The two young men saw Surdak get up and say hello to Surdak. Village head Brett introduced the two young men to Surdak, one of whom was his son Charlie and the other was his nephew Luke.

A middle-aged woman in a cloth came out of the room and gave Surdak a cup of tea, then smiled at him before going to the room.
Village chief Brett said, "Yesterday, Beigou Grassland was thanks to your presence, otherwise I really don’t know how to end it. If this grassland is gone, life in Wall Village will be difficult!" If these antelope have nowhere to graze, I really don’t know what else the village can exchange for some salt, silk thread and iron pot with foreign caravans. "
"I’m glad to help you!" Surdak said politely
Seeing that Surdak was not proud of himself, village chief Brett was a little relieved.
He is afraid that Surdak will come to take back the Beigou grassland on such topics as the ownership of Beigou grassland, but even so, it can’t be easily given away. After all, all the livelihood problems in this grassland village.
The arch tire in the hand of the village chief Brett has been cut almost, and the whole handle and arch back have been cut off, leaving the balance of the arch back to be finely trimmed. Surdak said to the village chief Brett, "Uncle Brett, are you making hardwood bows?"
Village chief Brett handed the hardwood bow tire to Surdak and then dusted his body with sawdust. He replied, "Well, the weather is getting cooler in September, and the lizards in the mountains will climb out of the crevices in the mountain. This time of year is the best time for hunting. I hope I can be lucky this year and catch more limestone iguanas."
Surdak asked curiously, "Will the iguanas hunted in limestone be sold in Hailanza?"
Village chief Brett paused before saying, "Well, there are usually caravans to buy it and then they will transport it to Hailanza. Hailanza is too far for us."
"Is this limestone iguana coming to eat?" Surdak asked
While sitting, Charley said to Surdak, "Of course, the meat of iguanas is very tender and delicious, and it feels a little like tender chicken, but this thing can be exchanged for almost two silver coins, but no one in our village will be willing to eat them."
The wooden bows in their hands were cut very generally. Village Chief Brett checked them, pointed out the shortcomings and gave suggestions for modification. It seems that Village Chief Brett has a lot of experience in making hardwood bows, and it seems that this is a village hunting activity.
Surdak’s second team also took part in some hunting activities, in addition to hunting evil spirits, they also hunted Tim fish, swamp crocodiles and magic antelopes.
"Can I attend when Uncle Brett hunts limestone iguanas?" Surdak felt that he should also take part in such an activity.
Village head Brett replied, "Of course, I’ll let you know before the meeting when it’s time to hunt!" "
Then Surdak said, "Uncle Brett, I want to buy some plank repair houses from the village …"
Village chief Brett hesitated for a moment, pulled out a pipe from his pocket and smoked twice. His face was wrinkled like a knife cutting an axe, and his bronzed face was full of traces of years. He hesitated for a moment before saying, "It was heard in the warehouse of the wooden board village that after you fief the village of Wall, these wooden boards will naturally belong to your private property, and naturally you don’t need to pay for them."
Surdak heard Brett, the village chief, want to give himself white wood and hesitated for a moment to say.
"Uncle Brett, I’m still a reserve knight and I haven’t got a fief for the time being. Besides, even if the Lord of Hailansa turns this land into my knight’s village supplies, the villagers here have nothing to do with me. I’ll give you some money."
Brett village head eyes a push hand walnut pipe wooden table force knocked on the two tones to pick up a little high to listen to his big say
"How much can these woods be worth!"
Then I realized that there was something wrong with my tone. I immediately pressed my tone to Surdak and sincerely said, "The land in Woer Village is barren and can’t produce much food in a year. In the future, it will be the greatest favor for us to reduce taxes when your fief is in a bad year."
Surdak certainly knows that the villagers in the village usually have a hard life, but at this time, he can’t give any promise to continue saying, "I still want to ask someone to help repair an inner room. Are there carpenters and masons in Uncle Brett’s village?"
"Everyone in the village knows some tile and carpentry skills. Besides, you should pay attention to the fact that it is not necessary to pay people to help repair the house in the village. If you give them money, it is equivalent to looking down on them …" Village head Brett said to Surdak.
Surdak looked at a bottle of Charley and Luke, two young men nodding next to each other. It seems that the village chief is right.
Village chief Brett went on to say, "But … according to the renovation of the owner’s house in the village, we need to prepare some stew and wheat cakes for the craftsmen to have a good meal. After all, it’s hard work. I just have a salty pig leg here …"
Chapter 223 Repair the house
Village head Brett took more than a dozen villagers to swim the beach. In front of him, there was a large flooded reed pond. A large number of red thatch also grew around the reed pond. It was rainy in summer and streams poured into this beach. At present, the river bend here has become a wild lake.
In autumn, the red thatch will dry up completely here. Besides repairing the roof, reeds can be woven into straw mats. These grasses will be dried and crushed in winter. The large beach land in the village is the biggest guarantee for the antelope to winter.
The dazzling sunshine made this wild lake sparkling, and several wild ducks were drilling around in the reeds.
More than a dozen young villagers rolled up their trouser legs and walked into the beach covered with red thatch with sickle in their hands, harvesting clusters of red thatch and transporting them back to the shore.


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