"Playing dead will scare your mother." Li Mo Xu also replied to Nini’s abdomen. If he really didn’t expect to pretend to be dizzy and fight for sympathy, he didn’t want Muhuan to be so anxious and worried about the situation. How long has it been since he bickered with this woman? I think it was so interesting to bicker with her in the palace, which made him unforgettable.

"Don’t be ridiculous, sir. You know it’s impossible. What would you think if someone saw it?" Muhuanqiang endured the impulse to beat people.
"You are my wife to sleep with me now. Besides, you said you would wait on me at night. Are you going to go back on your word?" See MuHuan forbear thyme devoted to hot heart feel interesting, heart to tease her.
"Are you serious? !” Muhuan doesn’t know what it is, even if he really wants to kick Mr. Nine’s feet, but his heart is always angry with him, and he doesn’t think that he really violated himself and humiliated his reputation.
"I didn’t mean anything else, but the more I sleep, the colder I get, and I can’t sleep. If the girl doesn’t want to accompany me and give me some warmth, just shoot me dizzy." Bai Li Mo Xu said and let Mu Huan go
"Are you cold? !” MuHuan one leng is reminiscent of this "Mr. Nine" body temperature has always been relatively low, and now she is injured and bled out, and it is really possible to get cold. So thinking that she stretched out her hand and touched her eyebrows and immediately frowned. Chapter three hundred and sixty-nine Warm the bed? !
At the moment, the temperature of thyme devoted to the heat is not frighteningly cold. No wonder he said that the more he slept, the colder Muhuan felt a little cold when he put medicine on him just now, but he didn’t expect that the whole thyme devoted to the heat was so cold after being swallowed up by the method of poison. In front of Muhuan, he always lied about practicing martial arts, so now he is seriously injured. Just now, he was angry because of the incident of Oriental Miao. The temperature is indeed lower.
Muhuan remembered that although he was in a coma during the day, he kept sweating, but his body temperature didn’t seem to be high. Now it is still so cold at night that he can sleep.
Do you really want to warm his bed? Muhuan has some resistance in his heart. Although he has a good impression on Mr. Nine, he kissed him during the day and was tempted for a moment, but he didn’t already think it over. It is impossible for him and him not to get too close.
"I’m going to ask my aunt to boil some boiling water to fill you with two soups. It’s so cold that you can’t sleep." Muhuan withdrew his hand and looked at his face. "Or I’ll ask the fire xuan to accompany you. It’s warmer and can be a heater."
"I’d rather freeze to death than sleep with the fire Xuan." The corners of my mouth twitched in a hundred miles. What did this woman think that she had to sleep with the fire Xuan?
"That’s Tangpo!" Muhuan has straightened up and is going to find that old aunt.
"No need, I can’t die!" Thyme devoted to the heat seems to suddenly get angry and lie down on the headrest behind him to turn his back on the wall and watch MuHuan.
Muhuan caresses his forehead. What does that mean? Angry with my sister I should warm your bed. What do I owe you? !
"Mother you this is will? Mr. Wang is kind to us. He just wants to lie down with you and talk to each other to keep warm. Is it necessary for you to refuse him like this and break his heart? " Suddenly MuHuan ear ring nini sound.
"Nini, what do you think mother should accompany him and warm the bed for him? !” MuHuan one leng is this your own daughter? Why does your elbow turn outward?
"Mother is to warm his bed, not to serve him. What are you doing?" Nini’s words were contemptuous. "You know he’s hurt. It’s cruel of you to let him sleep on such a cold night! Besides, Mr. Wang promised not to touch you. What are you afraid of? Are you afraid that you can’t help touching your husband? "
"What do you say? !” MuHuan turned supercilious look "this is a girl should talk? Your mother kissed me so short of men? If he’s cold, I’ll get him two soup ladies. Yes, if two are not enough, four are much warmer than me! "
"Mother, I’m really anxious for your IQ! No amount of soup can warm your heart! Do you know how upset Mr. Wang was when the man left just now? Didn’t you see that? He just wants to talk to someone to keep you in this way. What if you give him a hundred soup ladies? Can Tang Po talk with him and comfort him? " Nini couldn’t wait to give MuHuan a chestnut.
