At this time, Dugu Qianshan came in and leaned down slightly and said, "There is a military intelligence in the east of the position."

"oh? What is the move in Li Shimin? " Yang You asked.
"Positions this is urgent" Dugu Qianshan handed it to Yang You.
Yang You opened it and saw that it was still the news of Hedong Royal Guards. It was said in the letter that Li Shimin’s military forces were frequently mobilized. Li Shimin personally coached 5,000 troops to resist the attack of Excavate. Yang You smiled and sent an urgent message to Yang Dong and Du Ruhui.
A moment later, Yang Dong said, "If something goes wrong, there will be a demon. Now that the snow has closed the mountain, Li Shang has not moved troops. There is no pressure for Li Shimin to support Huoyi at this time."
Yang You took a slow sip of tea and asked Du Ruhui, "What do you think of Du Aiqing?"
Du Ruhui smoothed her beard and slightly thought, "A diversion."
Yang Dong said blankly, "fenglingdu is guarded by General Lei. Can Li Shimin cross the river?"
"Hey, hey," Yang You put the teacup and walked to the front of the sand table, pointing to the fenglingdu area. "Now it’s snowing heavily, and the weather is colder than last year. Presumably, the river has frozen by this time. Li Shimin just wants to take advantage of the freezing of the river to suddenly attack Yongfengcang and Tongxian, and if it can seize Yongfengcang, it may be able to change this world war I situation."
Yang Dong smell speech facial expression, a lane change, "this plan is really vicious. Now it is inconvenient to close the mountain with heavy snow to transport grain. If Yongfengcang is taken away, our army will be in danger of food shortage."
Du Ruhui gave a way, "This might as well give him a set since he saw through Li Shimin’s trick." Du Ruhui smiled strangely.
"I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time." Yang You also smiled strangely
Hedong County has been snowing heavily for five or six days, and it is knee-deep except for the official road. It is extremely difficult to walk in other places because some people often walk. Li Shimin led his confidant military forces to threaten to support Huoyi to repel Excavate first.
In fact, this army is mostly an old and weak Lord, not Li Shimin, but a soldier who looks like him. Li Shimin took McCullough to the south and went out at night. After deliberation, he thought Chai Shao’s suggestion was feasible.
At this time, Sui Jun’s main force is in the middle of Chang ‘an area. Although there are soldiers in fenglingdu, Tong and Yongfengcang, if the probability of success in the raid is very high, now Datang is weak and only by taking risks can we achieve greater results.
Li Shimin didn’t go to fenglingdu. According to intelligence, there are at least 5,000 people in Sui Jun, fenglingdu. Although most of them are marines, it is obviously impossible to annihilate them in one fell swoop. He detoured over Snowflake Mountain and went straight to Yongfengcang, Huayin County.
The west wind determines the fate of Datang. World War I is about to begin. Li Shimin can do his best to listen to his destiny
At first glance, Sui Jun’s war horses neighed in the vast snow.
Shaolou Li Xiuning frowned, and Sui Jun attacked at this time, which made her inexplicably frozen. She reached out and was quickly flushed with cold. Is this weather suitable for war?
On one side, Wang Liyuan of Lujiang whispered, "What is the purpose of Sui Jun’s sudden attack?" Yang You has always been cunning and unwilling to suffer losses. There must be a plot when he attacks today, but he is wise and can’t guess what tricks Yang You has.
At this time, Li Xiuning and Li Yuan didn’t know the news that Tang gaozu had died, so they guessed.
Outside the Tang Jun camp, 1,000 fighters are ready to guard against Tang Jun, while the rest of the soldiers are struggling to clean the snow with hoes and shovels in their hands. Li Xiuning frowned. Is Sui Jun serious?
"Quick!" Pei Hangyan commanded the soldiers to speed up.
Luo Shixin was frostbitten when he was riding a horse with a thick cloth wrapped around the handle. He glanced at the Tang Jun camp. "Yuan Qing, do you think Tang Jun will play?"
"Hey, hey, don’t come, just come. You must kill them all and capture Li Xiuning for pursuit." Pei Hangyan hey smiled.
Luo Shixin smiled strangely and laughed. "I heard that Li Xiuning suffered several losses in the Great War, but Hou Jun almost caught her."
Peihang Yanyan nods, "This Li Xiuning is really deadly."
Two people talking, a fast horse entered the Tang Jun camp from the north gate, and the soldier led him towards the south gate. Yang Meizheng watched and heard the hurried steps behind Li Xiuning, looking back and looking down at the low "princess".
Li Xiuning also heard the footsteps. Looking back, I didn’t realize it was one leng, because she recognized that this person was a eunuch in the Imperial Palace. What did you send someone to do at this time?
"Little people have seen the princess," the eunuch said in a shrill voice.
Li Xiuning glanced around and said, "Yangmei, you can stay here and watch me go back."
"hey!" Yang Mei watched Li Xiuning and Li Yuan leave her heart and wondered what had happened in Chang ‘an.
When Li Xiuning and Li Yuan arrived at the handsome account, Li Xiuning took a deep breath and said, "What happened in Chang ‘an because you were sent here?"
The eunuch shook his head and said, "Princess Pingyang doesn’t know too much. Let the villain send you a letter saying that the princess will know after reading it." He took out a letter from the bosom.
Li Xiuning tree-lined took the white palm trembling slightly, she had a bad feeling, otherwise this time too how can send a letter? Slowly unwrapping is a quick glance, and the face becomes extraordinarily pale. The slender finger slips from the finger as soon as the letter is loosened.
Li Yuan picked up the letter from the ground in the previous step and couldn’t help but lose his way. "What pursuit …"
Li Xiuning reacted quickly and put his hand over Li Yuan’s mouth and whispered, "This matter cannot be publicized!"
