"Liu Chen, the younger generation, thank you. It’s a blessing to have people like you when you first came here."

Lu Chen said with a smile that now the huge hole behind them has been closed. In the morning, the universe can’t be lifted for a long time, otherwise it will be gradually swallowed up.
Yamir tried his best to control the morning light according to Lu Chen’s instructions. After leaving, the universe will hover near the true spirit world.
"Cold emperor, this is a matter of real spiritual security. How can you be arbitrary?"
As for Lu Chen and others, the storm has passed, and there is a dissonance when they can enter the boundary smoothly.
Seeing the virtual earthquake on the horizon, there is a figure flashing from illusion to reality, like Byakki Smoker manifesting the colors of heaven and earth. After a flash of harsh brilliance, an old man in an orange robe hangs a bronze mirror on his head.
Lu Chen raised eyebrows slightly. This is also a strong person with attributes beyond 32 points. The real spirit world is really hidden dragon and crouching tiger, and I’m afraid this is not the strongest person in this world.
According to the information given by the painting pear clothes, the spirit king heard from her grandfather that the high world is divided into three layers, and the overall strength of the surface layer should be the weakest.
The world in the world is very chaotic and dangerous. There are no weak creatures and the multiverse, but the whole world is mixed. In the large world, all kinds of worldviews are mixed, and strange creatures appear, which is even more elusive.
So Lao Wang will say that if he throws himself directly into the inner world, he will die because it is a cruel world, strong as a cloud and extremely aggressive
It won’t be long before you meet an irresistible force after your luck arrival.
The surface layer is more orderly, the core, the true spiritual world is the bridge between the inner world and the real layer, and the key to traffic is naturally that there are strong people sitting in the seat.
According to Li Yi, she was born in a small border country, and the place called the Holy Spirit Kingdom once seemed to be strong, but the years have always changed, and the strength of the Lord of the Holy Spirit Kingdom is really endless.
The conservative estimate of the top combat power in the true spirit world is also the late ninth order, not just the first 32 o’clock, so the strong in the true spirit world need to urgently suppress the junction of the inner world when necessary.
The two strong men seen by Liu Chen should be regarded as the permanent high-order combat power in the real spirit world, which belongs to the kind of walking in the world. Some strong men will not appear until they reach the head of life and death in the real spirit world.
"Yes, they should be tested according to strict screening procedures before being released."
There was another sound, and a strong man came from a long distance. She was dressed in a dark green gauze and scanned Lu Chen and others with cold meaning in her beautiful eyes.
"Jingdi Liandi …"
Cold emperor frowned, and he had just made a decision. At this time, two people came out to stop nature and refuted his face, which made him somewhat unhappy.
But both of them don’t lose him, and he’s not good at it.
"How do you want to get to the program? It is not easy for someone in the multiverse to cross it. It is not easy to fight back and kill the creatures in the inner world. It is an absolute potential. Even the real layer will be interested in big people. There is no need to be so ruthless. "
The cold emperor said that the strong people at this level can see that Lu Chen and others have the breath of some creatures in the inner world, so it can be said that touching the root can’t be the creatures in the inner world.
Liu Chen also explained that what the people in Lingxu Temple said the other day was right. Even if it is necessary to screen again, it needs borne means to deduce that there is something wrong with the world in Heli. It should be left to the real people to judge if they are strong at this level.
Lu Chen, these people didn’t come by road to stay in the real spirit world. He has no reason to be difficult with them. If there is a war, he is really not sure that he can take this strange young man 100%.
"Remove the defense and let’s search for the soul to verify it."
Jingdi said lightly, "Don’t look at me like this. It’s all true spiritual security. If something goes wrong when you enter the world, our resident guards will be responsible."
Cold emperor frown at the eye lotus emperor each other seems to be the same attitude, which made him a little upset.
From a reasonable point of view, Jingdi’s practice is also true. After all, he is not familiar with Lu Chen and others. Of course, he has to perform his duties first, but he is lazy and wants to directly throw people to the surface to deal with them.
At this time, Lu Chen said, "It’s not incomprehensible that the elder wants to protect the younger generation, but let’s stop searching for the soul. You can’t spy on our memory."
