Li Bihu’s practice of refining the mysterious turtle shield is not for that kind of tough defense attribute, but for letting the enemy attack fall into another one.

This kind of fairy must be a very headache condition, that is, the body of the fairy is less than the level of the fairy, but no one dares to forge the defensive fairy, especially if the attributes are added. If you are not careful, you will break down all the fairy and send them to different degrees.
It’s also the talent like Li Bihu who dares to take risks to refine the properties of Leitian Xuan Turtle Shield.
Because Li Bihu’s refining method consumes a lot of money, other people’s money is almost precious.
Of course, this refining method is safe, but how many people will give up the excellent opportunity of the advanced emperor to refine a defensive fairy in Langyuan?
Leitian’s magic weapon is jade tripod. Even the Emperor couldn’t think that the god would fight Leitian, but Leitian didn’t dare to block this golden long cone attack.
Once the golden cone hits the enemy, it will burst out and tear the soul. The fairy device can’t resist such an attack. It’s the only one in the fairy device that hasn’t reached the level of Xuangui Shield.
The offensive fairy is to say that the defensive fairy is a set of 360 dead spirits, and the reaction speed will be several times slower if they are manipulated by themselves.
It happened that Bai was rich in origin and could directly command the twelve celestial realms, and Luo Xiu Xiaoyu also communicated with each other at any time.
Such a freak heaven is not seen for ten thousand years.
A god put his head into the millstone of heaven and earth, and then sent the millstone of heaven and earth into the demon spirit gourd, and the god cut his body into seven pieces and fell into the humanitarian Fang Ding to temporarily suppress it.
Leitian was a little relieved. It was a breath that passed. The holy king stopped Yuding Tiandi from showing some difficulty. The immortal yuan could hardly run.
Leitian make a determined effort, the twelve star warriors once again launched an impact with the iron pagoda. This time, there are twelve gods left, and they will never be so stupid that he will instantly set up twelve gods in their respective positions against the twelve golden pagodas.
The collision of the iron pagoda made a huge roar, and the twelve golden pagodas were rickety and remote, which was the opposite of the law.
Li Bihu suddenly hit a red gate at this time, and then released a towering puppet. The jade tripod emperor changed color, and Li Bihu puppet would not be attacked by him. This puppet actually picked up four gold towers in one hand and threw them into the gate.
The puppet’s four arms are relaxed, and the golden pagoda is thrown into the red gate, and the breath in the golden pagoda will never be felt again.
Li Bihu’s move is absolutely cruel. After his red door is hit, it can lead to the four golden pagodas that do not belong to this universe. It is equal to being forcibly released by him.
Stop it! Yuding Tiandi yelled at one hand and suddenly a weapon was thrown at Li Bihu far away.
Li Bihu resisted 1360 sides of the Xuangui Shield when it was hoisted. The Xuangui Shield was thrown by the Jade Ding Emperor and smashed 24 sides. After that, it was swallowed up and disappeared.
Li Bihu took this opportunity to manipulate the puppet and threw the other four golden pagodas into the red gate.
There are four left in the jade tripod emperor’s hand.
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Chapter six hundred and ten Temptation
Chapter six hundred and ten Temptation
Jade Ding Tiandi suddenly knew that Leitian must have understood his own plan before he could start this targeted work. When he was breathing, Leitian dropped sixteen of his twenty gods.
But how does leitian know his plan? What is the key? Does leitian dare to start work on himself? Does he know that his jade is a fake search? The latest update is all there.
Who gave leitian this confidence and dared to challenge himself?
Jade Ding Tiandi’s eyes rested on Li Bihu’s body, and the holy king attacked him. Although he was sharp, a jade tripod floated in front of him, but it was still a matter of time to easily resist looking for the flaw of the holy king.
The problem is that when Yuding Tiandi lacked, he left four hands, and these four hands were also thrown into the red gate by Li Bihu’s giant puppet in one breath.
When two breaths, Leitian solved the Jade Ding Emperor’s hand and turned to face the Jade Ding Emperor.
Li Bihu’s red door happens to be three breaths. Luo Xiu Xiaoyu is surrounded by twelve star warriors behind Leitian, and there are two hundred and forty iron pagoda behind him.
At this time, the holy king also stopped attacking and stopped the Jade Ding Emperor’s three breaths. As soon as he hit his forehead, the third eye made a sneak attack, which was quite costly for him, which was equivalent to burning a part of the source to attack.
St. Wang’s secret technique can quickly restore the source, but such a huge consumption can not be restored in the battle. I saw the problem of the holy king as soon as I took leitian, and I simply greeted him and sent two hundred dragon immortals to the holy king.
this is
I’m refining the Heaven Emperor and getting back. If I don’t die, you have to pay.
Leitian Qian, the holy king, is happy instead. This dragon fairy gang can directly supplement and consume the source. It is indeed a fighting weapon of the Emperor. He doesn’t know that Leitian has assassinated many gods and refined a large number of dragons and immortals. This jade tripod is the decisive battle of the Emperor.
Otherwise, he will still grasp a few of those gods.
Yuding Tiandi didn’t rush to fight back. It surprised me that he didn’t grow as fast as you.
It’s no surprise that the magic of the stars is not that you can solve leitian’s words, but that you are mocking Yuding Tiandi.
It would be easy to understand if I killed you. The Jade Ding Emperor didn’t move. His feet were blue. The jade Ding virtual shadow Fiona Fang reached a hundred miles.
The holy king moved closer to Leitian. By the way, once the consumption sources of the 200 dragon immortals were supplemented, Li Bihu joined forces with him to gain a little more confidence. Li Bihu’s huge red long knife shocked him, which was not tangible in words.


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