The master went on to say, "I came to see you this time to take care of her."

"If you have any orders from Director Qiu, just say it. If I don’t help others, I will definitely do my best to come to me." Wu Dang vowed.
Master looked at Wu, of course, and said seriously, "A few years ago, you and your friends came back from Koguryo, and all your friends died. Is this true?"
Wu Dang’s face suddenly turned pale when he heard this, and it was a long time before he trembled and said, "I can’t even think about it now."
Chapter IX Special
"Ha ha being original, I suppose you and your friends must have met something very dangerous and terrible in that mysterious land king city, otherwise you wouldn’t be so timid now. You were bolder than anyone before," Master said to Wu Dang with a smile.
Wu Dang wiped his head with shame and said, "To tell the truth, four years ago, seven of our brothers went treasure hunting. With the sheepskin map of Lao Qi, we really found Koguryo City, which was too dangerous. All six people died, and I escaped from the den by a narrow escape. From that day on, I vowed never to dream of making money again."
After listening carefully to his words, Master nodded his head before saying, "What have you met in Diwang City? Can you tell me about being original?"? And what is your family still scared like this? "
Wu when said with a sigh; "To tell you the truth, the king city is simply a purgatory! I haven’t dared to go anywhere since I escaped from there four years ago, but I never thought that the ghost of the king city had found me and almost killed me several times! "
"Oh?" Master looked at Wu Dang in surprise and doubt and asked him, "So you have been haunted by evil spirits all these years?"
Master’s words touched Wu Dang’s heart, and it took him a long time to say, "In the past four years, evil spirits have been haunting me and trying to claim my life. Last night, I was almost strangled by a spectre!"
After listening to Wu Dang’s words, Master smiled at me. I can see from Master’s expression that Master has a well-thought-out mind. This time, Master is asking Wu Dang to come out of the mountain. I don’t know what’s so special about this thin and withered man, but since Master values him so much, this Wu Dang has been to Koguryo King City four years ago, and it will be much easier to lead the way with him.
Looking at Master’s answers, I know that this Wu can’t escape. Master just wants to invite him out and let him take us to find the mysterious king city.
However, Master was not in a hurry to talk about letting him go out of the mountain, but chatted with him about the past. The more he did this, the more he felt uncertain. It could be seen that what he was most worried about now was that evil spirits came to kill him every night. Maybe it was because he couldn’t eat or sleep well every day that he made his body look like a pencil necked.
I can’t help secretly admiring Master Wu Dang, who is just here to invite Wu Dang out of the mountain. But Master Wu Dang just couldn’t help it. He finally said to Master, "Qiu Daochang has been friends for so many years. To tell you the truth, I am living a life that is worse than death every day. I am almost devastated by the evil spirits pestering me in Koguryo."
"It’s not the way for you to go like this. Those evil spirits will not let you go until they kill you," said the master, staring at Wu Dang with a grim expression.
"Well, I don’t know, but I dig graves and dig graves, and I’m good at dealing with evil spirits. I don’t have the ability. I hope the Taoist priest can help me get rid of these evil spirits and let me have my birthday in two days," Wu Donnell said
"Even if I kill all the evil spirits that come to you, there are still many evil spirits in Koguryo. Will they still let you go and get rid of me?" Master said
"That that how long you give me think of a method! "Wu when I was almost crying.
When the master saw that the temperature was almost up, he said to Wu Dang, "The only way is to take a trip to Koguryo King City and eradicate all the evil spirits there so that you can keep peace forever."
When Wu Dang heard that Master was going to Koguryo King City, he suddenly turned pale with fear. He stammered, "Taoist Master, that’s impossible. If you can’t go to Koguryo King City, don’t think about it!"
"Ha ha, you don’t have to worry about being original. This life is to exorcise demons and hide ghosts. Surely those evil spirits can’t hurt being original. Would you like to lead us to Koguryo?" Master walked over and said that he was very sure to see the expression on his face.
It may be that Master calmly gave Wu Dang a great sense of security. He was no longer so afraid. He slowly pulled out a cigarette and smoked a few mouthfuls and said, "Well, Taoist, I promise you to go with you."
If the master wanted him, he agreed to go. The master got up and said, "That’s right. You have to face some things bravely if you don’t escape."
Wu dang nodded and asked master when to start. master told him to leave today and told him to hurry up and come with us.
Wu dang is also happy. He is the only one in his family. He is really full and hungry, but he has nothing to worry about. I really don’t see anything extraordinary about him, but Master values him so much, so he must have something extraordinary.
On the same day, Wu Dang set out with us and took a bus to An. After a bumpy ride, we arrived in An again.
I can’t tell in my heart what it’s like to revisit this beautiful northern town. Who would have thought that it has such a mysterious and evil city, how many eternal mysteries are hidden and how many murders are buried deep in the ground?
Ann: We bought some equipment, which was specially prepared according to Wu Dang’s requirements. Wu Dang is quite experienced in the field. We bought ropes, daggers, strong hands and other equipment to fill a big travel bag.