"You mean Mr. Wang really wants to chat with me?" Muhuan suddenly remembered the cold when he entered the door, and remembered the dignified expression of "Along" when he left. When he woke up, "Sir" was uncharacteristically frivolous tonight, perhaps because of his depression.
"If he needs to vent his emotions, it’s the same for me to sit here and talk with him." Although I believe that there is something on my mind in thyme, Muhuan doesn’t feel that she should go to bed with him. After all, the two are fake couples, and she didn’t put it to that extent. Although she comes from modern Muhuan bones, she is very conservative.
"Mother, don’t you see that your husband really cares about you?" Nini rolled her eyes again. Alas, it’s not easy to cheat my mother into Dad’s bed. It’s also a big deal to fool people. "Didn’t Mr. Wang just say that if he falls asleep but you stay aside, he will feel sorry for you? Do you think he will lie down by himself and let you sit there and talk with him all the time? This will make you tired, and he would rather press his heart! "
"Why do I think you know Sir better than I do?" Muhuan had to admit that Nini was right, but she always felt betrayed by it.
"My mother is not a gentleman I know, but a fan of your own authorities!" Nini almost dragged Muhuan to bed by force. The thought that Dad was so pitiful and this silly mother didn’t know anything, and even Dad couldn’t satisfy a small wish made her crazy.
"I …" Muhuan looked at her back to her, and she was still somewhat hesitant. Although she was also very distressed by this "Mr. Nine", she still couldn’t let herself go
"Mother, you really disappoint me. I didn’t expect you to be so wordy at the first key moment!" Nini does have some impatience. "Don’t you worry that others will know that you and your husband have a bad bed?" But you bolt that door. Who knows? Besides, you are generous enough to be a lady. This village has lived to take care of Mr. Injured. Is it necessary for him to warm his bed? "
"What if I lie in a mask with him?" Mu Huan is poor in words, but she still tries to find reasons for herself. She wears a mask in the daytime, but her skin is breathable. She really needs to get it when she goes to bed at night. If she lies with thyme, won’t she be seen by him?
"This is too hard? I’ll change an eye patch to make sure he can’t see your face! "
"I …" MuHuan look at thyme devoted to hot motionless hesitated for a moment at the bottom of my heart somewhere unknown sighed and slowly walked to the door tightly bolted to death.
Covering the night beads, Muhuan walked to the bed step by step, and her feet seemed to weigh a thousand pounds. Every step was so difficult.
It is because she has a good impression on her husband that she is so entangled. If it were someone else, why would she hesitate? Directly refusing to leave directly is, of course, if Su Yiming changed, maybe she wouldn’t refuse.
Now that I have decided to let it go, I don’t want someone to be a virtuous woman. Mr. Su Yiming can naturally do so much by himself, to some extent, more than Su Yiming, but he has never asked for it. This is the first time he has asked himself, so consider it a reward.
After figuring this out, Muhuan took off his mask in the darkness beside the bed, faded his outer coat, got out of bed in a medium coat and was gently lifted and drilled in.
Thyme devoted to warm body a stiff without trace to move inside.
"Mother, don’t worry, I’ve turned into an eye patch to cover my husband’s eyes." Nini has already taken a hundred miles of mask to turn his face into an eye patch. Can Dad lie down with his mother?
"Sir is angry?" Now that you’re lying down, MuHuan wants to ease the atmosphere.
A hundred miles of silence still lay there like an iceberg.
"It seems to me that a woman can be so close to her husband …" Muhuan gave a wry smile and didn’t know how to express her heart contradictions and entanglements. "I’m not a random person, and I know that my husband is not like that. I am …"
"I’m sorry to make it difficult for you." A hundred miles of strangers turned around and gently pushed Muhuan into her arms and touched her forehead. His heart was sweet and sour. Although this woman escaped from the hot palace for almost a year, she never forgot herself in her heart. Although she met Su Yiming’s fiancee, Su Yiming was interested in her, but she never had her own heart that hurt her the most.


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