Perhaps most people in the Elves are as reasonable as Catherine.

Lawrence should be an example …
Think of this Liu Yuan’s affection for the Elves suddenly rose a lot.
After all, who would refuse an elf beauty with silver hair and pointed ears and long legs wrapped in white silk to apologize?
Certainly not!
Thinking of this, Liu Yuan quickly said with a wave, "Catherine, senior, you really don’t apologize for this matter in person. I didn’t rest assured about what just happened."
Catherine looked up with a serious look at Liu Yuan.
"Don’t learn from Lu Yuan"
"I have to go to the door in person for this rude thing. I don’t want to let my junior have any bad impression on us elves and our community and life leaves because of this."
Um ..
Liu Yuan looked at a face of serious Catherine stare blankly in situ again.
Boy, do elves value manners so much?
While sitting on the sofa, Tina is looking at Catherine with a curious face and apologizing seriously.
You know, she’s not an outsider like Liu Yuan.
Tina is very aware of how arrogant they are to Elves.
This is a group of guys with eyes almost over their heads.
Tina never thought that she would one day see an elf take the initiative to apologize to outsiders.
That’s weird. This is!
However, Tina took it for granted when she thought of her performance in the battle of the Lingrail train in front of Liu Yuan.
After all, Liu Yuan’s strength at that time was simply horrible and exaggerated.
She hasn’t seen anyone who not only pampers animals and cultivates great physical strength, but also is so horrible.
During the day, she also saw the strength of Liu Yuan’s royal beast food.
Being able to do so many things at the same time, she really can’t understand where Liu Yuan comes from.
Maybe he has the ability to separate himself?
Otherwise, where can a person have so much energy to do so many things?
When it comes to separation, it seems that there are many other places besides cultivation, such as … Forget it.
Liu Yuan in the living room saw Catherine so seriously.
Laugh and say, "It’s okay, Senior Catherine. Although I had a little misunderstanding with Senior Lawrence today, you have come here in person now. That little misunderstanding is nothing."
Catherine nodded her head after hearing this, and said seriously, "Thank you for your generosity. Since the misunderstanding between you and us has been lifted, I once again extend a sincere invitation to you on behalf of Life Leaf."
"Liu Yuan’s junior, although there are not many people in our life, it is not bad in the strength college of the community and will not let you down."
Um ..
It’s really difficult to see Catherine inviting Liu Yuan again.
Especially looking at Catherine’s delicate face, Liu Yuan was more or less shaken.
But after thinking for a moment, Liu Yuan refused Catherine.
"Senior Catherine, I have thanked you for your kindness here."
"But I have no idea of joining the club for the time being. If I have this idea, I will contact you actively."
"Good Liu Xuedi, when do you change your mind? Come to me at any time."
"Life leaves the door open at any time …"
Seems to think of something Catherine turned to look at the sofa Tina.
At this time, I was eating an apple while holding a small sword and constantly teasing it, Tina.
I suddenly felt Catherine’s eyes.
She looked up in doubt and saw Catherine looking at her carefully.
"Elder sister, why are you looking at me like this?"
"Tina, junior, would you like to join our life leaf?"
Tina was stunned because she didn’t expect Catherine to invite herself.
After a moment’s hesitation, Tina also refused.
"Forget it, I’m grumpy and I won’t go if I can’t get along with you elves."
Catherine wanted to say something, but after thinking about it for a moment, she nodded and said, "Well, call me when you change your mind, Tina."
"Liu Yuan’s younger brother Tina’s younger sister, I have something to do, so I left first. I just said something you two can consider."


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