I didn’t expect Antonio to look younger, but he was very knowledgeable.

When I heard Antonio say this, Surdak smiled and said, "I knew you were the best friend …"
Antonio took a look at the bedroom door and urged Surdak, "Well, let’s talk about it later and get ready to start work."
Withering and crushing will ruin all this, and the sadness and beauty will comfort the loneliness of the night-death will fade’
Surdak didn’t hesitate to signal Antonio to retreat. The bloody aperture flashed out, and then the bloody aperture appeared on Count Josie’s body. That is, the bloody aperture appeared in a circle with a diameter of more than two meters. It was like a blood pool inside, and the blood pools that came out were bubbling.
Seeing a bunch of flowers in Count Josie’s bedside vase withering at a speed visible to the naked eye, Surdak can clearly feel that the vitality of Count Josie is being stripped and drawn out and slowly injected into his body.
Josie Busmann has a goo goo sound in his throat, but he can’t shout it out. His face is getting older and older, and his wrinkles are getting deeper and deeper. Even there are many wrinkles around his lips. In just over ten seconds, Count Josie Busmann seems to be ten years older.
And his organs were failing rapidly. A minute later, Count Josie Busmann’s life came to an end and he lay peacefully in bed with his eyes closed, just like sleeping in the past.
After waiting for the’ death fade’ to slowly disappear, Antonio reached out and touched Josie Busmann’s heart and found that his body quickly became cold and he nodded at Surdak.
When he left, Antonio picked up the vase and carried it in his hand …
Chapter 21 Parting
The clouds in the sky were dyed with a layer of gold by the setting sun, and the wheat fields in the distance merged. The city of Walson was also dyed with a layer of light gold, but it was particularly charming. Suldak lay high in the haystack and squinted and enjoyed the evening breeze and setting sun.
Surdak’s amaranth Gubolai horse followed slowly, looking relaxed and comfortable.
This carriage pulling alfalfa grass slowly sailed to the port pier, and the port pier also appeared in the field of vision.
Antonio didn’t need to come to the port pier. He took the forage cart to see Surdak off.
Surdak touched the waist magic belt. This is a magic belt. It was bought in the afternoon at Kit’s fur shop, a magic leather merchant. The Green Empire people like to call it the magic purse. This purse cost Surdak seven magic crystals.
When Antonio bought the magic belt, he came to sponsor a part of Surdak’s magic crystal, but when he saw Surdak take out seven magic crystals without changing his face, Antonio swallowed those words again. Antonio didn’t expect a knight to be so rich.
Then Antonio found such a carriage filled with alfalfa through the city, and they left Ai Walson before the gate closed.
Lying in the haystack, Surdak finally breathed a sigh of relief. It seems that no one in the Busmann family has discovered the real cause of death of Count Joanne Busmann. However, he also has a little doubt in his heart and asked Antonio, "You openly assassinated Count Josie halfway, but then you suddenly changed your mind and wanted to make Count Josie die of natural causes?"
Antonio turned to look at Surdak. He was very curious and felt that even if he said it, it would be called so-called and explained
"I’m going to dress up as an evil wizard of the Dark Wizard and assassinate …"
"It’s a pity that I didn’t succeed at that time, but I really didn’t want to continue to intensify the contradiction between the unified aristocratic forces and the wizards and nobles. I just wanted to find a more secure plan."
"The plan is to sneak into his bedroom and then’ wind bound’ his hands and feet and suffocate him with a pillow."
When the young wizard speaks, his language is fluent and natural, and there is no violent fluctuation in his mood because he talks about killing people.
The two of them said that their voices were not loud and they were not worried that they would be heard by the driver in front.
Surdak asked again, "So you know all about the actions of the guards in the castle. Did the wizard in the castle help you?"
Antonio narrowed his eyes and smiled mysteriously. "Hey, you know there are some things I can’t admit."
Two people lying on the top of the carriage haystack just walked and talked all the way.
"… it’s a very old evil black magic ceremony. After smelling the evil spirits and sacrificing the living, the victim will devour the heart, liver and head, gain a stronger soul, and devour the limbs and have a young and strong body. Count Josie is timid, hypocritical and cowardly by nature. He wants to be strong but has no perseverance. In the end, he will benefit from the evil ceremony."
"In the past hundred years, the dark magic priory has been conducting this series of magic research. Our magic trade union law enforcement team has been tracking down the members of the priory all the year round. The dark magic priory was formerly a hidden organization of the inferno remnants in Roland mainland, but it has developed to the present number of wizards who are interested in dark magic and some evil wizards who are studying witchcraft are slowly absorbed into this organization. They are the cancer of the magic world. Our law enforcement team is bound to clean up their department from Roland mainland."
Later, it was said that Antonio, a member of the law enforcement group of the dark magic priory, had a very definite plan
From Antonio’s mouth, I learned that the magic union is a wizard organization in Roland mainland, and the law enforcement group is a sword in the hands of the magic union. The responsibilities of the organization are somewhat like those of the knights of the guard camp in various cities, but they can handle magic and have access to the magic union. The law enforcement group wizards are outstanding in various magic schools
Surdak expressed his concern to Antonio. He didn’t know whether this sacrifice ceremony was black magic or not. He was worried that his later place would be found by the magic union law enforcement group and sent to the stake as heresy. That was the worst.
