Fang Jun also frowned. "According to the news, this place is right."

"Why don’t you just go in and have a look? Maybe there are some good things." Yanfeng looked at the building with a face of excitement as if it were a golden mountain in front of him.
The first to fifth floors of this building are shopping malls, and the sixth floor is the apartment area.
"The specific location of the lucky person is not given in the message, so that we can search from the first floor. I feel that there is definitely a problem here. Please be careful. I will give you the medicine and remember to make it." Fang Jun wiped his pistol and said.
A group of people walked into the gate of the mall, and the air was filled with a kind of decay and various business smells, which made people sick.
Lin Mo couldn’t stand running to the side and began to vomit. Li Xiangkang hurriedly patted her back and said softly, "It would be much better to turn down the sense of smell."
Sure enough, the situation of Lin Mo is much better after adjustment.
Li Xiangkui resisted the constant impulse in his stomach and looked around. There was chaos, ornaments, jewelry, utensils and so on. Many shopfronts were thrown everywhere, and several bodies were still lying on the ground.
Because the destructive power of the city has failed, the lights in the building are all illuminated by the ladder method, and it is already past 4 o’clock in the afternoon. The sun is about to set, and the building looks a little dark, and you can barely see the situation on the second floor.
Several people took out their hand tubes from their backpacks to illuminate them. Although Li Xiangkui is used to double knives, at this time, it is good to take the left-handed knife as a backpack and only bring a right-handed knife.
The first floor of the mall has a large area, and there are many shops. If you go to Tai Lang one by one, you decide to divide the four people into three groups. Fang Jun and Yan Feng are responsible for the investigation on the first floor and the second floor respectively, while Li Xiangkun and Lin Mo are responsible for the third floor. Everyone has no objection to this grouping.
After several people dispersed, Li Xiangkui and Lin Mo walked through the stairs to the third floor. The stairs were very dark, and the walls and the ground were stained with a lot of blood. A pungent smell of blood was eroding the two people.
Li Xiangkang frowned. There was no blood on the first floor to the second floor, but there was so much blood on the second floor to the third floor, which means that the mutant was going to the other side at that time, which means there must be an unknown danger hidden on the surface.
His heart is beating violently, and he has seen so many changes that he is numb, but in fact, he can restrain his nervousness and fear, close the environment, and the dark and bloody smell makes him dizzy
Fingernails plunged into his palm violently, and the severe pain made him wake up. He looked behind him, pulling his skirts and shivering. Lin Mo felt more determined, even if it was a daoshanhuohai, he would go for a break.
Step by step, I walked to the third floor. The third floor is the office area of the mall. There is a long and narrow corridor to isolate the sales area outside.
Walking out of the stairs, there are two roads ahead. He took a deep breath, clenched his knife and was ready to fight at any time. He took a hand gun and swung to both sides, except for many bitten and mutilated bodies.
Lin Mo looked at a corpse of a middle-aged woman. Her face was full of surprise, fear and pain, and more than half of her body was eaten. This scene scared Lin Mo to shout loudly.
At the same time, this call scared Li Xiangkun. He was already beating violently and his heart was beating faster. He angrily shouted at Lin Mo, "Do you know that you will scare people to death!"
Lin Mo wronged pursed the pout. "People are really startled."
Li Xiangkun nai rolled his eyes and was about to say when he suddenly heard a sound at the end of the left road.
It’s the rubbing sound of objects on the ground, as if someone were dragging something to walk.
Two people stared nervously at the end of the road, a figure was faintly shaking in the darkness, dragging a body towards them.
Dark scold a Li Xiangrui quickly pulled Lin Mo and ran towards the end of another road. The figure seemed to be unawares, and they were still moving slowly towards them.
Running and running, they found that there was a dead end ahead, there was no way to hide in the office and locked the door.
Looking at the room with a little relief, it seems to be an ordinary office. There is nothing special except desks, cabinets and so on. The sky outside the window has become dark and the whole room has become cold.
The two men moved the cabinets and tables in the room to the door, hoping to stop the figure from moving. When everything was ready, they quietly listened to the sound outside.
The sound is getting louder and louder, and the footsteps are getting clearer and clearer. Both hearts are hanging in their throats. When the footsteps reach the door, they suddenly stop, and then they are silent.
Lin Mo was a little strange and patted Li Xiangkun and asked, "What on earth is that thing doing without sound?"
Li Xiangkun was also a little confused and said, "I don’t know. Let’s observe first."
