang Yi San doesn’t need the fire phoenix to help him in the future battle. He wants the fire phoenix to fly fast enough to achieve combat effectiveness. What can be ignored for the time being now is that the fire phoenix flies with him to open a bunch of auras. The speed of the fire phoenix has almost reached an amazing level. After his aura is opened, the speed of the fire phoenix is very close to three times the speed of sound. This is a very amazing figure. The route of Tang Yi is north and then west, so the speed of the fire phoenix is very high. The speed of Bitang to Mombasa is much faster. This speed is far from his nerve reflex speed.
The fire phoenix can fly on its way. If you want to adopt this method in the battle, it is impossible. Even Tang Yi may not be able to fight without being affected when driving the fire phoenix, but if you want to come, that guy doesn’t need to drive the fire phoenix. It is fast enough. To be continued, if you want to know more about the landing chapters.
Chapter three hundred and thirty-nine Limit cut
Farewell to the foolish devil. Look at the wind and dust quietly. Barghieth looked up and glanced at the sun that has risen high. With a move, he released cazac’s body and burned it to ashes. The pale inflammation immediately returned to his hands like a clever kitten. His eyes stared at the distant East. Did his face show a somewhat expectant look in Kailas City?
The body twisted quickly for a while, but when I saw Barghieth’s tall body, it gradually shrunk and eventually became a normal human size. The pale inflammation surrounded him personally. The flame turned around on his body for a while as if it were his own spirituality, and then slowly condensed into a set of orange robes that were the same as flames. Looking at it from a distance, it would make people see a bunch of moving flames, and his face blurred for a while and turned into Tang Yi’s scattered appearance.
If you want to find someone you don’t know, even if you haven’t heard of his name, then the best way is for him to do something to attract him. Even though he doesn’t know Barghieth, I think the human beings in Kailas City should have seen this face more or less. He has done this kind of thing many times, and it’s not difficult to finish it easily.
When the fire phoenix flew over Kailas Tang Yi, it ordered the giant bird to stop in the sky and feel a little. Luna cast a wind walk in the position and then lifted the call and quickly landed from that day.
It’s a coincidence that Tang Yi just came down in an alley with few people, and then immediately a strange smell came along. He turned his head and looked at the knot only to find that he didn’t see anything, but that strange smell was telling him that there was another person around him. This guy happened to land in an alley at the same time.
Gently lifted the invisibility effect, and then he turned his head to the breath and showed a kind smile at the position. He turned and walked down the alley, and he was able to meet another comrade who thought the same thing in the same invisibility situation. This coincidence really made life feel like meeting by chance and having few friends.
Feel Tang Yi scattered the spirit that constantly leaked due to lack of control. Barghieth couldn’t help but feel a little pity for this human being. This human being was able to practice his spirit to such an extent that it has overflowed. If it is some luck, it will inevitably lead to the opportunity to step into the semi-divine order, so as to qualify to enter the two realms of gods and demons. Anyone who can practice to the tenth and a half divine order can say that it is not a talented guy. After all, compared with the two camps of gods and demons, human beings are inferior in innate conditions. I don’t know how many people can break through many limits and become semi-gods. Besides luck
However, despite knowing that this human being holds an excellent qualification, Barghieth didn’t have his intention to speak. All this is because this human body is so strong that it has spilled over to the spirit. He is obviously a caster and his strength is not weak. cazac tells that the spirit of a mage close to the holy order is much stronger than that of this human being. Even a genius has its limits. If there are many distractions, it will eventually be achieved. In Barghieth’s view, it is extremely difficult for this human being to hold this level of spirit. Maybe every day life is a practice of meditation, but it is unlikely that he will be distracted by Wushu.
Wait until Tang Yi scattered the body and walked down the alley. Barghieth finally slowly revealed his figure. His black eyes turned around and looked around, and he went in along a fork in the alley on the right.
Oh, it’s really a bustling city. I turned my head and looked at the clean and elegant buildings on both sides of this alley. Barghieth couldn’t help feeling a little. Although he has been walking on the earth as a law enforcement officer for more than 200 years, a bustling city like Kailas is really rare. Because he has to face battles all the year round, he has never had a chance to go to the devil’s alliance. Therefore, this well-known Kailas port is still here for the first time.
Malcolm, come here quickly. Help me move this box to our secret base, will you? A girl with a pair of Ma Wei braids gently put her hand on the edge of the flower bed next to the path. She looked breathlessly at the girl behind her, holding a piece of paper in her hand, drawing and writing something about the boy. The boy seemed to be a little pale and thin because he was not outside for a long time. The melon face looked like a girl.
After listening to the girl’s urging, the teenager unhurriedly drew a few lines with the pen in his hand on one side. This just smiled with satisfaction and put his pen and paper in his pocket and ran two steps forward to help the girl move the small box. Naer.
I’m drawing drawings. I won’t fail this time.
Hum, you always say that you won’t fail, but you still haven’t made anything. Let’s hurry back. Today, I found a new food formula. Katyn will definitely lend me tools. Hum, I will definitely make a cake that is more delicious than Diya cake this time.
The box is so heavy, Naer. What did you put in it? Holding the box, it staggered. The boy complained bitterly and said, "Let’s try." Then I will be very happy if you can really surpass the Diya cake sent by Kaiting’s father. But do you think Kaiting will really stay at home today? What will she do in the store?
If you’re not at home, there’s no way out. I’ll start with her tools. I think she won’t be angry with the cake we made last night. Today, Mr. Turtle is very embarrassed to be eaten first.
Is that so? But will she really not be angry?
