It’s a pity that there is no water gathering magic rune board method in the water tank to gather water from the air bit by bit into the water tank.

The water in the pitcher was pumped by the cavalry in buckets from the only well in the camp and then poured into this huge tin can.
Although there are some things to draw water from wells and pour it into water tanks, it is not difficult to arrange a team of soldiers to fetch water in turn every day.
However, this kind of life is not very convenient for several ladies in the military camp.
This inconvenience is not only reflected in bathing, but also in the barracks dormitory. The toilet in the barracks is directly across a drainage channel behind it and covered by a row of low shrub walls. This does not mean that the facilities in the barracks are simple, but that the garrison camp is not suitable for men and women to live together.
The commander’s residence in the good military camp is an independent attic, which should have been the residence of the commander of the Langdon Legion Cavalry Battalion. From the outside, this wooden attic looks very exquisite. The commander left Dodan Town in a hurry and left almost all the furniture in the back room. These furniture are also very elegant
There is a soft sofa in the room, and the furniture in the living room is almost made of indigo wood, and these wooden furniture have fine relief.
Including the rare magic cloth curtains and ceiling crystal chandeliers in the room. Needless to say, the original owner is a noble with a very exquisite life
The lobby of the building is a military camp and a conference room. At ordinary times, Suldak’s office is the first floor of this small building. In addition to these two rooms, there is a bedroom with a big bed facing the north glass window, a small courtyard and a kitchen, bathroom and small objects behind the attic.
However, the attic is still a simple wooden frame structure and has not been cleaned up. It is full of dust and mice.
Considering that the daily meetings in the cavalry camp are usually held in this attic living room, the nine squadron leaders in the cavalry camp often come here at ordinary times, and it will be very inconvenient for Selena and Signa to live in this small building.
So Surdak is going to rent a room in the town so that Samira and Nika can also live in the rented house at ordinary times.
Andrew took 200 cavalry into the barracks and ran directly into the barracks dining room for dinner. Although the dining room was a little crude, the wooden tables and benches were all very neat. Six or seven hundred people ate at the same time, and the cooking utensils here were all available. Even the warehouse in the dining room was piled with wheat flour, some mutton and vegetables.
Selena personally cooked the mutton soup for the soldiers’ dinner. The mutton soup was very thick. A large pot of noodles was cooked in a wooden bowl, and then such a spoonful of thick mutton soup with two pieces of soft, rotten and juicy radish was the most delicious meal the soldiers had recently.
This kind of practice is typical of the food in Woer Village. It is also the specific idea of Surdak to pour the cooked noodles with thick soup. No one in Woer Village can cook better than Selena. She has been responsible for cooking the big pot of mutton soup in the village. It is naturally full of experience to cook this big pot of rice.
The thick soup in the hot iron pot rolled back from outside the town. The cavalry returned to the camp, handed over the horses to the herdsmen in Watts village, and filled their stomachs in the restaurant before returning to the dormitory.
The herdsmen in Surdak Barracks first shaved off these horses, and Mahan led them to the stable to feed some salt water. Only then did they lead them to the stable to feed fodder. Seeing that they arranged these horses in an orderly way, they regretted that they had not hired more herdsmen in Watts Village. The cavalry camp was obviously short of this kind of proficient horse-raising auxiliary soldiers.
Andrew ate two bowls of mutton soup noodles and walked out of the restaurant. He squatted on the edge of the military camp playground with Surdak. Looking at the dark night outside the military camp, Surdak asked Andrew, "Is this the first day in Duodan Town?"
Andrew plopped down on the soft grass
He leaned back with his right elbow to support the bust, and his left leg stretched out horizontally, and his right leg curled up slightly and lay on the grass for a good stretch.