Jingdi was a little unhappy at first, and then he seemed to think of something. Some suddenly said, "Where are you from? No wonder I can arrive here. "
Chapter one thousand five hundred and seven Be confessed?
Jingdi and Liandi looked at each other. "But even so, it is difficult to consider your identity and purpose, especially the visitors from that place. Who knows what you are carrying?"
Seeing that two old fogies are so stubborn, Lu Chen is also a little impatient, because this kind of thing is self-incriminating.
The inner world is chaotic, even if we find a creature in the inner world to kill him now, if the other side insists on fighting, we can say that he is from the other camp in the inner world.
Lu Chen felt that apart from these two old fogies’ intention to maintain order, they were more against the Cold Emperor.
It can be said that there is struggle in some places, and even if it is so strong, it is indispensable to struggle against each other.
From time to time, there is a purple gas from the east, wrapped in a golden decree.
At first, many powerful people in the real spirit world were not aware of the fact that the three powerful people proclaimed themselves as emperors were also careless. Finally, Lian Di raised his eyes slightly and caught the decree "It is the Lord of the Holy Spirit, but it is not her name"
After she looked at it, she looked at Liu Chen and others and turned away to "let it go"
"Lian Di?"
Jingdi has some doubts. On the one hand, they came here to see what happened to those strong people who broke through the boundary, and on the other hand, they came to suppress the rise of Cold Emperor in recent eras, which involved some real interest chains.
People don’t always look so tall when they have access. Even the strong at this level have their own minds. It is really inconsistent with the "immortal emperor level" strong in Lu Chen’s heart
When Emperor Lian shook the purple and gold edict in his hand, a brand-new edict appeared in the shattering of the edict, and it was all white and gold-plated with a big word "Feng".
She said, "The young adults of Shengfeng University have ordered these people to enter the boundary safely and get through the road to send them to the real level."
Liu Chen several people looked at each other and looked at this scene feeling quite strange.
The identity of the young adult in the sacred institution of higher learning is naturally easy to guess, but it always gives people a strong sense of sight when it appears on this occasion.
"Painting pear clothes is really mixed up. Even such a strong person has to give face."
Lu Chen laughed that Chinese in his hometown is not the same as the language of people here.
"It can be said that the class gap is too obvious to make people more awe of the real layer."
The world of mortals shook his head and sighed, even a few strong people with more than 320 attributes have to look at the face of a junior in the real world, so you can see that the real layer is powerful
These immortal emperors are not in awe of painting pears, but of the sacred institution and her status as a sacred seal.
From the true spirit world to the true height, almost all the strong people know that the sacred seal is unfathomable. Once it is established, the official will be taboo in the future-no one wants to provoke it.
Even if the three emperors can still crush the painted pear clothes now, it is only a matter of time, and they may be trampled on in a few years.
And this period of time is too short for the strong who often sleep for an era, and it is almost a moment for them.
Besides, Ling Moxue, a contemporary teacher of Shengfeng University, is also a top strong person, not a real spiritual strong person to resist.
"Please come with me, everyone."
Cold emperor see things qualitative also know that the storm has led Liu Chen and others to follow him.
Jingdi Liandi didn’t say much. Just now, their positions were all set. Even if they would give the real layer a big face, they wouldn’t say "change arrogance from arrogance to respect". After all, the strength is not a nobody at this level, looking at the whole high world.
Even if the territory of the high world can be cultivated to their level, there will not be too many talents and spiritual environment indispensable.
Emperor Han took Liu Chen and others into his ice and snow empire and came to a magnificent Dojo.
"Please sit down, gentlemen. There are still three days before the intersection of the real layer and this boundary. If you don’t give up, you can stay here for a while."
Cold emperor tea to add to all.
After thanking Lu Chen, he took over, "It’s a blessing to have you as our guide when we pass by. Please also ask our predecessors to teach us where to go?"
Liu Chenzhu, a group of people, simply negotiated and did not need the guidance of Chu Hang, so he quietly held the teacup and felt this new world.
Although the spirit king’s family background is extraordinary, it is also the first time to come to such a big world, and it feels very novel.


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