Soi Fon looked at Changze with a happy look on his face.
"Right? I liked it the first time Xuexin brought me here to eat. "
Nagazawa said with a smile, pick up a skewer and put it in your mouth and eat a bunch.
"whoosh ~"
Soi Fon’s eyes straightened up when he saw Changze’s generous move.
"You eat more, Twill."
Snow letter pushed a plate directly to the front of Soi Fon. Soi Fon glanced at Snow Letter and said "thank you" gently.
Xuexin was in a good mood eating skewers and drinking beer.
Joy can dilute the haze, and having dinner with my lover and sister makes Xuexin find peace of mind.
"so spicy"
Soi Fon stuck out his tongue and gasped. When he saw the beer, he raised his glass and drank it.
Unconsciously, Soi Fon finished a large glass of beer and was slightly drunk.
Changze ordered the second glass of wine, and Soi Fon unconsciously finished her limited capacity for liquor. After drinking, she fell asleep directly on her back.
"Tip twill capacity for liquor is not very good?" Changze said with a smile.
"I haven’t had a drink before the tip silk and it’s not allowed at home."
Snow letter aside said
Chang Ze took a sip of wine and suddenly asked, "I have a question for you."
"What’s the problem"
Snow letter looked at long ze are curious and asked.
Changze smiled and said, "If I want to marry you one day, should I be called Bee Capital or Zhibo Capital?"
"Sister Du, will you marry me?"
Snow letter stare big eyes looking at long ze dull asked.
Marrying Chang Zedu is Xuexin’s dream, but it’s not yet time. Xuexin thinks it will take ten or twenty years for her sister to promise herself.
However, it seems that Nagasawa has long recognized this fact, and it is light and light.
This let snow confidence into ecstasy.
"Of course not now. I mean later."
Zhibo waved his hand at Xuexin and asked, "You haven’t answered my question yet. What shall I call?"
"Chi Bo Du" Xue Xin scratched his head and said.
"Aren’t you going back to the bee’s house in the future?" Long ze are some unexpected asked
"There should be no reasonable reason to go back."
Snow letter replied, more importantly, he had not lived for more than 50 years before, and he had long regarded Zhibo as his home.
"Zhibo Capital"
Nagazawa nodded and gulped down the wine in the glass and said, "This name is not bad."
Changze and Xuexin continue to drink because Soi Fon is drunk and Xuexin dare not drink too much.
As a result, Changze was drunk and fell unconscious there.
Xuexinnai can send both of them back. He first sent Changze home and then carried Soi Fon to the double hills of the second team and the secret mobile forces
But I haven’t reached the second district yet, and a man is coming with a smile.
How did you meet him?
See each other snow letter slightly one leng hurriedly shouted "Aizen vice captain"
Vice captain of Lanranbi Yousuke Wufan team
He walked slowly to the front of Xuexin, looked at Xuexin and gently asked, "Do you feel depressed now?"
Chapter seventy LanRanBiYouJie
The night is as black as ink, the moon and stars, and the thin wind whizzes past, blowing clothes, swinging and hunting.
"What did you say?"
Snow letter looked at Aizen slightly one leng, not without hearing what he said, but with some surprise. He said these things.
Do you want to feel depressed?


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