Is Zhu Bianan afraid of me? Li Mu smiled and turned to ask the girl beside him.

Li shook his head and Zhu Bi ‘an stood close to Li Mu and answered Li Mu’s question.
Li Mu looked up again and asked coldly, "What about you? Are you afraid of me?"
The hunters were filled with awe. Li Mu made them very angry with some insulting words, but no one dared to say no in front of this horrible man. Just now, the hunter who was dead told them that this man was angry with the devil who killed people without blinking an eye. He was sure that born to die would be more happy to let them say that they were afraid of this extremely humiliating word.
Hum, bullying these poor weak people is nothing
When everyone was in a dilemma, a heavy hum came from behind a group of hunters, and nearly a hundred eyes looked at it. This was a bearded and tall man.
At this time, the bruiser’s sharp knife eyes carefully looked at the newcomer, who is known as the strongest pirate in the East China Sea, and at the same time, his vigilance was at the highest. The Bailey teenager was unusual, although he was young, but his momentum and murderous look were no weaker than him.
You know, his murderous look may have been gradually formed after more than ten years of killing, and the juvenile age in front of him is only a teenager. Does the other party kill people when they are born?
The strong man shook his head and stopped thinking about this kind of rare strength. He must be extremely energetic to face it, or he will die here if he is careless.
Li Mu also squinted at the strong man walking slowly towards him, and the rest of the hunters were as big as seeing the savior. Even if he called them poor and weak, it was nothing, because they were really weak in front of these two super-strong men, and there was nothing to be ashamed of.
Who are you? Li Mu asked with an expression on his face, but he was angry at heart. He just created an atmosphere for half a day and was ruined by this half-way killing of Cheng Yaojin. Otherwise, he could destroy this group of hunters’ spiritual defense at one time, and it would certainly be much easier to fight later.
Jackie Kira bounty hunter Jackie Kira middle-aged man said lightly
Oh, Li Mu nodded with an epiphany on his face and then asked, Are you here to die?
A look of doubt and a little doubt seemed to ask, hey, brother, did you have breakfast today?
The hunters are dull. Is it crazy for them to say such arrogant words to the strongest men on their island, Jackie, or is it crazy to ignore Jackie?
Hehe, is it necessary to die before you know that Jackie smiled and didn’t get angry? But how could he be such a low-level provocation as a senior hunter with several pirates’ blood on his hands?
Chapter 31 You haven’t seen enough
From the moment when Li Mu set foot on Hunter Island, more hunters rushed to the scene. Of course, some of them were in a watching mood. They were not too hostile to Li Mu, a new pirate, but they also wondered with a curious attitude that such a teenager under the age of 10 would be offered a reward of 580,000 for the first time.
Although it is not the first time that such a high reward has been offered in the East China Sea for 20 years, it is rare.
Why do a small number of hunters hold a wait-and-see attitude is actually very simple. This kind of high reward has been seen before, and it is often behind the scenes of the navy to plant a crime of not wanting to hang a tempting amount. This rewarded guy has become a target of public criticism and will soon be killed. This kind of news will also become a pastime for everyone.
This kind of poor people who are highly rewarded will only be retaliated if they offend some high-ranking officials and rich people.
For such a guy, the small part may not be strong, but the hunter with a warm heart and good heart will not do it. Unless they find out the situation and find sufficient reasons, they will not kill people for money.
Of course, the vast majority of hunters still come with that huge reward. They hate pirates and love money more. No matter what you want, your head can be exchanged for money. That is their number one enemy, 580,000 Bailey plus 50,000 Bailey, which is a huge sum of more than 80,000 Bailey. No bounty hunter can move in the face of this huge sum.
Choosing a bounty hunter, a high-risk and high-entry profession, is a small number of people who have run out of money, but choosing this profession will make the money come quickly and easily for those powerful people, but more importantly, it is because the hometown has also been attacked by pirates that there are so many extremely hostile bounty hunters.
Li Muzhong hunters on the shore are still deadlocked, and no one wants to start first. Both sides have their own concerns.
Li Muran wants to stand up, but in the face of such a large group of bounty hunters, although he believes it, he is not arrogant enough to approve the solution of an islander, and he has to be considered by Alusha Jubian and other boatmen.
But it is impossible for these hunters to embrace each other, and they are bounty hunters, not navy, not mercenary groups. Let alone that they are not good at teamwork. Even if they win by luck in the end, how should the interests be distributed? This is a top priority. They are not stupid enough to die, but they can’t beat the enemy’s dilemma when they are not together. After all, everyone wants to be the first bird.
Now Jackie, a well-known hunter, is taking the lead, and they are also happy to sit quietly and watch the tigers fight. It would be better if they could finally pick up some petty gains.
What’s the matter? Are pirates afraid? Didn’t you just say that it was all a big talk? With a wave of his hand, Jackie waved the audience away while he was alone and looked at Li Mu provocatively.
After being a hunter for more than ten years, Jackie knew what other hunters were thinking, but he was also very convinced that the reward for this young man at that 580,000 Bailey must have been exaggerated by the navy or that the young man had offended some important people before he was given a high reward. This kind of reward was not without some weak pirates who would soon be beheaded after being given a high reward.
Alusha, please go to this uncle for me. Li Mu disdains to sneer and patted Alusha’s sweet shoulder beside him. At the same time, he said in a tone, but remember that you must be careful and careful, and you should be careful with your hands. Just don’t accidentally kill him. Just keep it.
After listening to this, Elsa nodded her head very cleverly, and replied solemnly, I will be merciful. After that, she looked at Jackie with a look of course, just like telling Jackie that I won’t kill you.
With this unabashed contempt, not only the hunters have an unhappy expression, but even Jackie, who has always been calm, can’t help breathing fire with her eyes and an old face. She has been a bounty hunter for more than ten years, and this is the first time she has been so despised by a pirate.
Shaking a broadback machete in his hand, Jackie fought back her anger and said, you’re done talking nonsense. If you don’t want to fight, just confess.
Hum, would you like Elsa to look cold, hold the waist knife gently in her right hand, and disappear to the ground without saying a word with her foot lightly stamped, and a second has suddenly appeared on Jackie’s head.
Yun Liu’s middle shave quickly approached Jackie, then jumped up gently, and at the same time, his right hand quickly pulled out his waist and slashed at him without hesitation.
Flash jumped up in a row and drew his sword to split the clouds. This rapid and sharp attack could not help but make Li Mu secretly nod.
At this time, Elsa’s shaving speed is no slower than Li Mu’s, and it is more flexible and changeable. It can be seen that Elsa is so hard and serious in training the six styles, and in the six styles, she is trying to rebuild her feet and feet, and she has a deeper understanding of shaving than Li Mu.
Psst, that’s fast.
Jackie took a deep breath, and her eyes flashed a dignified look for the first time. When the other party disappeared, she did not hesitate to raise her hand and slash Elsa with a machete. Although the speed was almost unexpected, he didn’t save the oil lamp without flashing or avoiding a backhand chop.
The thunk machete was severely chopped around the sudden and dull sound of the long knife. The hunter couldn’t help but frown, which shows how powerful the two men are in fighting this knife.
The onlookers’ eyes were wide open, and they were also surprised by Elsa’s high-speed movement, but Jackie could easily resist it. In their opinion, Jackie should be stronger.
Jackie is really one of the strongest hunters on Hunter Island.


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