The head on the right side of the three hellhounds was cold, and the surrounding temperature suddenly dropped several degrees. It coldly asked crypt lord, "Do you blame our brothers?"

Watch will quarrel three hellhound central that head hurriedly mouth shouted.
"Stop … don’t make so much noise. Shouldn’t we re-plan the siege now? At this time, what problems can be solved by quarreling … "
This head obviously occupied the dominant position, and his two heads were immediately suppressed.
Crypt lord Doggens said angrily, "Their reinforcements are coming. What can we do now?"
Bassa Muller, a three-headed hellhound, responded, "Of course, we are slowly consumed with them and are not afraid of death …"
"That’s right!" His two heads are also the opportunity to chime in.
Every day in Mukuso City, a large number of corpses are transported out, and a crypt is built just outside the city. People and hellhounds piled up the corpse mountain to prevent the plague from erupting. The human warrior corpse mountain dumped several barrels of kerosene and then lit the corpse mountain just outside the city …
Suddenly smoke billowed and the whole pile of corpses burst into flames.
The continuous burst of flames indicates that this corpse pile will burn for a long time.
The whole city probably still needs to clean up the ruins and debris. Many city residents are still looking for their lost relatives everywhere. Although the other party is probably dead, they are still unwilling to give up their last hope.
The most troublesome thing is that the caves in the city should be blocked up according to Surdak’s requirements, and then a bag of dried wolf dung should be lit next to the downwind cave, so that these caves can be cleaned up. If there is no reaction in them, they should be blown down.
Surdak, the lucky man in Yumukuso, has arranged for them to move to Ruite one after another.
For the time being, Mukusuo has been completely turned into a military control area, and all lucky residents will have a big migration.
Placement of these lucky people is also the current priority of Surdak.
Boehner coalition heavy cavalry came to Ganbu this time. There are about 5,000 people, almost the most elite troops that Boehner can find now.
These days, these heavy cavalry have taken turns to fight out of the city, and every time they have won a lot, the heavy cavalry have completely hit the crypt near the south gate. The battlefield here is also a deserted town full of wooden buildings.
The abandoned town has almost been trampled by fighters …
Recently, the archers and the heavily armored infantry also tried to fight outside the city. They all wanted to accumulate some achievements. I heard that Commander Surdak admitted that the army had gained achievements and convertible gold coins. The soldiers also hoped that their commanders could implement this welfare.
The only worry when Gensoul Ducker arrived was that some crypt people and hellhounds didn’t stop at Mukuso, but chased those refugees who fled south and continued to go south …
These crypt people are likely to bring disaster to the southern towns, but now Surdak has to take care of the south.
Surdak has cleared up a big battlefield in the north of the city. In the past two days, he has also focused on the cavalry regiment to gradually drive the low-order inferno of the Flame Corps towards the big battlefield, which is very suitable for cavalry to establish an advantage.
Almost every day in the past two days, Surdak has called the commanders of the lords to the barracks for a war meeting.
Actively preparing for the battle in a few days, these commanders didn’t expect that Surdak’s deployment of the war situation would be meticulous in every battalion battle.
Surdak even drew a map with some arrows, and each unit had a different combat deployment.
This is the first time that Surdak has commanded a legion battle, and he wants to take every detail into account.
In fact, there are too many uncertainties, and the only way to test whether this war plan is reasonable is to try a battlefield.
This time, Surdak mobilized Bena’s 50,000 troops to prepare for the defeat of the Flame Army outside the North City.
At the same time, quintus swordsmen and Chester swordsmen entered the north of Ganbu plane with 1,500 costumed swordsmen and 30 mages.
Chapter 129 Battle 2
Dark clouds and cold wind seem to be out of season.
There is a burning smell in the air, but it smells much better than the disgusting smell.


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