This is the second time I’ve come to An, and I’ve come here because of Liu Yemei’s calculation, but I’m holding my breath in my heart. This time I’m coming to An, I must find Koguryo City and get the pearl that can turn Xiaolian into a human being.
It’s getting late now, and we found a hotel to stay in. This hotel is close to Anshi, and the size of the car is not small. When we walked in, the proprietress of the hotel greeted us warmly. The proprietress looked a little fat and white in her thirties, and she was full of businessmen’s strength.
We asked the proprietress to give two rooms for Xiaolian and Zana to live in. Master and I lived in a big room. After the proprietress settled us down, we walked into the room. She was mysterious and asked behind us, "Do you want to be special?"
"Special?" I doubt light said
When the proprietress saw that I didn’t understand what it meant, she said bluntly, "There are special girls in our store who are not over twenty years old, and the price is reasonable. Aren’t you sorry that you came all this way to have a good time?"
The proprietress smiled at us and watched our reaction.
This time, we all understand that this proprietress is not only a hotel, but also a flesh business. But which of us have the mind? I waved my hand and said to her, "We just stayed in the hotel and left the girl long ago."
The proprietress still won’t give up. When he saw that Yi Genjin and I were carrying a girl and the master was wearing a cassock, it was a bit of a splash. So she targeted Wu Dang. No wonder the proprietress picked Wu Dang. This guy really doesn’t look like a good bird. At first glance, there are cracks to drill eggs.
The proprietress took Wu Dang and introduced him to something special. I will move my mind a little. Even if he has some difficulties in front of us, there will be something strange in his eyes. I didn’t expect Wu Dang to react abnormally when he heard the proprietress let him go whoring. It was simply a furious push. The proprietress angered, "Get out of here!"
Wife of shop-owner was scared by his push and almost fell down the stairs. Her face changed color. She just wanted to send it, but when she saw Wu Dang’s impulsive appearance, she simply wanted to kill people. The wife of shop-owner rolled her eyes and didn’t dare to send it away.
After we entered the room, the master smiled at Wu Dang and asked him, "Brother Wu Dang, I remember your best words before. Why are you so serious now?"
Wu dang sat down on the bed with his eyes staring blankly at the ceiling as if Master had touched his sad place with a word, but his face was sad.
Master also found that Wu Dang was wrong, so he stopped making fun of him and looked at Wu Dang quietly.
Wu dang sent half a day to stay before he said slowly; "The Taoist priest is not afraid of your jokes. I am now a basket case."
This sentence froze us all, and I thought, how can you say you are a cripple when you are alive? Even if you are thin, you can’t say you are a cripple, can you?
However, Wu Dang’s words made us all full of sympathy for him. It turned out that four years ago, Wu Dang and his party of seven people found the location of Koguryo city with a parchment map. Most of them were grave robbers and were very good at finding dragons and acupoints. After adding this parchment map, they finally found the mysterious Koguryo city.
Many people with dreams of making a fortune hope to find this mysterious king city, but not many people can really find it. When the seven of them found this king city, several people were so excited that they made their avatar finally enter it after some investigation and excavation.
After entering the city, they were shocked by the splendor here and dazzled by several treasures, but just when they wanted to take these treasures out, they found it easier to come in than to go out. They could no longer walk out of this ancient and evil city.
Chapter 10 Strange proprietress
What happened in this mysterious land king city is an understatement, but I can feel from his words what a terrible nightmare the seven of them encountered in that mysterious land king city four years ago.
The treasures in Diwang City became Wu Dang’s six companions buried with him. Wu Dang escaped from that terrible cave by luck, but lost his body forever. From that day on, he was no longer a real man, and he was scratched by an evil spirit, and his body was removed by roots.
Wu dang recalled this scene and couldn’t stop crying. A man in his forties cried in front of Master and me.
I understand this. No wonder when the proprietress recommends something special to Wu Dang, Wu Dang will have such a huge reaction. Obviously, the proprietress reminds Wu Dang of his last wish to recall the sad past.
We don’t know how to comfort him. This middle-aged man with a rat’s head and a rat’s eye is really miserable. No wonder he’s scared like that together with Koguryo City.
At nine o’clock in the evening, we all slept, and the whole hotel was quiet. At this time, I was so upset that I didn’t know what would happen if I entered Koguryo Palace naively.
Gradually, we all fell asleep. Just as I was sleeping, I was suddenly awakened by the words in the room. The voice in our room was very loud. This silent night suddenly woke people up, which made people even more shocked.
Except for Yi Genjin, who was snoring, we were all awakened. When we were awakened, we rubbed our sleepy eyes, and then we were very impatient. We picked up the words and fed them to the microphone, but it was strange that no one spoke at the other end. When Wu Dang called and shouted, no one spoke at the other end.
"Mom is which talk about mental derangement! "Wu when angry put the words.
I thought, maybe someone dialed the wrong number. The words in this room are an extension, or maybe the boss’s wife accidentally dialed the wrong number there. I lay in bed and went to sleep, but I couldn’t sleep. I had something on my mind and changed the strange environment. I really couldn’t sleep.
But after a few minutes, the words suddenly rang again. Wu Dang was the closest to the words, and of course he answered them.


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