Meditation is a special kind of magical power that monks can master after entering the shadow period. The powerful can not only have the shadow in two places, but also suppress the weaker Yuan God through the powerful Yuan God, thus having the effect of shocking the method and action.

The monks in the seven realms are not truly strong until they enter the shadow period. They have such overbearing magical powers as meditation. Even if they encounter more monks in the temple, they can’t be defeated. This is a quantitative method to bridge the gap.
Jun Feng Yang Shen Ying the strong is a clan of bodhi old zu, but he forcibly stepped in to stop the ghost face from killing Junshan. Although the rules are broken, it is also reasonable to save the grandchildren.
Obviously, everyone seems to have lost the ability to kill Junshan by being imprisoned by beach technique at the moment.
But is this really the case?
See Luo Yu that keep stabbing forward has not stopped more than two breath.
Ho ~!
Suddenly! Behind him, the ghosting hovering Xuanlongying unexpectedly broke free instantly, which can shake the heavens and the earth, rage and roar, and Luo Yu’s mind suddenly returned to freedom!
How can he miss the opportunity to kill Junshan when he sees that his Xuanlongying help has broken away from the shackles of Jun Fengyang’s calming technique?
Seeing that he shot back the future and fled Junshan, he roared, "Die against the thief!"
Then he will urge the strength to prepare for the single-handedly destroying his clan’s chief culprit, Junshan, and strangle him in front of the same door.
When Junshan saw that Luoyu could break away from the bodhi old zu’s meditation, he was frightened and threatened, "Kill me … You, Elder Martial Sister Lu, will bury me!"
I was shocked to hear that the teacher elder sister Lu Luo Yu’s hand was suddenly sluggish and exclaimed, "The teacher elder sister Lu is still alive …! ?”
Don’t wait for Luo Yu to exclaim that a ghosting image has flashed in front of his eyes!
Then the strong wind suddenly rises!
Boom ~!
Body roll-back feather stuffy humming smashed the smell list …
Although the ghosting scene passed by, it repelled the ghost face and saved Junshan, which suffered heavy losses, but many people found that this man was the ancestor of your family.
At the moment, it’s already sobbing all over the court, accusing Jun Fengyang, the bodhi old zu, of saving Junshan and stopping Bidou, but still ignoring his identity to the younger generation! The key is that this younger generation can still break through the illusion of the strong and calm down. Their celestial clan is very strange.
Although people don’t know that ghosts are like getting rid of the shackles of meditation, it doesn’t affect their recognition of Luo Yu, because the celestial spirits want to respect the strong, and a monk who can defeat his opponent head-on and break through the illusion is worthy of their respect.
Terrace Sangleyang has slightly narrowed his eyes to show displeasure. "Jun Fengyang interferes in the duel of the younger generation regardless of his identity, but he still dares to hurt me!" Is this a man who deceives me? "
Said sang leyang will be angry.
Apparently, a ghost face won his approval through his own strength in the battle just now.
Long Qiubai, on the other hand, appeared to be very persuasive, saying, "Alas, don’t be angry with Chief Sang, but Jun Fengyang is eager to save Sun and will he have common sense?"
I didn’t expect Tianhou to agree with Long Qiubai’s point of view for the first time. "Jun Fengyang is not so bold. He just repelled the ghost face and didn’t hurt his roots."
They smell a ghost looks unfamiliar indeed as expected is holding a dragon’s spine patting the red shirt dust so it seems really a big deal.
Bai Lianxing naturally knows that the mother said this to her, but she couldn’t give birth to any smiles. Instead, she looked anxiously at the changing names on the list and murmured, "When you go to smell the Tao like this …"
Apparently, it’s been nearly an hour since you heard the story between your grandparents and grandchildren, and there are two hours left for Luoyu …
Bai Lian star worried about the contrary. At this moment, Xiao Fan Luoyun showed a very optimistic look when he saw Luo Yu’s illness.
Obviously, in Xiao Fan’s eyes, her husband will be able to win the championship in time, so it’s not her problem to consider!
And in the brain circuit of Luoyun, he wouldn’t think so far at all!
You want to beat Junshan to death first, and then talk about it? That’s too far away … when will you finish playing? I’m tired of thinking too much!
Chapter 315 Yellow thyme not your life and death regret.
Luo Yu recalled Xuanlongying and collected the Dragon Ridge before hearing the news.
Now Junshan has been rescued by Jun Fengyang, and it is impossible to kill it by force.
He patted his dizzy head and immediately spat out the salty blood in his mouth and looked at Jun Fengyang, who had returned to the viewing platform.
Los feathers know this degree of injury for difficult demon body he is nothing to a moment can be restored.
However, it is precisely because of this painless blow that he fell into a short hesitation!
Through junshan dialogue, he not only knew that the other party had seen through his true identity, but also that Elder Martial Sister Lu was still trapped in junshan! This makes him a bit of a boat.


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