ChiXi some injustice "cocoa is I … haven’t been on a plane"

"…" Han Zhenghao looked at Chixi like a monster and then said to Han Yi, "Xiao Yi has gone to bed. Do you still want to sleep with dad today?"
Han Yi rubbed his sleepy eyes and nodded "OK".
"You can’t even fly. Are you a pig?" Kuang Ying laughed at Chi Xi mercilessly. "Han Qi, you accompany her to teach her how to fly and I will give you three days and come back in three days!"
Chi Xi bit his lip and looked at Kuang Ying for three days? Then how to carry out the revenge plan? "good"
Kuang Ying also followed the floor. When Han Qi and Chi Xi were left in the living room, Han Qi’s face was long. "Chi Xi, what the hell are you doing?" I can’t see this Chixi. She’s so scheming that she can’t even fly
"What’s the matter?" ChiXi don’t understand but then laughed "Han Qi you accompany me to oh"
"You can’t fly?"
"I really won’t …" Chixi said, "Didn’t you say you would help me get back at Chiyao? Just this time I’ll take you to meet that Chiyao and you’ll know how annoying she is!"
Han Qi impatiently lit a cigarette "Got it"
Kuang Yinglai doesn’t like him this time, does he? Hum, wait till he gets rid of Han Yi and takes the Han family back to see if she still dares to be so cocky!
Chixi was very happy to lean over and kiss Hanqi in the face. Hanqi looked up and pushed Chixi by the stairs. "What’s wrong with you!"
"Is it a honeymoon if I go back to pack my bags?" Chi Xihuan quickly said, "Leave in a day."
Han Qi took a drag on his cigarette and looked at Chixi’s back. Just help her get back at the woman named Chiyao. Then she should do things by herself!
Section 117
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☆, Chapter 155 Forced to get a license
"Yao Yao" Jing Muyun suddenly called her lightly during dinner. "Chi Hongyu asked you for money, why didn’t you tell me?"
"Ah?" Chi Yao first had a meal and then remembered, "Xiao Xuan told you?"
Chi Yao poked at the braised fish in the bowl and gave Zhu Xiaoxuan a hard note. She really took her food and even reported it. Looking at Chi Yao’s expression, Jing Muyun knew what she was thinking. "This is her duty."
Chi Yao indecent turned supercilious look "know know! I didn’t give ChiHongyu money, so I didn’t tell you. "It’s just a trivial matter, and nothing needs to be done by Jingmuyun."
"This is not a trivial matter. Chi Hongyu, who owes a huge sum of money, is going to abscond with the money. I don’t want him to have any contact with you."
"Hey? Abscond with money? "
"It was Chi Zhong’s death that made Chi’s face the takeover. Wei Xinyi borrowed some money from her family and then prepared to go somewhere else." Jing Muyun also didn’t forget to pick the fishbone and send it to Chi Yao’s bowl.
So Chi Hongyu is now a criminal? The Chi family is really in decline. "So are you arresting them now?"
Jingmuyun nodded. "We’ve got a clue." Reconnaissance platoon has found their direction. "In addition, the police are also investigating and connecting with Chijia."
"That’s not me …"
How could "I’m here" let the police touch her?
Chi Yao smiled sweetly, "It’s convenient to have a commander’s boyfriend." If it comes to this aspect, it’s a word!
Jing Muyun Nai looked at her. "Which little heartless person said that it was not good with soldiers?"
"Are you going to turn over my old account?" Chi Yao wronged said
"… you love to eat without turning over."
These two days, due to Chiyao’s re-filming, Jing Muyun was snubbed. When he came home late, he didn’t say that he had eaten late, but he had to recite his lines. Jing Muyun was really lonely and wanted to do something with Chiyao in the middle of the night because he had to get up early in the morning.
So this evening, Muyun approached Chiyao and asked, "Do you want to get up early?"
Chi Yao was surprised and wanted to say, "I should play until noon …"
Chi Yao’s words haven’t finished yet, and suddenly the whole person flies up. She consciously holds Jing Muyun’s neck to keep calm and look at him. "What are you doing?"
Chi Yao’s epiphany turned out to be a cold shoulder to him in recent days … In fact, it’s only two or three days. Can’t he resist it?
"You wait …"
"Can’t wait"
"You …"
For a long time, Chi Yao was lying on the bed with a bad belt and asked, "Did you bring that …"
"What?" Jingmuyun helped her embrace her and kissed her lovingly.
"It’s just … a small raincoat." He came too hard just now and dragged her into the frenzy. She can’t remember whether he brought a small raincoat or not. She can’t have children yet.
Jingmuyun bit her earlobe "there is no home"
Chi Yao stared at him "that you still …"
"Yeah, buy it."
"What about today?" Chi Yao frowned and asked
JingMuYun is looking at her gently asked "don’t want to have children? Still … don’t believe me? "
Jing Muyun rarely talks to her with such an expression. He has always been gentle and overbearing to her and never hurt her. But now he asks her with a little cold meaning that he cares about them, that he cares about children and that he cares too!
"Neither" Chi Yao looked back at him seriously "Do you know why"
"Is career more important than me?"
"…" Chi Yao poked him in the chest. "Can’t compare with me, but I just started, at least let me do something?" Otherwise, she has worked hard for nothing in recent years, and this man is so paranoid!
Jingmuyun sighed lightly, "But you didn’t promise to get the license with me."
Chi Yao can see that this man has no sense of security. Will such a man feel safe? Chi Yao held his face as if he had discovered a new continent. "Don’t you feel safe?"
"What? You are the commander! " I can’t. How could he not feel safe?
Jing Muyun took her into his arms. "I’m the commander. What’s the matter? You have a choice before you get married." She is so young and sexy. What if she meets a man she prefers? He can make that man die a thousand times, ten thousand times, but so what? I can’t get her back!
Chi Yao touched his forehead. "No, I won’t …" After all, he is so excellent, single-minded and rich that he won’t look at another woman. She sometimes wonders what he thinks of himself. I didn’t expect him to say frankly that he didn’t feel safe first. Chi Yao wanted to laugh, but she couldn’t laugh. She gave him a hard hammer on the shoulder. "You’re stupid. You’re an idiot …"
Jingmuyun suddenly smiled and wiped a drop of water from the corner of her eye. "I am."
"It’s your bad attitude, but it seems like my fault when you say it …" Chi Yao was really wronged this time and her eyes were red.


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