He killed himself again and rushed out of the living Shura clan army.

Seven in seven out!
It is the leaders of the seven clans who are all shocked that a person actually killed a seven-in and seven-out among the hundreds of troops!
This is personally created a strange myth!
He even killed a lot of masters along the way, even seven masters who came back from the front line were killed!
The seven families of Wei Shui Hou, the seven killers Li Yu, will always remember this name and forget that it will go down in the annals of heaven.
With a murderous look on his face, 100,000 troops are free to cut Tianjiao in seven and out seven!
"What a seven-in and seven-out, what a seven-kill star …"
There are elders in the fields who feel that today has really witnessed a myth and a strange story.
If this gets out, I’m afraid no one will believe it
In fact, no one believes that there are reliable creatures who fight alone, and 100 thousand troops have even killed seven in and seven out!
"go! Go back! "
Li Yu Ji Ling’s eyes were blazing with heroism before the fire.
Go back!
The centaur cavalry roared and followed him to charge the mixed city!
"A group of waste! Schrotten! Stop them for me! "
"Hundreds of troops can’t stop one hundred people what do you do to eat! Give me a rush, even if you rely on the pile of bodies, you must leave them! "
At the head of the seven families, they were furious and personally chased after the hundred cavalry to stay.
But the hundred cavalry were too fast, and even the law of Tianzhu was engraved with the fact that the troops sent to the array and struck across a period of distance.
They went all the way, slowly surrounded by armies, and gradually some people fell behind and were submerged. There were too many strong people rushing to the front, and it was difficult to see clearly. Their eyes were stained with blood.
Finally, they crossed thousands of miles and returned to the surrounding area of the mixed city, but when they counted, they found that there were fewer people trapped in the army.
Fortunately, after Ji Ling’s break, they persisted in fighting.
"What? Someone’s in deep water? You go back with me! No one can be less! "
Li Yu was furious, and the knife-shaped eyebrows stood up and took the lead in killing the previous one, and when Qian rode, he actually killed it again!
"What the hell? They rushed out and came back? "
Everyone was in a daze, but the foreign leaders were a little stunned. Did the hundred people come back again? !
Is to save a few terrans trapped in the army?
What the hell is this!
It’s hard to get rid of Ji Ling’s entanglement. Before everyone laughs, they feel excited and feel exhausted!
"kill! If you come out with me, you can come back with me. Even if you fall into hades, I will get it back! "
Li Yu a pull wounded Terran warrior turned around and triggered a secret halberd, which directly blasted through the hundreds of miles of sky and cleared a passage.
The black dragon halberd, the holy warrior, is ten times as powerful as a blow, which is naturally a horror to the extreme.
Hundreds of cavalry returned to a lot but the body protection array was completely shattered, and the city’s blessing force was blown up and bloody.
They were badly hurt, and some people even passed out, which is an inevitable price.
It’s the greatest thing to be alive. Where can I care about him?
Li Yu Ji Ling glances couldn’t help laughing. This world war I was really a hearty killing. If the law city helps, I’m afraid it’s hard to do this step like a myth.
"It’s time for kill array’s outburst."
Everyone returned to the city. Li Yu set up a wall overlooking the struggling army in kill array. Although it was messy, the damage to integration was not serious.
"It’s a pity that it’s not a corner pattern, but it doesn’t hurt."
He smiled and motioned for them not to worry. When kill array besieged and blocked the army, he slowly took out a gourd furnace.
As soon as the gourd mouth was loose, there were bright gold and dark brilliance rushing out of the clouds, and the two rivers flooded directly into the middle army of kill array.
This is the true water of the sun, the true water of the moon, which he collected in the past years and finally sent to the field today.
However, Li Yu is still not satisfied with it, and he has moved away from the Vulcan furnace. The purple gas is pouring out from the east and will burn Wan Li!
Purple gas from the east to three Wan Li fire hundreds of troops! Burn it all!
Is aside JiLing all see scalp pins and needles, these means are really malicious but don’t give a way.
"The sun force lunar force? What kind of flame is this? How does it give me a sense of fluctuation in the Heavenly Palace? "
In the large array, the seven clan leaders frowned and suddenly interrupted some bad feelings.
At this time, the sun fell on the lunar two rivers and directly swept thousands of foreign fighters, and their breath turned into blood fog and spread forward.
The purple gas came from the east and the flame spread across the sky, enveloping them with a leader. When they got a little closer, they were ignited and screamed miserably, which made more than a few people stand on end.
"Back! Go back quickly! "
"Don’t stay in this area when withdrawing troops!"
Their scalp is numb. This is the Terran Hundred Horsemen. Do you dare to defend the city?
With such a sun, the Taiyin River flame, I’m afraid everyone will frown when the war comes!
At that time, the army kept retreating, but every moment, the casualties were terrible, leaving a large number of bodies that were terrible.
All the people in the city wall cheered and were so excited that they really kept coming!
Li Yu, on the other hand, thought hard. He thought it was not enough!
He waited for an opportunity to rest after an army was defeated!
Come and stay!
Chapter one hundred and seventy-nine Assault Lian Zhen star out again.
Cold light, iron clothes, Jin Ge, cold mixed sky, a depressed river outside the city, the sun’s power, the lunar power, and the destructive power of generate were swallowed up and invisible
The mountains and rivers in the four fields in the high sky burned with purple gas and flames, leaving pieces of corpses blackened to ashes.


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