Yi Yu smiled and said, "OK, I get it. Hatoyama Sakura is a nice name. It goes well with you. Are you shy? You have spoken very well. After all, it’s too short. I believe it will be fine after a while. You can’t always be shy when you have nothing to do."

Dove Ying nodded. "Almost touched by Yi Yuxin and meticulous tenderness, dove Ying wanted to say something but didn’t know where to start at the moment.
Yi Yu smiled with the wave. "This is not urgent. You can think it over and tell me again, and even if you don’t say it, I won’t blame you. After all, it’s all a thing of the past. At that time, your master was still Fahrenheit’s father! You don’t nee to tell me all their secrets. "
"well! It’s very kind of you to think about your master … You … "Although the sound is very small, Yi Yu can still clearly hear that she couldn’t help but smile and think to herself," It seems that this bird is quite easy to fool! But giving her a little love and some freedom will make her grateful. "
In fact, it’s no wonder that Fahrenheit’s father treated the ancient god dove very well in the past, but it was just that he was kind to the kittens and puppies at home, but he never treated her as a person. But now Yi Yu, Qinger and Bao Xiang’s wife have really made Yu Ying a person. It’s not surprising that these two phases are better than Yi Yu’s.
"Well, now I’m going to recruit believers for you goddesses, and you’re going to listen to the lecture here …" Speaking of which, Yi Yu pondered for a moment and then looked at the spirit cloud saying, "On the question of the number of people … I thought about it again. If the number of people is too small, there will be too little faith in each of you, and I can’t see any effect, so I decided that there will be 50,000 people on each side. If the effect is really good, then I will take it slowly."
When I heard that there were ten thousand people, it seemed that the number was a little small, and everyone’s enthusiasm was a little low.
Yi Yu smiled. "You don’t worry that there are few people. I calculate that there are 30,000 feet of’ Pure Land of Blissfulness’ now, that is, Fiona Fang’s 100-mile land can at least feed 500,000 people according to the favorable weather year after year. So you should come on!" On hearing Yi Yu’s words, the daughters immediately got excited again and discussed with each other the things of Ruzhan believers.
Yi Yu secretly waved to Qi Lingyun and turned around and walked out of the hall. Qi Lingyun also followed him out of the porch. As soon as Yi Yu turned around, she caught Qi Lingyun off guard and kissed him hard. Just Qi Lingyun still struggled symbolically for two days, but it wasn’t long before she took the initiative to encircle Yi Yu’s neck and responded warmly.
"YunJie have what worry? I think you seem a little unhappy today. "After the kiss, Yi Yu held the beauty and spoke softly, showing tenderness."
JiLingYun reluctantly smiled laughed "which have! You don’t entertain foolish ideas "
"Because when the goddess to things? I know you are me, and I will try my best to protect those immigrants. "
JiLingYun slightly one leng immediately laughed "on her what do you think? Say such nonsense? "
Yi Yu suspected, "aren’t you worried about those immigrants coming in?" Afraid that if there is any fight, the fish in the pool will be destroyed. "
JiLingYun pointed out a little bit of fine fine jade Yi Yu forehead Chen way "little fool! I said, you little villain, why are you sometimes as clever as a monkey and sometimes you can’t turn around? What am I worried about? It’s just a group of foreigners, so what if we Chinese people! They are not related to me, and they have nothing to do with me, whether they are dead or alive. Besides, people always die, early death and late death are not all deaths. "
"That you originally …"
Qi Lingyun laughed. "I didn’t want you to get so many people in because I was afraid that your karma would be too heavy to affect your future practice, but I wasn’t so worried after seeing Wang Jian."
"hmm? Why don’t you worry? "
Qi Lingyun said with a smile, "I think that Wu ‘an Jun, who killed hundreds of millions of people in Leitian, is still alive and at large, and that king also attacked the city to destroy the country and slaughter the city, and generations have not seen lightning dare to chop them to death. What is this person in the’ Pure Land of Blissfulness’?"
"So what are you moping about today?" Although a problem has been solved, a new question has arisen in Yi Yu’s heart.
JiLingYunQiao face a red Chen way "not just because of you this little pervert! Let me ask you, did you … eat that Yang Zi and Luoyun Xun? "
Yi Yu was asked one leng stammered "? !”
"Bah! Who will be jealous of you! You are a bad guy who will practice others! " Say is a powder fist hello.
Yi Yu laughed. "Since YunJie thought about it tonight, let’s get married. I’m going to hurt YunJie … ouch!" Before Yi Yu finished, she was severely knocked on the head by Jilingyun.
"You are going to die! Who wants to have sex with you? " Although the mouth is tough, Qi Lingyun’s shyness is overwhelming, but he has already fascinated Yi Yu. However, in terms of the two people embracing each other, you and I suddenly heard a cough not far away.
Yi Yu looked back and saw that the bearer was none other than the beautiful sister Qi Lingyun in his arms. When she saw that it was her sister, she quickly broke free in Yi Yu’s arms and flew to Qi Xia’s side. It looked like a child who had made a mistake was caught by her parents.
JiXia son looked at shy sister laughed, "I said how to come out for such a long time not to go back! Aren’t you going to ask this little thief why he should eat Yang Zi and them first? Why did you ask yourself into somebody else’s arms? "
"Elder sister! ….. "JiLingYun light Chen to pull the chardonnay skirts together.
Yi Yu also smiled and walked beside Xiaer. "Is Xiaer elder sister also …" He says, he stretched out his hand to hold JiXiaer.
"Don’t you dare touch me, I’ll give you this two-color claw to cut … hate lingyun! You give me be honest … "But how can JiXiaEr bully Yi Yu? Within three or two, he caught his arms frivolous while the JiLingYun just take revenge laughed. "Hum! Sister has been bullied by this bad guy just now. How about teaching others now? "
"Smelly spirit cloud, you’re still falling into a well to see how I can tidy up you for a while!"
Yi Yu saw JiXia son unexpectedly still dare to shout stretched out his hand in her sweet ass took a "fell into my hands unexpectedly still dare to rampant! The fight! "
"Smelly little thief, how dare you hit me? I’ll fight with you today! ….. Aye! You still call … Ah! I was wrong. Don’t hit Xiaer again! " Finally, after ten crunches in a row, Xiaer was soft and attached to Yi Yu’s chest, flushed, breathing messy and begging for mercy.
Yi Yu laughed. "Since Xiaer admits her mistake this time, I will spare you … Sister Yun is not quick enough to rub the wound for Xiaer’s sister." JiLingyun couldn’t help looking redder when he heard this. Yi Yu looked at a wry smile and looked at Chun Qing’s smiling sister. Instead of the past, she turned and ran away.
"Xiaer, look at your sister leaving you alone!"
"Hum! Isn’t that what you expect? Little pervert! " JiLingYun left this JiXia son this little hag seems to be a changed person, no longer shy to refuse, but smoke and flatter a pair of hook people goblin sample actively hugged Yi Yu neck.
Yi Yu’s mind trembled, and he couldn’t help but pick up the beauty in his arms and ran to the temple. But Yi Yu just ate Yang Zi and falling clouds, and it didn’t take long for the day to seem a little jealous of his lot …
"Husband! Husband? Are you still there? " I don’t know what’s going on in the main hall to exchange experiences, and the quasi-goddess adults have all run out.
Yi Yunai released Qi Xiaer, kissed her delicate and charming lips lightly and sighed, "Xia Er seems to be dying today. Don’t worry about me … Oh, why did you hit me?" If you want to know the aftermath, please go back to "Demon Wind"
Back to the two hundred and fifty demon wind raging.


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