The dazzling sunshine made Lance cover his eyes with the back of his hand, and Lance paused.

After a while, he got used to the light in the room before continuing to say, "I learned magic from the ivory tower full of complicated runes after awakening the magic pool. We are called wizards. We are more noble than others, not because we have magic, but because we can eradicate all evils in this world because we are a group of wizards who control the power of elements!"
Surdak is a little dumbfounded. Is this young wizard full of justice going to be the embodiment of justice?
Listen to lance continue to say at this time.
"People respect us because we have great magic power, but these forces protect the people around us."
"But now I find that there may be a long way to go to realize this dream. Even though I have studied diligently, I still can’t do anything when I get to the battlefield."
"So I thought that if I had entered the Knight Academy instead of awakening the magic pool, it might have been much bigger than now."
He raised his head and looked stupefied at the sword in Surdak’s hand.
Surdak has some difficulty in scratching his head and said
"You have a little problem with your self-values. If your tutor is around, I believe he can help you, but I may not be very good at it … I am better at surgery than this."
He thinks that at this time, there should be a wizard elder to guide Lance, and Lance may come to his senses after a few simple words.
Surdak pressed the bass to his ear and said, "If your body doesn’t work, I can help you for three days at a time!"
Aside from Gelianna and the sweet beauty magician, a red tide appeared on their faces and turned their heads to one side.
He carefully looked at lance again mouth’ gee’ said.
"Your body is a little weak, or I can make an exercise plan for you from today. I promise that after one month, your body will be much healthier than it is now, and you won’t feel how painful it is to exercise. Do you want to try …"
Lance raised his arm and looked at it. Although it had no muscles, it was not as bad as Surdak said. He said, "Forget it. I don’t think my body is that bad."
Surdak hey hey smile a n experienced person tone say
"It may be too late when you find out."
He will blood red crescent vertical bed and then solemnly said to lance.
"Well … now let’s talk about what kind of occupation a magician is. What do you think is the ratio of children to children who can awaken the magic pool once a year in Hailansa City?"
Lance didn’t answer, but looked away at Grena.
Without hesitation, Gloria said, "Usually, one child out of 35,000 children may awaken to the magic pool and become a magic apprentice. I am in charge of recruiting magic apprentices at Hailanza Junior School of Magic."
Surdak said with envy
"This kind of lucky person who can be selected by one in a thousand or one in a thousand will become a magician apprentice once he awakens the magic pool. According to the laws of the Green Empire, the aristocrat will not only be educated by the junior magic academy, but also receive a monthly living allowance. These are all benefits for a magician."
"Of course, a magician usually feels superior when he enjoys such benefits …"
"You can still enjoy this and that."
Surdak said that it was the status quo of all wizards in the empire, and many old aristocratic lords did not have such good benefits
Then he said, "Now, in the battlefield, you find that soldiers and ants can take care of the enemy’s identity, whether they are cavalry, archers or wizards …
They won’t show mercy because of your noble status. If you see those evil spirits on the battlefield in Warsaw, they will even give you wizards a little preferential treatment because of your ability … "
Lance glared angrily at Surdak, who had been depressed for a long time, and finally broke out. He sat on the bed and roared
"That’s not why I think I should be stronger. I should be able to save everyone!"
"Of course, heavy cavalry tend to rush to the front of their battlefields and directly face the ghost-patterned soldier ants, especially when there are giant soldier ants in the ant colony." Surdak said, "If there are shooters behind them for strong support, the battle will become very different, and if there are wizards behind them, the battle will become easier."
Surdak added, "This is the magician."
Two people finally a channel.
Lance freely retorted.
"But I don’t think … how much can a magician’s game change …"
Surdak nodded and admitted that "the loss was absolute superiority and absolute strength."
Lance looked up at Surdak and asked him, "But when you arrived, what turned the tide?"
"…" Surdak was right at the moment.
"I think a wizard can’t compare with a knight!" Lance said gloomily
Surdak would like to say that he is always a knight who knows dragon language and understands the seal and aura. You just threw two fireballs … What is the comparison?
"Lance, that’s because you’re not fully prepared. You may not know how long I’ve been preparing for this battle," Surdak said. "Next time, you should take magic scrolls with you … as many kinds as possible …"
"In addition, you need to know that the specific power of the fireball released in the actual combat field does not necessarily have to kill the opponent, but they must be suppressed. Take fireball art as an example. Even if you throw ten fireballs, you may not be able to burn a ghost-striped red ant to death, but each fireball fried from the ant colony can affect the surrounding ghost-striped soldier ants. If you find the right time, you can enlarge the results …"
"It’s not magic, it’s your lack of actual combat experience. You don’t have the way to cooperate with each other. It’s good to take part in a few more battles …"
Surdak said a lot, and finally four of his friends joined in. Six people talked about what kind of magic the wizard battlefield was going to make in Lance’s bedroom.
The fire wizard of the Green Empire is more complete than the fire magic
When we discuss the problem of battlefield magic, we are more inclined to make explosion and fire shield, but we must know how to cooperate with cavalry
Later in the evening, Surdak invited Lance to have a sumptuous dinner with several friends in the barbecue restaurant in Duodan Town, and the group drank a little ale in the pub.
Surdak hurried back to the barracks to prepare for the thunder rhinoceros to implant the magic tattoo of life in the caravan.
To tell the truth, it is almost impossible to implant the life magic pattern from these ghost male ants into a warrior’s body. On the other hand, it is very suitable to implant these thunder rhinoceroses.
According to the transaction contract reached between the two parties, Surdak needs businessman Malacombe to transform 23 thunder rhinoceros.
However, so far, Surdak has only found 14 ghost patterns of male ants’ life.
To complete this transaction, Surdak estimates that at least 50 male ants with ghost patterns need to be hunted, which means at least two ant colonies need to be hunted in the hills and mountains …
Samira sat at the top of a stone pillar facing the rising sun.
This is the cliff on the east side of Duodan Town. These stone pillars come out like stalagmites and grow halfway up the mountain.
Samira rarely climbs here when practicing archery at ordinary times.
But this time it’s different.
Last night, when Samira was still asleep, she felt something stirring in her body. The wind that had been flowing around the meridians of her body was twisted into several pure white silk threads and came out through her body.
These through-the-body silk threads are sharper than those of long hair dancing in the wind.


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