This ancient Bora horse has lost a lot of weight recently. Although it is hung by a leash, it often loses its temper. When the stable keeper put in forage, it almost got bitten by it. Probably, it was worried about its own fate. When Suldak was around, it would appear a little quieter and behave less upset.

In recent days, Surdak will come to the stables whenever he has one. After all, Gubolai’s horse legs know a lot about himself, and he is wearing a suit of armor, which is so heavy that he walks around the knight training ground.
Surdak thought that Dinander scholar might be interested in replacing his Gubolai horse with a stronger horse leg. When Gubolai horse is better, he will ask Dinander scholar.
He picked up a brush and combed the mane of Gubolai’s horse. Gubolai’s horse kept arching its head into his arms as if looking for comfort.
"Don’t worry about getting better!" He said to Gubo Laima
At this time, the stable keeper wouldn’t turn around and find that it was Carl. He held his nose and walked into the stable with his eyes fixed on his feet for fear of stepping on horse manure.
"Listen to what they say about your side …" Carl pointed to the training ground and said over there.
Surdak smiled and asked Carl, "Why are you here?"
Carl took out an exquisite wedding invitation from his arms, waved it at Surdak and asked him, "Did you get Bird’s wedding invitation, too?"
Surdak is not surprised by this.
The tax collector Carl Byrd is a very good friend. It’s strange that Carl didn’t receive the invitation!
Surdak nodded and put the brush in his hand and said to Carl, "Well! I didn’t expect the wedding to be held so soon. Speaking of which, is the arm of the tax collector Bird almost good? "
Carl curled his pie mouth next to the manger and said, "The last time I saw him, his arm was still bandaged. I don’t think it was neat, but it didn’t affect their wedding or stop the baby coming in a few months."
No wonder I didn’t choose spring flowers to hold the wedding in spring. I was worried that this eager baby would make the wedding even more embarrassing.
"… winter is really a good season!" Surdak sighed.
Carl asked Surdak, "Are you interested in being Bird’s best man?"
Surdak stared at Carl suspiciously and turned to him and asked, "Aren’t you a close friend of Bird’s tax collector? Don’t you want to be his best man? "
The two men left the stall door full of horse manure, and the forage manager greeted Surdak with a smile.
Carl with sur tak’ hey hey’ behind a smile and said "of course! Of course, I am the best man, but you know that Miss Huo Yier doesn’t have many friends with her in Hailansa. The best person is Darcy Christie. She was invited by Miss Huo Yier as the maid of honor. As you know, it is difficult for Marianne and I to talk about the best man … "
"What …?" Surdak habitually rubbed his temples.
"I think you should join the best man group." Carl finally said what he came for. He invited Surdak to be the best man of Bird tax collector.
Surdak thought that the red-haired girl didn’t want her to get involved too much, and quickly refused, "Forget it. This is my first time to attend a wedding. I think it’s better for me to stand quietly as an audience."
The two men walked in the direction of the dormitory along the wooden railing of the knight training ground. In the training ground, the trainee knights kept hiding from a wooden man with long guns to charge, and from time to time there was a rush of horseshoes.
Carl looked at Surdak strangely. "Aren’t you married? How do you say that you are attending a wedding for the first time! "
Surdakli patted his forehead and said calmly, "Please tell me how the simple wedding ceremony held in Wall Village can be compared with this wedding ceremony."
"Well, in that case, suit yourself." Carl didn’t mean it. Surdak showed a little unnatural. Obviously, he was also worried about his own problems and was considering solving them. He said casually, "Let me think about it. If I solve this embarrassing problem …"
Surdak decided to change the subject. He really had no experience in attending aristocratic weddings, so he asked Carl, "What kind of wedding gift do I have to prepare in a few days?"
These Carl believe that Surdak should know nothing about weddings. He stopped and thought carefully and said
"Well, usually we can buy a bunch of flowers …"
Bird’s tax official’s wedding is very grand. This is the first time Suldak has attended the wedding.
It’s still a little cold in the morning in winter. Although Surdak got out of bed very early, he had breakfast because of the delay. The temple of Hailansa is a little far from the Knights College in Duorenwal Street. The ancient Bolai horse was also kept in the stable because of a leg injury, and he didn’t meet a spare magic van in the morning, so he could walk all the way.
When I came to the gate of the temple, I found that many guests had been walking into the temple one after another.
He didn’t suit the ceremony, dressed in an ironing suit, and the guard camp system walked into the temple. The arched iron gate was open, but there were some hay in the gap between the green slabs on the main road, which made the temple look a little run-down and depressed. The whole temple was a Gothic-style building. Suldak walked into the temple hall along the stone steps, and all the metal parts of the statues on both sides of the road were dug out. Many statues were in the hands, and several statues were mutilated.