Looking at the two girls coming, Barghieth frowned slightly and immediately greeted them. Hello, where is Mr. Turtle? It’s my first time to come to Kailas because I heard something. Do you know where I can see him?
Oh, big brother, do you want to see Mr. Turtle, too? You should walk along this lane and walk east along the road, and you can see the square. Oh, Mr. Turtle should still be in the square now. He was still there when we left. I looked up at Barghieth Malcolm’s face, and I was a little puzzled. Hey, big brother, you look familiar. It seems that you have seen it somewhere. Is it really your first time to come to Kailas? Well, maybe I was mistaken.
Hearing this blond teenager’s words, Barghieth felt a shock, his eyes narrowed slightly for a few minutes, and then he immediately relaxed his eyes. His hands widened greatly and he couldn’t help but gently put his shoulders on the teenager. Have you seen my brother?
Hey, is that your brother? No wonder you feel familiar. You may have seen it in the street or square. But if you go to the square in front of the temple and ask, maybe someone will know that the young man’s face has an epiphany and then look at it. Brother, can you be lighter? You are so strong.
Uh-oh, I’m sorry. I just lost my temper. Maybe it’s because I haven’t seen my brother for a long time. What’s your name? Go back to your arms and look at Barghieth awkwardly. Look at the teenager in front of you apologetically. Will the girl in a long black dress look at him make people feel wrong?
My name is Malcolm, and her name is Naer. My home is the best grocery store in Kailas. Er, I’m sorry I said something wrong and scratched my head in annoyance. Malcolm’s slightly pale face showed a little embarrassed expression, and he almost tried to sell it to a grocery store.
Smiling at Malcolm, Barghieth casually touched his hand in his robe and immediately added a thin booklet. He gently put the booklet in Malcolm’s hand and held the box surface. He smiled and continued, No, no, no, I should thank you. I will give it to you as soon as I get the booklet here by chance. I hope I can find my brother this time and keep it a secret for me today. My brother has been away from home for many years and I want to give him a surprise.
Yes, it will, but this thing is too expensive. I can’t. I glanced at the thin booklet of the box. Malcolm looked up with a faint fear and found that Barghieth could no longer be found in front of me.
It’s gone far, stupid Malcolm. What were you doing just now? Oh, he’s gone far away. You just reacted. Let me see what it is. I pointed it at the end of the alley. Barghieth Naer smiled and took the booklet from the box. What a strange name. It seems to be a martial art.
What is not a manual experience?
Stupid Malcolm, are you all as small as you? This is really a martial art.
Is it martial arts? Well, take it home to my brother. Well, he has been fascinated by martial arts recently and says he wants to be an adventurer.
Hee hee, then take it back to him. But just now, that big brother looks really familiar. Smile happily. Put the booklet together with Naer and cast a glance back. It has also gently pinched his skin in the alley. By the way, we don’t know his name yet. To be continued, please log in for more chapters.
Chapter two hundred and forty Aoqing
Luna immediately jumped up from the stone stage and threw herself at Tang Yi. Little hands pounded on his chest and complained, "Where the hell did you go last night?" I was worried all night. Do you know that there was blood on the ground? What happened?
I shook my head gently, and Tang Yi patted the girl gently on the head for two times. Nothing happened yesterday. Then that guy Tang Yao went crazy again and went for a walk all night. How did you come here?
Er, I woke up today, and she was still a saint. Alas, I didn’t expect Xiao Wei to look in a daze and still be a saint. By the way, the girl broke free from his palm and immediately took the turtle in her hand and waved it with some presents in front of Tang Yi. I didn’t think it was a turtle-like candy at all. This turtle actually crossed. Oh, I can’t cross it except humans
After hearing the word "crossing the tortoise", Tang Yi-san immediately became alert and stared at the turtle with yellow skin and green shell held by Luna in one hand. Although it is rare, it can’t be regarded as evidence of crossing the tortoise.
Young man, I am great wisdom and glory. Wenquan egg is not right. Aoqing is the East China Sea Dragon Dragon. It is unlucky. When the enemy fights against the law, he is inferior. I don’t know how to get here.
Listening to the sound coming from the bottom of my heart, Tang Yi San couldn’t help but stare at the turtle glasses carefully with slightly one leng black eyes. In those black eyes, he saw a little smile, which was faintly lonely. This kind of complicated eyes was definitely not a turtle. It seems that this weird turtle is really a dragon Aoqing who crossed the East China Sea. This ordinary person seems to have nothing to say. Tang Yi San was summoned by Luna and came to the other side. He has never learned from his predecessors except for pointing out a swordsmanship.
Finally, I met a swordsman from my hometown, Wenquan Egg, and finally took the tolerance of Brother Jilong instead of pestering him like a wordy turtle. His forelimbs gently pressed a body on Luna’s palm, which actually slipped from her hand as if it were covered with a layer of lubricating oil, and then his limbs lightly touched Tang Yi’s shoulders. Did you learn from me? I think Xiaoyou’s skill seems to have soared. Did Xiaoyou ever take any drugs last night?
In the face of words, I can say something semi-ancient, ancient, ancient, Aoqingtang, and I have to escape. This kind of strange grammar says that I didn’t expect my predecessors to see the scene of the father god falling from the sky. As soon as he left, he felt that his strength seemed to be unstable. The sign was that it was only one night ago that his predecessors were like this since they were the Dragon Club.
The right forelimb gently rubs against one’s head, which seems to be thoughtfully. Well, that’s why I want Xiaoyou so much. It’s because of the mirror image of the father god. If the mirror image encounters a great increase in the projection power of the theme, it’s not impossible. I have never encountered such a bizarre thing before, but it’s a chance for Xiaoyou to come. I wonder if Xiaoyou may go back to our world.


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