In order to quell the storm of the merit exchange list, Surdak had to go back to Wall Village to let Luke put everything in his hand and go to Hailanza City to stare at the leather master’s advanced leather armor.
You know, it takes three days to get from pustule mountain to Hailansa city, even if you ride a horse, it takes six days to go back and forth.
I didn’t expect Luke to bring back five magical battle blades made of ice rhinoceros horns, three sets of hard skin armor of ice rhinoceros horns, two Paglio spears and five secret swords from Hailansa in seven days.
Lance, a young wizard friend who was able to get these Surdak in one breath, made great efforts. Almost Cheng accompanied Luke to visit the master of leather making and casting in the city, and then went to the new trading firm in Hailansa City to buy two Paglio spears and five secret swords.
In addition, Lance also gave Luke five bottles of secondary healing potion.
Surdak sent Lance magic herbs, and he was made into a therapeutic potion by a magic pharmacist on the day he received them, which almost made Lance the hottest person in the magic union of Hailansa City.
In the next few days, I visited Lance and wanted to buy a healing potion from him. The aristocrat was three times as good as his healing potion.
Lance couldn’t help it. Surdak sent so many magic herbs. The magic pharmacist almost tried his best to prepare these healing potions, but because of the scarcity of magic herbs, everyone grabbed the healing potions.
Luke came to Hailanza and asked Lance for help. Lance naturally tried his best …
At the end of the day, Lance felt that he owed Surdak too much this time.
Luke gave these magic weapons and leather armor to Surdak’s eyes, and his heart fell back to its original place. He didn’t dare to sleep a wink all the way from Hailansa City to Pustus Mountain. He just changed horses and didn’t change people to get back to Pustus Mountain day and night.
Such a large sum of money is really going to be hijacked halfway, and it is estimated that ten generations can’t afford it.
Surdak returned to the military camp in Duodan town with this batch of magical materials, and added these exchanges to the list. The military camp became lively again, and everyone realized that Commander Surdak was not only generous, but also had endless good things in his hands, as if he could not get enough …
Adams and Garrett, the other two captains in the barracks, were not surprised by this. They learned something from Chester’s swordsmen and knew that Surdak was chosen by the Marquis of Lu Se.
Therefore, it is determined that Suldak can come up with so many good things with the secret support of the Marquis of Lu Se.
An adult Marquis with outstanding military exploits should have a warehouse full of these magic weapons and leather armor …
Chapter 741 Goodbye Viru
Viru was covered in wounds and took an indigenous girl back to Duodan Town through the Duodan Canyon full of Warcraft.
Surdak guessed that Veru was probably injured in the forest of Warcraft for so long, but he didn’t expect that he would be so badly hurt. Almost all his bandages were red with blood, and his face was as white as paper, and he needed the young indigenous girl to help him walk.
He still walks with some tension in his body, like a hunting bow.
When crossing the North Gate, the innocent eyes of the indigenous girl were full of vigilance and confusion. She was surrounded by some skins, barefoot, ankles and wrists, wearing animal teeth pendants. Her brown skin was painted with a light green oil color, and her pupils were amber like a pair of cat’s eyes.
She has a pair of long legs, and every step forward in a strange place is cautious.
The girl’s face is full of jungle wildness, and the water chestnut-shaped lips are slightly tilted and cute.
The body is as light as a civet cat
Viru hung half her body on the indigenous girl’s body and hooked her with one arm. The indigenous girl silk put her arms around Viru’s waist and dragged him forward without mind.
Viru and an indigenous girl were stopped by the Yugoslav capital guards at the entrance to the north wall. The guards found a stretcher for Viru to lie on his face and carry him to the barracks.
"Viru Viru …"
The indigenous girl’s mouth gently calls the name of Viru.
She tried to turn around and leave her eyes full of panic.
But a small hand was tightly clutched by Viru, and she accompanied Viru with a face of panic and kept calling the name’ Viru’ and followed him into the barracks.
Surdak happened to peel the leather of Warcraft in the kitchen of the small building of the military camp, and his technique was very skillful.
As the second piece of spirit bone with life magic lines was discovered by Surdak, Surdak finally put a peeling knife in his hand and entangled the magic lines with a little bit of flesh and blood in his hand. He took a long breath and washed his hands by the pool to prepare this disappearing magic magic lines spirit bone to enter the magic box.
There was a knock at the door
Surdak pushed the wooden door of the small building and asked Andrew at the door
"What is it?"
Recently, there are a lot of trivial matters in the barracks. Although Selena is in charge of the logistics of the barracks, some troubles still follow, and he is a little impatient.
Andrew whispered at the door
"Head Viru was sent back and suffered some injuries."
Surdak’s heart was a little complicated, like a sigh of relief but a little worried, and he quickly asked, "Where are you?"
Andrew replied.
"Just outside"
Think that he is already a tough guy, and he should be able to protect himself. Surdak hurriedly ordered.
"Hurry up and bring it in."
Two Yugoslav capital guards came in carrying a stretcher, and their big boots drummed on the board.
Surdak knew that things were worse than he thought when he saw Veru’s face as white as a sheet of paper. Many people saw Veru’s eyes seem to be a little distracted and hurriedly let him be carried to the guest room bed regardless of his bloody palm, which condensed a white sacred breath and forced this sacred breath into Veru’s body.
"How did he get hurt so badly?" Surdak asked
Andrew shook his head and said, "He was like this when he was found at the gate of the North City Wall."
The aboriginal girl refused to let Viru squat by the window and looked at Surdak in fear. She refused to say a word and left the room with Andrew.
Surdak couldn’t get her to stay.
Surdak put out the altar of sacrifice. With the deep blue flame, Surdak lit up one by one from the pottery bowl and read out a series of prayers. A double-sided four-armed fiend statue appeared in the middle of the four pottery bowls, and the crown of the fiend statue almost reached the ceiling.
After sacrificing a Warcraft head, the’ God Blessed Body’ God blessed Loveru.
The faint glow came from Viru’s body and the indigenous girl squatted by the window. She looked up in horror and looked at the statue of the fiend. She was so scared that she knelt on the floor and didn’t dare to move. The panic seemed to be a soul-level thriller.
Surdak didn’t pay attention to the indigenous girl. He sacrificed a Warcraft head again to gain the power of’ real eye’.
Veru never untied his bandage. Surdak used his’ real eyes’ to find a wound through the bandage without having to untie his bandage, and cut the bandage to treat the wound carefully.


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