Li Yuan’s brain exploded like an explosion, and he was utterly confused when he heard Li Xiuning’s calm language. Yes, the death of his position is such a big event. Even in peacetime, he should be cautious when the interests have not yet been handed over. What’s more, nowadays, a bad army is in danger of mutiny. If so, Changan will be in chaos without Sui Jun’s attack.
Li Xiuning canthus with tears, she vigorously wiped her father died suddenly, how could she not be sad? She is calm enough and rational enough to know that she must not panic at this time, otherwise the tens of thousands of troops will be chaotic.
Li Xiuning took the letter and looked at it carefully, weeping too much at the same time. Li Jiancheng said in the letter that it was very detailed that his father was sick at first, but he was not yet dead. Yesterday, he suddenly died, and the physician could not find the reason, so that Li Jiancheng had to execute the physician and block up the death of his father.
Li Jiancheng wants Princess Pingyang to stabilize the hegemony, and Sui Jun can’t take advantage of it because he suspects that this is a trick of Yang You.
Li Xiuning, Cong, etc. immediately Bai Yang You sent troops to attack the reason today. She hid the letter and immediately walked out of the handsome account and ran towards the south gate.
At this time, Sui Jun Luo Shixin and Pei Hangyan have cleared an area, and Sui Jun will soon set up the catapult.
"Sui Jun, this is a forced bombardment." Li Yuan’s face changed greatly. He knew that Sui Jun’s slings had a long range and the Sui army must not be attacked.
Li Xiuning bit her lip and said nothing. Yangmei said, "The princess must never let Sui Jun do it."
Speaking, the soldiers of the Sui army put the hard ice in the groove of the catapult. Now there are five inches of snow to break into ice, which is as strong as boulders.
"The princess asked me to lead the troops to rush and destroy the slings in Sui Jun first!" Yang Mei said that she was going to walk.
"no!" Li Xiuning finally spoke. At this time, she wanted to know clearly that Sui Jun’s attack was to test her father’s life and death. If she chose to attack, it would cause Yang You to suspect that there were three hundred and twenty pieces of silver here. Besides, five inches of snow was not conducive to the cavalry, which was even more difficult.
Li Xiuning gritted his teeth and said, "Everyone should pay attention to concealment. If Sui Jun kills and shoots arrows!"
Chapter 114 The power of gossip
Sui Jun camp Luo Shixin, PeiHang Yanyan told the military intelligence.
Li Xiuning would rather risk being attacked by a catapult than attack and destroy the catapults in Sui Jun, which made Yang You guess that if something happened to Li Yuan, Tang Jun would try to cover up the secret. In the face of Sui Jun’s attack on Tang Jun, he should choose to attack and dispel Yang You’s concerns.
But at this time, Li Xiuning swallowed it, which made Yang You puzzled. Although Pei Hangyan and Luo Shixin smashed the peripheral fortifications of Tang Jun Camp, there was no three-story defense in Tang Jun Camp. Therefore, Pei Hangyan and Luo Shixin were tempted and returned to the camp.
Listen, Pei Hangyan and Luo Shixin told the master account that they were in a short silence. This time, the test didn’t seem to achieve the desired results. What exactly is the physical condition of Chang’ an Tang gaozu?
The master account to discuss things half ring without a decision suddenly dugu Qianshan hurried in and spoke a few words near Yang You.
Although the news that Dugu Qianshan came to Yang You for a moment is not very certain, there is a clue that Yang You has guessed and thought about it. Yang You ordered him to go to Japan to continue to attack the tyrant. At the same time, Qu Tutong and Yao Junsu also acted together and asked Dugu Qianshan to find a way to inform Dugu Wushi to wait for an opportunity.
"Is Yang You crazy?" Li Jiancheng, Chang ‘an City, became very grumpy when he received the news of Sui Jun’s attack.
After another wave of unrest, my father suddenly died. If this news is leaked to Chang ‘an, I don’t know what kind of chaos it will be. Li Jiancheng killed some insiders and let his confidant keep his father’s bedroom. Zhang Yingying and others eat and drink every day.
Li Jiancheng has been thinking about what to do. After all, my father’s death can’t be concealed sooner or later. It is necessary to choose the right time to succeed to the throne. But it happened that at this time, Yang You attacked the Tang Jun camp. Although the attack strength was not enough, Li Jiancheng had already seen that Sui Jun was a temptation.
At the thought of this, Li Jiancheng felt that his father must have died with Yang You, but after checking for several days, there was no result that puzzled him.
The Sui Army launched an attack at the same time. Li Jiancheng did not dare to neglect and immediately ordered to take strict precautions. At this time, the heavy snow is still very thick and it is inconvenient to attack the city. There should be no problem for Tang Jun to rely on solid walls to block Sui Jun.
The news that Sui Jun in Chang ‘an has struck again has frightened the people, and there are all kinds of people among the refugees. Some people say that the Sui Emperor Yang Gang has three heads and six arms, and now he is bound to destroy Chang ‘an, and Li has heard that Li is dying, so it is better to surrender early.
Some people swear that Li Shimin, the god of war in Datang, has defeated himself, and several counties in Hedong have fallen into the hands of the Sui Dynasty, so it can be said that Datang is finished!
Most of the news was negative and accidental. The news that Sui Jun was defeated was quickly submerged. In the ocean, Li Jiancheng was worried about the disclosure of his father’s death, so he didn’t know that such unfavorable news was flowing in Chang ‘an.
It was at noon that the soldiers of the Royal Guards, such as Dugu Martial Arts Master and Fangde, disguised themselves as ordinary people and chatted while eating in the major restaurants and wine shops in the city in twos and threes.
"Alas, I heard from the palace that the position has died," said the martial artist Dugu mysteriously.


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