Anyway, there is some friendship between them. Surdak thinks Antonio is not the kind of person who will tear down the bridge when crossing the river.
Antonio lay in a haystack in a more comfortable position and said to Surdak
"I don’t worry about life magic for the time being, but it doesn’t actually belong to taboo magic. This form of magic belongs to marginal magic. The Green Empire is just not accepted by mainstream magic, but you are an awakened knight with the most rare sacred attributes. I hope you can become a paladin by mastering the holy light in the future instead of becoming a dark knight by mastering these life magic."
Surdak was said by Antonio with a stupid face. It turns out that he can master the sacred atmosphere and become a holy paladin. He knows something about it, but the word dark knight has never been heard.
But I didn’t talk much about these Antonio, but I said to Surdak.
"In fact, I don’t think magic is good or bad, but whether you have a pity or a vicious snake and scorpion heart. Such cases abound. Even some priests with sacred prayers in the temple may become criminals with blood on their hands, and such people are often more terrible. I think good and evil depend on whether you can Do not forget your initiative mind."
"Our law enforcement team picketed the dark magic priory because those evil wizards who tasted it when studying dark magic would cause some local people to mysteriously disappear, even if they sacrificed the lives of civilians for magic research, which was not allowed by the magic union."
"As a member of the Law Enforcement Corps, I don’t deny that we all have some paranoia about magic. This time, Commander, I must not intervene in the disappearance of the Seven Horsemen. I secretly ran back. I can’t let Count Josie die of magic. I don’t want him to die of some kind of assassination, preferably a normal death …"
"I want to thank you very seriously for the smooth operation of Knight Surdak!"
Pulling a cart of hay, the carriage stopped in front of the magic port, and there was an endless stream of carriages coming in and out of the port. Surdak jumped directly from the tall haystack and untied the carriage. He took his own ancient horse and walked slowly into the port pier with the crowd.
When entering the port dock, Surdak turned and waved to Antonio, the haystack, only to find that Antonio, the magician, had already sat in the haystack and gradually drifted away …
Chapter 22 Changing the cabin
Surdak’s huge magic airship waiting to board the horse in the crowd is probably the route to Bena province. After the route is reduced to once a week, the capacity method meets the actual needs, so it is particularly crowded. The steps of the port pier are full of people waiting to board the ship, and the first nobles will have hundreds of people. They are very slow to board the ship with heavy salute.
There are three doors open before and after the magic airship, and two doors are carrying all kinds of war materials to the bottom warehouse. The pontoon bridge is the only way for passengers to board the ship. The nobles have priority. At this time, the civilians need to wait patiently at the port dock.
As a knight, Surdak didn’t have to wait in the crowd, but he needed to lead the horse to the warehouse in the middle of the airship, where there was a special barn for transporting horses, which forced him to give up the priority to board the airship.
The crowded crowd in Zhongtian has been completely dark. More than a dozen hundred meters tall towers in Hong Kong are as bright as day, and the huge shadow overhead is the magic airship flying to Bena Province. This big guy is seventy meters long, and two floating devices on both sides of the airship emit a dark blue magic halo. As passengers and goods continue to board the airship, a floating device also constantly increases buoyancy.
At the same time, the airship is like a shark, and the giant hydrogen balloon is also supplemented with hydrogen. The gas compressor is like a steam train, and sometimes the overflow valve will spray white air because of the gas filling.
Surdak couldn’t figure out why he had to choose to board the ship at night. It took him more than two hours to get on the steps of a huge high-rise building in Hong Kong. He kept calming the restless Gubo horse until it was sent to the corral at hatch No.2, and he was inquired by the airship workers to look after these horses. The breeder gave him three silver coins to make him pay attention to his own horse. Only then did he board the magic airship with the civilians like driving ducks.
The two crew members of the airship hit the copper corner of the bow, holding a huge searchlight in their hands and adding lamp oil to the searchlight.
Probably finally set foot on the return journey. People on the deck were so excited that everyone refused to go back to the cabin. For a while, all the decks were crowded. On the side of the ship, people were holding the third protective fence in their hands and excitedly pointing to Ai Walson City not far away.
Those nobles are the observation deck of the high-rise building at the stern of the deck. The tallest room in this high-rise building belongs to the captain’s cabin, and the rest are all kinds of nobles who are eligible to live in luxury cabins. Because Surdak bought tickets earlier, he also bought a deck double cabin as a knight. This is the highest level cabin he can choose. If he chooses a slightly cheaper four-person cabin, he will live on the deck.
Civilians have to live on the deck. These cabins are almost all four-person cabins. The civilian deck is the crew’s dormitory and kitchen. In addition, the ship’s living materials are all on this floor. This floor has a huge cold storage containing many vegetables and meat food. This voyage will take about half a month. The dietary level of the ship is inseparable. Of course, you can also order food at will in the restaurant with silver coins. It is said that the price of food is not generally expensive, probably more than twice that of the ground.
Surdak is also not in the mood to find his own cabin. He excitedly squeezed into the ship’s rail and looked at the wall. At this time, the lights of Walson City lit up the market. At this time, he really felt the glory of the magical world. This is still a provincial city in the south of the Green Empire, so prosperous.
Boarding continued until after midnight, and people on the deck gradually got tired and slowly dispersed.


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