The angry devil rushed through the ancient road, passed the courtyard and poured into the palace square.

The sun is shining but not afraid.
He threw out the ashes, the magic crystal, and the magic crystal was semi-transformed into pieces of ash floc, and the ash floc flew around Tianyang to form a flame, which buckled Tianyang and Muqing around them.
Then a magic shadow rises and burns, holding a shadow blade to protect the teenager.
Finally, whether black hand spewed light.
The remnants of the sun are like a high-class dark citizen, and the dark particles are bursting out, releasing more majesty than deep.
Even though he has been surrounded by demons, the young hand is still firm and powerful.
Ray blade raised his sword and pointed to the demons.
Beidou base
Not far from the lifting platform, Shen Mozhu faces the transportation platform in front of the base, behind him and in all directions from left to right. A large area in front is illuminated as bright as day by a high-power camera.
Behind the commander are three-dimensional armed forces. These humanoid combat machines are full of power, and all weapon platforms are in a state of being excited at any time.
Ten Nightcrawler teams are ready. All sublimators are in combat. These experienced soldiers who have been in and out of the battlefield of life and death have been nervous.
They knew that this war would be the most dangerous thing in their lives.
Ordinary soldiers have shown extraordinary courage here. Guns, explosions, roars and screams come from the depths of the base, which forms a great sense of oppression and tests the bravery of every soldier.
Except for the Beidou base warrior Hongni Town, all the fighters who can mobilize have now settled here.
But looking at the faces tensed by nervousness, Shen Mozhu sighed in his heart, and he lacked any confidence.
"Everybody listen!"
Commander sound up Shen Mozhu turned around and looked at these soldiers at his hand. "I know you are all very upset and afraid now."
"This is a normal thing, because we are human beings, we have never been a powerful species, and we have always been small in front of the dark creatures in more than 100 inverse worlds."
"But one thing is that its race doesn’t have it, and that’s courage!"
"We humans have the courage to explore the darkness and the unknown! For more than a thousand years, 127 inverse boundaries have countless dark people, and those strange and mysterious ways have stopped us. "
"Today is the same!"
Shen Mozhu turned and pointed to the distant base. "Now the demons from that base have broken through our blockade one after another, and soon they will rush out of the base and soon they will come to us!"
"Theory such as we must stop them here! We can’t let them rush out of the ground! "
"At this moment, the commander of Shen Mozhu Yunxiang base invites you to die with me."
"The clouds will never retreat!"
The commander’s voice is constantly roaring and echoing in this underground.
Adam and Captain Nightcrawler exchanged glances and roared, "Never give up!"
Shen Mozhu gently took off his glasses and put them away. Then Xing Yun showed a rising momentum …
At this time, a thick black cloud suddenly poured out at the exit of Beidou base, and several aphid-splitting demons screamed and danced wildly, and the black cloud surged forward too much.
In the dark clouds, a giant claw demon rushed out. These lanky humanoid monsters screamed wildly, and some of them were brothers and sisters, and their speed soared.
Yan Mo finally rushed out of the shadows where the transportation platform of Beidou base was paved with lights.
Shen Mozhu drew out a sword body decorated with beautiful bamboo patterns, and went forward, but from that not-so-burly body, he roared like a thunderbolt, "Fight to the death!"
The captains, sublimators and soldiers looked at the bright eyes of their colleagues around them and saw the courage and belief burning like flames in each other’s hearts.
Adam pulled out the grip of the big two-handed sword behind him and took a step forward. From his mouth, he burst into a big roar, "Yunxiang will fight to the death!" "
"Fight to the death!"
The roar of human beings is several times louder than that of the demons who have been transported underground. The three-dimensional armed forces took the lead in the fire and did not save ammunition. It is planned that all weapons platforms will be fired in an instant and all kinds of time will bloom like a kaleidoscope.
A row of hunters lit the stars at the same time, raised their bows and pulled strings to throw out a series of lights, and then the lights lit up, and then the arrows rained with three-dimensional armed artillery fire and fell into the enemy lines …
Element javelin, pillar of fire, frost gun … After the element heart is put into battle, all kinds of element abilities are madly smashed into the demon of Yan.
When the ranks of the God of War passed by Shen Mozhu and formed a sharp front of soldiers, they severely hit those demons who rushed through the bombing position.
This disparity in strength is starting!


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