Then all over Yin ShaQi burst through the body and look struggling straight cold … Cold!

Obviously, it’s hard for her to suppress her body without sarira beads, and the demons are growing wildly …
Looking at the eyes, I still struggle to resist the demons’ self-attack. Yoga male saint’ Luo Yu’ lovingly comforts Ufa Yunsi. "You are so hard to suppress the feelings in your heart. The demons grow and self-attack. Is this bitter? Is it not the cold stone and rotten wood that dares to love and desire?
It seems to me that it is the obsession to cut one’s heart and repair the road like this.
Now I’ve destroyed the relic beads to resist the fact that you and I don’t fight each other …? "
Before he finished, Jia Nan shook his head and said, "No … I’m Kanan, not a demon!"
Said she stumbled and got up and bound ShaQi footsteps vainly fell down the lotus pond, looking at the pool that is about to be filled with chaos violet expectation, "did you see it?" Flowers to have it I can completely get rid of body ShaQi can … "
Words didn’t say that finish her Yin Tang magic gas condensate cloud shadow unexpectedly struggled for a moment after gherardini self-deprecating way "but … I have been in your heart no yoga male hope you come or I personally say so I will be disheartened to dispel the body Yin evil spirit is absolutely stupid in my heart.
Even if the demon can die after crossing the heart, it’s better in your hand.
But … I never thought that you should …! "
"Luo Yu" came slowly and stood outside the curtain across the red silk. Evil laughed. "Since the saint has me in her heart, there are also saints in my heart who don’t tie the knot with each other. Once they get what they want, the demons will not solve themselves …"
It seems that it is getting worse and worse by the demons. At this moment, the yoga man has some emotions to show his smile!
But then she shook her head desperately. "No ~ My heart goes to Ganan."
"Los feathers" but disdain laughed "ng south? Oh ~ whether he is Gannanxiu or the magic holy Taoist Sect, wouldn’t it be perfect to be my woman? "
After that, the evil laugh suddenly shocked people and echoed this crimson and dark forbidden room!
Obviously yoga men have felt that since the arrival of’ Luo Yu’, everything they say and do seems a little different from the past.
And at the moment, it’s even more amazing to laugh at the strange words, which can be described as like a demon! Makes people feel suspicious and confused …
But before I could wait for the demon to bite me, I turned around and’ Luoyu’ had raised my hand, but I saw a wisp of blurred smoke quietly drifting into the weak Yoga male body!
Suddenly, the yoga man looked dazed and immediately turned his head to the curtain and grinned.’ Luo Yu’ looked back and smiled. It was beautiful.
But at the moment, her Leng Yan’s eyes seem to have been covered with a layer of mist and veils, and it seems that God has fallen into the sea of clouds and drunk dreams …
"Luo Yu" saw a pair of gentlemen picking at present, and the yoga man was secretly pleased.
Oh ~ what a perfect body! Waiting for you to suck the holy blood of your body, collect yin and replenish yang, and then return the yang to sanctify and achieve the high-level holy ghost shadow.
At that time, the holy family of Mohling will be in my palm!
And your ancestor, the high exiled God, who gave Mohling the Holy Lord, will also prostrate at my feet! ’
Thinking of the beauty, he immediately spread his arms and laughed.
"At this moment, I have waited for 100 thousand … 100 thousand ~!"
The cloak falls with it …
Outside the Xuan door with a crystal ceiling separated by a wall
Luo Yu was standing in front of the imperial order, and the weak spiritual force barely made a series of prints and fingerprints into the enchantment, but it was as heavy as a stone.
Then he frowned and made persistent efforts, and pinched and printed it into patterns, and printed it in all directions in a row, but it still changed.
Seeing that the spiritual power of this body has reached the bottom, he has to breathe out a mouthful of depression. Some Nai mused, "Hey ~ Although I know the location of the main doors in this enchantment, there are more than 360 places where I can hit the Tao array at most?"
Suddenly he had a flash of inspiration. "I almost forgot that Xiao Luoyun is also an array repair, isn’t it?" This guy has stayed in the five elements for so long, and his array will definitely rise! "
A little while, the sleepy little Luoyun was once again pulled out by his brother.
When he learned that Luo Yu wanted him to break the barrier in front of him, Xiao Luoyun first looked at the 360 important door positions pointed out by Luo Yu.
See him los feathers look forward to a strong’ oh’.
Then there was no more, and then I kept staring at each other with Luoyu and still looked lazy and dead.
See this feather puzzled press a way "you see what? Still not quick to solve this enchantment? "
Luo Yun waved and said impatiently, "Ah ~ Can you explain what I see you doing? I can’t solve it ~ "
"Ah ~?" Luoyu is startled.
Luo Yun said, "Although I am one in a million, I am only three-order. Even if I play beyond my normal level, I can print this 360 words with a hundred words at most."? I have to explode my brain. "
Los feather a listen to the third order, he suddenly looked at his head shaking like a rattle in disbelief. "How can it be third order?" Didn’t you sleep in the five elements of heaven for a year … "
Xiao Luoyun’ cut’ and didn’t good the spirit. "You also said that you slept for a year, and I didn’t touch the array. Haha ~"
Listen to this. Luo Yu is right
In a year, this guy just ate, slept and ate!
Then he brooded and murmured, "Is this … so good?"
While Xiao Luoyun said proudly, pointing to the enchantment in front of him, "If you have passed the ninety-nine imperial order, you won’t have to walk over directly without breaking this enchantment."
"Walk over?" Luo Yu was startled and suddenly woke up with a smile. "Do you have a way to get through?"
LuoYun grownup old-fashioned’ uh-huh’ nodded "uh-huh ~ You know that old woman Sang Muxue’s array is really good. She once gave me a hidden array …"
"Oh ~ hidden law? It sounds amazing! " Luo Yu hurriedly asked "Let’s hear it"


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