But Taoist priests don’t seem to want this exchange.

"You should have practiced."
He said, "I can feel the trace of your magic in uniting the Yuan Dynasty, but you haven’t got through the first main pulse yet."
Leaves frown slightly with the wind.
"Now the world practice should be regarded as a very normal thing."
The Taoist priest smiled "Of course"
"There is no threshold for the magical power in the Yuan Dynasty, and everyone can keep fit through it."
"All creatures in heaven should be grateful to the sage who created this magical power."
Leaves raise eyebrows with the wind
The so-called he is just casually.
"All right, then I’ll leave you alone."
Taoist kiss xiu "after everyone is from the same village, if you need any help, please come to me at any time."
Ye nodded with the wind and then watched the thin figure of the Taoist priest fade away.
"a little interesting"
Ye touched Ba with the wind, and then touched the palm of his hand inside his clothes.
A small dark red dot appears at the fingertips.
That’s a bug even small than a grain of rice.
method of insect
Looking at Ye carefully for a moment, the wind roughly recognized that this was a blood method.
If you want to swallow the host’s blood and bleed, you can control the host’s consciousness.
"What do you want to do?"
Leaves show interest in the wind.
If I didn’t guess wrong, this Taoist priest is an evil practice.
However, he didn’t do anything to hurt Tanggu village, instead, he was cultivating young boys in the village.
Moreover, Ye Feng saw Niwa’s brother and found nothing unusual.
Then why should he deal with himself as an outsider?
Thinking, he suddenly thought of one thing.
Cui Laohan once said that the whole Tanggu village is very wary of the monks outside.
And this rejection is largely due to Taoist preaching.
He doesn’t seem to want other practitioners to enter this village.
"In this case"
"Just figure it out before you go."
Leaf smiled with the wind, little blood beads oozed from fingertips and then swallowed by blood method.
He will be interesting to see what idea this evil Taoist is hiding in Tanggu Village.
One day’s work
The villagers were already asleep in the middle of the night, and the ancient village in Tanggu was quiet. Occasionally, unknown wild animals called out faintly.
Lying on the wooden bed, Ye suddenly opened his eyes with the wind.
He could feel a strange consciousness coming to his sea of knowledge and guiding his actions.
Ye sat up from the bed without resistance in the wind and then walked out of the blacksmith’s shop softly.
The night is cold.
All the way, there was no figure in the street, and there was a slow pace.
A moment later, Ye came to the door of a house with the wind.
It is located in the center of Tanggu village, where Taoist priests usually live and train young people.
The door is open in the blood method to guide the leaves to go in directly with the wind.
Passing through the front yard, he walked down the narrow corridor to the depths of the house.
Soon a dark hole appeared in front of me.
"The basement?"
"There really is a secret."
Without too much stay, Ye walked into the underground chamber with the wind.
I just went there and there was a strong smell of blood on my face.
A thick candle crackled and burned ahead, and there were all kinds of utensils around it.
It is from those devices that the smell of blood emanates.
And the Taoist priest is sitting in front of a few people, staring coldly at the coming leaves with the wind.
The secret door closes the whole chamber of secrets, leaving the Taoist priest and Ye Fengfeng.
"Sit down!"
The Taoist priest gave instructions.
Leaf with the wind in accordance with the said step before sitting opposite him.
The Taoist priest looked cold for a moment and then got up.
"What’s your name?"
He asked
"Leaves follow the wind"
Ye answered with the wind


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