Li Zhichang said, "It’s really my fault that life is happy and death is bitter, but I’m not half sorry." Li Zhichang did say that he was responsible for Lu Xiaofeng’s death, but he wouldn’t be sorry for it.

The flowers filled the floor and confessed, "Master Mu Daochang, Master Bitter Melon, and Gu Song layman today, it seems that I am not in the mood to accompany you to eat this vegetarian meal."
They looked at each other. I didn’t expect that Li Zhichang and the flowers would be unhappy. These two people, who are light in wind and light in clouds and beautiful in manners, never seem to have a conflict combination. They also knew each other before and were friends, but they would actually make a disagreement in front of outsiders today.
Chapter 36 Four Show
A brisk horseshoe broke the tranquility of this place.
The Taoist priest and the Gu Song layman looked at each other and smiled. "I didn’t expect that today was not a good day and I couldn’t eat a clean meal."
Gu Song said, "Guess who it is."
The Taoist priest laughed. "I always don’t want to think about anything if I think too much."
Li Zhichang nodded at this sentence and smiled and said to the Taoist priest, "The mentality of Taoist priest is excellent. I have always thought that if I think less in my life, I can live to be 200 years old. Unfortunately, I know that’ Taoist Twelve Little’ is a health care practice, but I still can’t do it."
The Book of Nourishing Life and Prolonging Life quotes Xiao You Jing, "Thinking less, thinking less, wanting less, talking less, laughing less, worrying less, being happy less, being happy less, being angry less, being good less, and doing less bad things are all related to twelve." The Taoist naturally knows that it is this allusion that Li Zhi often says, and he also has deep feelings about it. "My Taoist school really advocates austere and simple nature.
Li Zhichang said, "Kun Peng is still bound by heaven and earth before he can spread his wings and fly like us mortals."
Li Zhichang’s words are far-reaching even if Mu Daochang is deeply impressed. "I didn’t expect you to have such an opinion. I still don’t know how to collect your young spirit. I don’t know that you have reached this point. If you really live to be 200 years old, you can teach young masters how to get ahead!"
Li Zhichang laughed. "Naturally, let them go."
They talked and laughed about Xuanlai Li Zhichang and the full house, and the embarrassing atmosphere was also dispelled a lot.
"It’s strange that there are four young women here," she said, because Master Bitter Melon is a monk, and there are no female friends in his life, and he never meets female guests.
Master Bitter Melon smiled faintly at the flowers. "Young women are naturally not provoked by us old men, but it seems to be looking for you two."
The flowers are full of sadness because he already knows the true face of Guan Feiyan, and because he knows that the relationship has also died, maybe he doesn’t need a female friend for a long time.
Li Zhichang knows the feeling of being full of flowers, but he doesn’t know that if they go to solve the situation, they will have a knot.
Horseshoe soon lived outside with four young women. These four young women Li Zhichang happened to know that it was the four shows of Emei in the three English shows, but he didn’t know who was who.
One of the people first shouted, "I heard that who is Li Zhichang in Li Zhichang?"
Li Zhichang’s coming to Beijing alone is naturally a great opportunity for Emei’s four shows to take revenge. They came here non-stop but a few days faster than Li Zhichang. Only when they got the news of the lonely crane’s great friendship in Beijing did they know that Li Zhichang came to Beijing yesterday and went to Li Zhichang to live in the early morning, only to find that Li Zhichang was invited by Master Bitter Melon and left the house early.
Four pairs of bright and beautiful eyes looked at the flowers filled the floor and Li Zhichang Yu Mudao, Gu Song lay man and bitter gourd master. At first glance, it was not Li Zhichang who was naturally ignored by them. Finally, their eyes fell on Li Zhichang and they naturally recognized that this was the young man they met on the road before.
Draw a question that the female figure is the tallest and long, and although she smiles, she seems to have a kind of aggressive murderous look! She said to Li Zhichang, "Which one of you is Li Zhichang?"
Li Zhichang looked at their faces with a faint smile and said, "Li Zhichang is naturally four beautiful girls. Don’t come and get sick!"
The girl with phoenix eyes asked, "Did you kill my master, Dugu Yihe?"
Li Zhichang sighed, "Although I don’t want to, he is really dead."
"Is it natural for a good teacher to take revenge?" asked the Cheng girl.
Li Zhichang light way "indeed".
At this time, the quiet girl who killed the black and white thieves that day had an extra dagger in her hand, and a sword with a length of one foot was cold and light. She never blinked when she killed people, but her heart was even more indifferent.
Li Zhichang saw the sword more than a foot long and short in front of him, but he was curious and asked, "I have long heard that the Emei Sect is called Shi Xiuxue, but I didn’t expect it to be such a Jing Shu." Jing Shu is naturally quiet and beautiful, but there is a saying in the Book of Songs, "A quiet girl lingers when I love her in the corner of the city, and a quiet girl lingers, leaving me alone." Guan Tong Guan Youwei said that the beauty of a woman is self-grazing.
This means that men want to date women. Li Zhichang’ Jing Shu’ said that Shi Xiuxue did not lose her dignity as if she deliberately angered each other
Emei school female Xia is not an academic female Xia. She has read the Four Classics and naturally understood Li Zhichang’s provocative words. Shi Xiuxue said lightly, "I am Shi Xiuxue who kills people without blinking an eye. Shi Xiuxue hopes that when you die, you can still be like this when you go to the dead to be a ghost."
Li Zhichang sighed, "If you kill someone, you will struggle with it without blinking an eye. Even a lonely crane will die in my hand. You should not come. If you don’t believe me, you can try it together. Even if you have four swords, you can’t hurt me."
Shi Xiu Snow Road "I don’t need the four of us to watch the sword alone!"
The sword is as light as a nine-day dragon, and the posture is beautiful. The snow in Shi Xiu has been culled to Li Zhichang. She is very fast. With this spirit of fighting and killing the dragon, she has killed many people.
But this time she is facing Li Zhichang. Can she still succeed?
The light of the sword disappeared, and two fingers caught her sword. The shooter was not Li Zhichang, but full of flowers. This always quiet and beautiful male Shi Xiuxue looked at this beautiful man, and he was a little upset or stubborn and shouted, "Is the famous Chang Jian also looking for help?"
Li Zhichang said, "He is naturally not my helper but my friend, and he is also afraid that I will hurt you. You are really a good man."
The girl with Cheng’s eyes laughed and said, "It’s a big breath that we are afraid of who will come when we walk in the Jianghu with four shows in Emei." Naturally, we are not afraid of them because they have a good master. In view of the unique personality of Dugu Yihe, even many Wulin celebrities are facing four people many times, which also leads to their arrogant personality, which also causes them to get together with four shows in Emei, and they think that they have suffered from Li Zhichang’s plot against Dugu Yihe. Moreover, they have joined hands with Huo Xiu and Li Zhichang to plot against Dugu Yihe.


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