But everyone is willing to be such a dog leg!

Nowadays, the Chinese people have a great potential, and the most terran dog legs must have a lot of benefits!
Orc emissaries naturally know what these alien emissaries think, but they sneer at him. Are you all so gullible as Su Da? What is a gift now? Only when you really support the Yanhuang Empire and sincerely join in can you keep the clan safe!
"I am determined that the country of all nationalities in the eastern continent will start from now on!"
Su Yu coughed and commanded indifferently, "Conditions restrict the Chinese people to put in the frontier! Conditions for Chinese people should be material resources! Conditions from Yanhuang conscription requirements! "
Three conditions make some messengers look stiff.
These three requirements are enough for the Chinese Empire to run rampant throughout the East China and the whole East China material resources department to be acquired by the Chinese people. This is truly honorable! Wan zu is no longer the owner of their respective countries’ territories, and they have to agree to these three conditions. Wan zu can be soldiers of the army of the Chinese people and territorial managers.
"Are these three requirements of the Great Emperor somewhat?"
An emissary thoughtfully tried to say that he was reluctant and didn’t seem to want to promise to come.
"What’s there?"
Before the emperor could speak, the orc emissary took the lead in sneering, "You hypocrites have previously claimed to share the same honor with the emperor, but you refused to agree to three conditions?"
"It’s easy to talk. You have something to promise."
An angel sneered at the little sentence.
The orc emissary snorted and glanced at the speaker. The emissary shouted, "Don’t say that the emperor has three conditions, even three hundred and three thousand orc empires will agree!"
The orc emissary was the first to say yes to Su Yu’s surprise, and the emissaries of all nationalities looked even more embarrassed.
Some people still want to fight for a benefit and hand it over to the emperor, saying, "Su Da, we have shared the honor of Yan Huang, Dong Da, Lu Yan Huang Zun. It doesn’t matter if we answer these three conditions, does it?"
"Yes, the Su Emperor not only respects the Lord, but also hopes that the Yanhuang people will give us some ways to live."
"The people of all ethnic groups also need land to live, and hope that the benevolent Soviet Emperor will grant it!"
Ambassadors are constantly coming out, and they have a postscript to hope that Su Yu will take back his life.
"What you said is that since I respect the Lord in the East China, it is natural to think of all the people and creatures."
Su Yu nodded deeply.
"Is Su Da willing to take back his words?"
An angel couldn’t help but be overjoyed and said
"taken back"
Su Yu nodded indifferently and said, "These three conditions really don’t matter if you answer or not."
"Su Da is deeply righteous!"
A foreign emissary knelt down and said that he felt that Su Yu was just so much. The foreign emissaries rallied to cool him down, and the Terran Empire dared not do it too much.
Some alien emissaries even demonstrated and took a look at the orc emissaries, and they were very proud.
How could the emperor take back his mandate so easily?
Maybe the emperor is really afraid of the messengers of the hundred families, afraid that they are desperate?
When the official became speechless and the orc messenger was humbled, Su Yu continued to say, "I decided to take back three conditions! Change one! "
"From now on, all ethnic groups in the East China are no longer allowed to have principalities and empires! The kingdom of all nations will disintegrate immediately! The Yanhuang people will manage the territory of all ethnic groups in a unified way to support the lives of all ethnic groups! "
Su Yu’ s words are indifferent and indifferent. "If the ten thousand families have violated, they will respect the Lord and I will slaughter him Manchu! The night clan is a lesson for you! "
Every word is bloody and every sentence is shocking!
The emperor’s words, the messengers’ ears are like thunder, and the tinnitus is so loud that people suddenly have a dull face and can’t slow down on the spot.
The emperor’s meaning is very obvious. From then on, the alien will return to the country!
The whole eastern continent can have a country, that is, the Chinese Empire!
I am so easy to bully?
Su Yu’s expression and heart are sneering, and her eyes are flashing with cold mountains.
Let’s just say that I still want to leave a way for you. Since you are so unappreciative, I won’t be polite to you!
From today, the East China is the back garden of the Chinese people, and all ethnic groups are Chinese people!
5 Chapter 5 Suicide of the Emperor
We hold a group to force the advice, which really makes the emperor withdraw three requirements, but it also makes the emperor reach more stringent requirements!
A country where ten thousand people are no longer allowed!
East China can have an empire of Chinese Terrans!
This is the real meaning of unifying the eastern continent!


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