Chi Yao came to miss Doby, a man who endured hardships, but teased him. Instead, now he teased her. She gradually got lost in his gentle kiss and forgot about the baby. She wanted him to go on …

When Jingmuyun’s hand touched her greasy belly, his head suddenly seemed to have been poured with a pot of cold water, and all reason came back. He abruptly stopped moving and turned away from Chi Yao.
"What’s the matter?" Chi Yao is still puzzled by a pair of enchanting eyes and asks Jing Muyun that the demand has always been strong, and the baby in the belly is the best proof! But why did he stop today?
"No …" Jingmuyun turned his back on her and sat up. "Baby … will hurt him."
"Ah" Chi Yao is pregnant now. The doctor said that the first three months are a dangerous period and it is best not to have sex. Chi Yao’s face turned slightly red just now. Who let Jing Muyun tease her and feel it? "So what do you do now?"
Look, he seems to endure very hard, and Chi Yao is a little reluctant to let him go outside to find a woman. "Why don’t you solve it yourself …"
"heartless little thing" Jing Muyun glanced at her and strode into the bathroom to spray and take a cold shower!
Chi Yao has been worried about looking at bathroom door and listening to the splash sound inside until he came out but didn’t bring out a trace of hot air. Chi Yao couldn’t help but stare at him with some surprise. "Do you take a cold shower?"
"Well" Jingmuyun bathrobe back to bed or hold her in her arms.
"It’s not summer now. Why do you want to wash cold water?" I really don’t care about my body at all!
Don’t take care of your health? I don’t want to think about who did it! "I wouldn’t have taken a cold bath if you had been a good boy and stopped bothering me." He pressed Chi Yao’s little head to his chest and "sleep well."
What? It’s that he is always thinking about things like that! Chi Yao took a shot of Jingmuyun’s bare chest with a few dozen "snapped" rings.
"…" JingMuYun arm tightening "sleep"
Chi Yao also don’t bother him, darling nest in front of his chest slowly close your eyes.
Jing Muyun tried hard to let himself fall asleep with his eyes closed, but he didn’t know how the shallow breath of Chi Yao and the faint fragrance of her body tempted him from time to time, and the warm snorting sprayed on his chest made the skin itch a little, but it was still more itchy!
Damn it, he’s a normal man, okay
"No, I must ask the doctor when I have a prenatal checkup!"
"… idiot is sleeping!"
Jing Muyun got up early the next morning and stayed in bed again. He can’t guarantee that he will be a beast!
When Chi Yao slept enough and woke up, it was already noon. Jingmuyun held Chi Yao and carefully sent her to the passenger seat. His car was very careful all the way. At ordinary times, he didn’t think it was at the moment, but he felt that there seemed to be more roads and cars in recent years
"Wood, should I wear a mask …" Chi Yao pondered this question. She didn’t go out for a long time, and she also walked around the community. Today, she had to go out for a regular checkup. In case she was recognized, she would make headlines tonight!
What supporting actress is pregnant before marriage!
"No, I arranged for a private doctor to do a prenatal examination for you."
"That’s good."
But when I saw so many people in the hospital, Chi Yao still consciously wanted to hide and just buried him in Jingmuyun’s arms and let him take himself away.
Walking into a spacious room, there was a middle-aged female doctor with a ponytail. She saw Jingmuyun push the door and came in. She raised her smile, "Hello, Commander."
"Hello," Jing Muyun and the middle-aged female doctor shook hands. "I brought my wife for a checkup."
The female doctor’s eyes fell on Chi Yao’s face. "Your wife is a little familiar …"
Chi Yao smiled at her. "Hello, my name is Chi Yao."
"Your star pool is far away?" The female doctor looked at the pretty girl with wide eyes. I didn’t expect the young supporting actress to be the commander’s wife! "Just call me Dr. Li."
"Doctor Li can" Jingmuyun said lightly behind him.
"Miss Lai Chi, please sit down." Dr. Li gave Chi Yao a series of tests with a stethoscope. "The baby is healthy. Should it be more than two months old?"
"Yes" Chi Yao nodded.
"What about morning sickness?" Dr. Li asked while recording in the medical record.
"The morning sickness is much better, not as severe as it was two days ago." It is really the most sad stage to say that morning sickness.
What did Dr. Li write again? "No problem. If you keep vomiting, it will be bad. Do you want to have a B-ultrasound?"
Looking at the image instrument, it was dark. To be honest, Chi Yao couldn’t see clearly what the hell it was, but Jing Muyun looked at it very carefully! Dr. Li pointed to the dark mass and said, "This is the baby’s head."
Jingmuyun looked at it carefully and nodded.
Dr. Li pointed to another place, "This is the baby’s hand."
Jingmuyun looked carefully again and nodded.
Chi Yao pulled his hand. "Did you see the wood?" It’s amazing. Is this what it feels like to have blood thicker than water? He can tell what a baby is like.
Jingmuyun moved his eyes from the imager and silently shook his head "no"
"…" Then you nod your head as if it were true!
Dr. Li laughed. "I can’t see it’s normal. It’s only been two months."
"Is the baby a boy or a girl?" Jingmuyun some curious asked
"I can’t see this yet" usually takes three and a half months to see it.
Chi Yao looked at Jing Muyun discontentedly. "Do you prefer boys to wood?" I heard that men are a little patriarchal.
Section 16
"Everyone likes … girls are better" thinking that there will be a little girl who looks like Chi Yao and calls him "Daddy". Thinking that the picture will melt.
"I want to have a boy." If it is a little boy who looks like Jing Muyun, it must be very handsome!
Jing Muyun was silent for a while. What’s the problem with having boys and girls? Keep giving birth if she wants to!
"Then forget it. I don’t want to be so tired!" One is enough for her!
Dr. Li envied looking at this handsome young couple. The commander really doted on his wife. After all, there are many men who are more or less patriarchal now. I didn’t expect the commander to want a daughter first!
Chi Yao heard Jing Muyun ask, "How soon can Dr. Li have sex?"
"Ahem …" Dr. Li was choked by this sudden question. "Sex will be fine after the first three months, but remember not to … cough is too intense and you can’t have sex for the next three months!" Well, she can understand that this problem is the most important problem for prospective fathers.
"Good" Jing Muyun carefully remembered what Dr. Li said and then walked to Chiyao to put on her shoes and said, "Did you hear that?"
"…" What is this guy implying?
"After three months, I …"
"Let’s go, let’s go home!" What a shameless man! Will he live alone if he keeps saying that?
On this night, Jing Muyun took Chi Yao to Yufeng’s home. Because Yufeng let slip, he told Chi Yao that he was pregnant. Yu Kai first beat him up and scolded him. Only now did he tell him to call Jing Muyun and invite him to Yu Zhai for dinner.
"Yao Yao, how can you be pregnant all the time?" Yu Kai pulled Chi Yao in, seated her on the sofa and personally poured her a glass of milk.
Chi Yao was flattered. She was only pregnant for two months. How dare she ask her elders to bring tea and water to her? "Wood, you help uncle." She directed Jingmuyun to do things.
"Xiaomu heard that you were under house arrest in Villa some time ago?" Yu Kai asked.
"Didn’t you get hurt?"
"Minor injuries" Jing Muyun said simply.
Yukai sighed, "Xiaomu, you are not alone now. You have a distant child, but you can’t have an accident casually. Otherwise, how can you let Yaoyao live?"
JingMuYun eyes slightly put soft looked at the sofa that touched her belly to chat with Yufeng little woman "is I know".


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