He said to Surdak, "The barracks facilities here in the barracks are better than expected. There are restaurants, dormitories, stables and a playground for horse racing. These can meet the daily training of a cavalry battalion. We are responsible for the daily patrol. The border of the occupied area outside the wall of the North City may be a bit dangerous. However, when we handed over the defense with the Langdon Army in the afternoon, we found that the patrol route was in good condition, and it took me more than an hour to ride a horse to explore the situation on the border. Maybe we will go to the forest of Warcraft to find out the specific situation."
"Did Gullit hear that the beast tide was approaching and wanted to go hunting in the forest of Warcraft?" Surdak asked with a smile.
Andrew smiled and said, "He said that the food is not very good recently and he wants to see what is available in the World of Warcraft forest."
"I don’t care what you do, you must bring back the people who have been taken out safely," Surdak said.
Andrew pulled out the butcher’s axe from behind, pulled out a grindstone from his waist pocket and carefully polished the cutting edge, saying, "I heard Hans, the captain of the Yugoslav capital, talk about the beast tide in the afternoon, but it seems that the life of the residents in the town has not been greatly affected. Look at me! For the most part, this north wall is strong enough for the beast tide to be blocked by the garrison, so there should be nothing to worry about. "
He looks up at Surdak, and when he sees him, he looks up at the starry night and says,
"It’s the town hall that looks a little troublesome here. Mayor Marco is stronger than expected."
This is really the biggest headache for Surdak. There will be some collisions after there is a very strong local governor.
Seeing that the Langdon Legion Cavalry Battalion can’t wait to leave Dodan Town, it is estimated that the local governor should not be too happy to get along.
"Yeah, look at his attitude today. It’s not easy to get along. If you want to expand the camp of Duodan Town, even if you can’t get the words of Duodan Town, you need the cooperation of Mayor Marco." Surdak knocked his forehead naively and said to Andrew.
I chatted with Andrew for a while before walking towards the small building.
When I walked to the steps of the small building, I saw that Signa was sitting on the wooden steps of the small building, and a small wooden stick was casually drawing a pattern on the sand. Suldak sat beside Signa and looked at the pattern in front of her. It was a six-pointed star with some inexplicable lines around it. It seemed to be very regular, but it happened that it was just right to form a wonderful composition. Suldak couldn’t recognize what it was, so he asked Signa curiously, "What did you draw this?"
Signa stared at Suldak with dark eyes and said naively, "I saw it in my dream … sometimes these patterns will emerge in front of my eyes when I close my eyes. The circles around these six-pointed stars keep spinning in front of my eyes, and I can’t help but want to draw them."
Surdak couldn’t understand the six-pointed star ring pattern, but it was normal to guess that Selena was a dark goddess, an apostle of the Green Empire, who was responsible for broadcasting some dark goddess teachings that had some influence on Signa. However, he was not sure, so he told Signa
"Don’t show them these patterns when there are outsiders at ordinary times. Signa is very talented in painting. This six-pointed star nimbus looks really good!"
"I know my mother told me the same thing," Signa nodded cleverly and then asked Surdak, "Can Dudak lend me that note again?"
Looking at Signa with a face of expectation, Surdak felt that there seemed nothing wrong with it, so he took out the Cyrus hickok magic note from his magic pocket and handed it to Signa.
"Of course!" Surdak said
Nika also carefully wiped the floor in the small building
She ate a little too much tonight, and she is still a little too full to drink water. It is harder than usual to kneel on the floor. Selena cooked a large bowl of mutton soup noodles with her own hands tonight, so she carefully told her to bring back the leftover food if she couldn’t finish it.
But Selena seems to underestimate the appetite of aboriginal girls. Although she usually eats mutton, she has never eaten such delicious and smooth noodle soup. She accidentally slipped a whole bowl of noodle soup into the girl’s stomach.
Her only regret is that she couldn’t bring Mom here. If I had known that the food here was so good, I would drag her down even if I cried and cried.
When you eat, you have to work. This is when you are a maid in Nicagos Manor. You have to work hard to learn the housekeeper assignment. If you don’t have the housekeeper assignment, cleaning the floor is the most error-free.


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