Ten minutes later, it was still quiet and terrible around, as if you could hear clearly if you dropped a needle.
Li Xiangkun couldn’t stay any longer. He slowly stepped on the table and walked to the door. When he looked out through the cat’s eye, he swung outside. He looked to the left again. Looking to the right again, there is still nothing.
He looked back at Lin Mo and indicated that there was nothing outside. Then he looked at the cat’s eye again to make sure that it was safe.
Suddenly, he saw that the opposite side of the cat’s eye turned red. After watching it carefully for a while, he was horrified to find that there were black pupils in the crimson.
This time, Li Xiangkun was shocked. He stumbled back a few steps and almost fell down.
Lin Mo helped Li Xianglian up and asked strangely, "What do you see?"
"Eyes, eyes, blood-red eyes, it, it, we, it found us," Li Xiangkui said with wide eyes.
The hand holding the knife trembled violently. He had never seen such a horrible scene.
A loud knock on the door once again alarmed the two of them. They saw that the original solid door shook during this collision.
Again and again, I hit the door again and again. However, this kind of sound seems to be the same as the ecstasy to the ears of the two.
The door crashed and became deformed, and finally the door was knocked open with a loud noise, blocking the door, and tables and cabinets collapsed one after another
A tall mutant cocked his neck and stared at his red eyes. Two people looked at him and dragged a body with their hands.
Variant roared a body fell to one side and rushed towards the two positions.
Li Xiangkun was stunned by a pull, and Lin Mo escaped the impact of the mutant and quickly ran toward the outside.
Variants saw that the blow didn’t succeed, and they stamped their feet angrily and chased them out much faster than the first two.
Feeling that the monster behind is getting closer and closer to himself, Li Xiangkun turned around and pushed Lin Mo to the stairs and shouted to her, "You run to the second floor to meet Yan Feng."
"no! I don’t go, I don’t want to leave you "Lin Mo cried out.
"Let’s go, there’s no time!" Li Xiangkun almost shouted out physically, but for a moment he felt a strong power impact.
Chapter XII Market Crisis (2)
Lin Mo saw Li Xiang-kang flying out by the mutant in front of him and putting it into the wall.
"Xiang Yu!"
A piercing cry attracted the attention of the mutant, and it turned to look at Lin Mo.
Lin Mo was so scared that her legs went limp. It was the first time that she felt death so close to her.
"grandpa beast here"
A furious drink came from a crack in the wall.
Li Xiangkui felt that his insides had been shaken up, and every movement was painful to death. When he heard Lin Mo’s cry, he knew that something was wrong and struggled with all his strength, just as he saw the mutant look at Lin Mo and shouted to attract it.
Sure enough, the variant changed its target and turned to Li Xiangkun in the wall.
"foam! Run and leave me alone! "
Lin Mo knew that continuing here would be a burden to him.
Silently said, "You must live."
Then I ran upstairs all at once.
When Li Xiangkui heard the sound of the building getting smaller and smaller, he felt a burst of ease in his heart. He put away his hand tube and took out his left knife. He looked at the variant and spit out a few words, "Face is when I perform."
He is not sure about the specific strength of the mutant, but he knows very well that it is very powerful. Just now, the impact almost killed him. If it were not for the genetic strengthening agent and continuous training, he would have been shattered.
You can’t fight hard, but you can win by being flexible. Li Xiangkui rushes to the mutant within two steps. When the mutant spreads his arms horizontally, he wants to make the human in front of him into a paste.
However, Li Xiangkui seemed to see that his eyes slid to the back of the mutant with one waist, and he continued to chop while he had already swung his double-arm withdrawal force, leaving only shallow scratches.
Lee sang-woon was shocked to think quickly about where the weakness of the mutant would be, but his hands kept attacking every part of it.
Constantly avoiding attacks and testing weaknesses made him feel a little tired, his arm strength was greatly weakened and his movement speed was slowed down. According to this trend, he would inevitably become a mutant and die in ten minutes.
Suddenly his eyes lit up, and when the mutant raised his arm, the axillary skin looked a little different compared with other parts.
The weakness should be here. Li Xiangkun secretly nodded and kept moving to attract variants, while the latter succeeded. The former harassed anger and raised his arms.
When the opportunity came, he didn’t hesitate. He raised his knife and plunged into the armpit of the mutant with his last strength. This time, there was no scratch, but he plunged in easily. The green blood flowed along the blade, adding a sense of coquetry to the knife.


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