However, there is a brand-new red carpet on the main road near the hall. In the cold winter, there are flower baskets on both sides of the road. The flowers in these flower baskets have been quickly frozen, and at the best, they are so delicate and charming when they are wrapped in a thin layer of ice.
The guests gathered in the temple hall. Although the deserted temple was temporarily cleaned, many places were still covered with dust. It seems that people have been interested for a long time.
The guests were talking about the wedding of the Byrd tax collector, and some people said that they could not understand why the wedding ceremony should be held in this temple, which has been abandoned for a long time.
Miss Huo Yier, niece of Bernard Christie, has a better choice. Christie Castle is the best place to hold a wedding.
However, it seems that someone understands the situation. It is said that the tax collector Byrd and Miss Huo Yier think that they have been plagued by bad luck recently, so they think that this wedding should be held in the temple, and perhaps the Statue of Liberty can bless them.
Speaking of this, the guests all kept their mouths shut. To tell the truth, Miss Huo Yier seems to be possessed by a bad god. In recent six months, even the Bird tax collector has lost an arm, which is even more true. Some people are secretly grateful for this. Fortunately, I didn’t choose Miss Huo Yier because of that big manor and a large fertile land. Otherwise, I may lose my arm now.
The tax collector Byrd rode to the temple in a gorgeous aristocratic ceremony on a horse with dark fur and black scales. Carl and three other young people formed a groomsman group to follow the tax collector Byrd on horseback. Although the tax collector Byrd broke an arm and the wound didn’t heal completely, the tax collector Byrd installed an artificial limb in the broken arm to make him look different.
Although the tax collector Byrd painted some light makeup on his face, the preparations for the wedding and the injured arm these days made him look extremely gaunt. When he was middle-aged, his temples were stained with some frost. He smiled and greeted the guests present and took the groomsman group to the entrance of the temple hall until the wedding ceremony was held. Miss Huo Yier appeared outside the temple hall …
Miss Huo Yier came in from outside the temple hall wearing a white wedding dress and holding the arm of Marquis Bernard Christie.
Darcy Christie and Miss Brenda, bridesmaids and Marquis Bernard Christie behind Miss Huo Yier gave Miss Huo Yier’s hand to the Byrd tax collector and said a few words to him kindly.
This temple has been completely idle. In the future, many valuable things in the temple have been moved. When he saw the metal bracket where the torch should have been inserted in the temple wall, he thought that the torch of the holy light in his magic pocket should be an object in the temple. Although it can’t be a wall torch, Gensoul Ducker felt a lot in his heart and thought that he should never take it out at this time.
The original wedding ceremony should be presided over by Grand Priest in the temple, and now the witness has become the Marquis Bernard Christie, consul of Hailansa City.
Carl and Miss Brenda together, so it doesn’t seem so abrupt. In front of Mrs. Christie’s front seat, she was jointly attended by Fakar, but Darcy Christie smiled at Miss Huo Yier with a straight face and was very reluctant occasionally.
The newlyweds swore to accept the blessings of the guests, and the wedding ceremony ended smoothly.
The wedding master arranged for these guests to have a short rest, and then they would attend the wedding dinner and dance, which would last until very late.
Miss Huo Yier, the owner of Huo Yier Manor, holds a large amount of property in her hands, saying that she is the richest woman in Hailansa, but she is also the niece of Marquis Bernard Christie. Naturally, the dinner is held in Christie Castle. Carl said that the dinner chefs specially invited professional teams from Bena City.
Surdak still has expectations for this.
Surdak found Carl who was finally free, and several knights who were familiar with the guard camp also leaned in. Everyone was going to find a place to rest together. At this time, I saw the sound of Captain Sauron appearing at the gate outside the temple. When the wedding couple and the guests walked almost, he said to Carl, Surdak and others around him with serious faces, "The knights’ dispatch order has come, and you will immediately go to the Maca plane."
Carl Suldak couldn’t help but look at each other. He was also confused about the knight in the guard camp, but there was no news at all.
Moreover, it can make Sauron get up from the hospital bed and come out in person with injuries. Obviously, this serious captain Sauron didn’t ask everyone. He took a look at Surdak and ordered everyone, "There will be a magic airship arriving in Hailansa City before dark, so we should get ready to pack and camp at the guards as soon as possible."
"In such a hurry?" Carl didn’t expect that he would just leave and say to Captain Sauron.
Captain Sauron nodded slightly and said, "The airship will be announced at the specific meeting. Surdak, you should also make preparations to start with the guard camp. I’ll find someone to deal with this incident here at Knight College. If you suddenly have something to say, it should be able to reduce unnecessary attrition …"
"It’s Lord Sauron."
Surdak knew that his method refused to simply and promised to come happily.


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