Of course, Han Chen’s deep pockets have also attracted many people’s eyes when they are also talking about it.

"Isn’t this silly to exchange five hundred gold coins for such a broken picture?"
"It’s really rich, but it’s also stupid."
"No matter how it looks, this little guy has spent all his money. I’ll see how he bids for that last thing now."
Although the sounds are small, Han Chen can hear them clearly, but Han Chen doesn’t pay much attention to them because he knows that this map may be a mysterious treasure, and he will get it even at a high price.
"This third map has been obtained. I wonder what the fourth map is?" Thinking about Han Chen like this in my heart is also some expectation.
And then Han Chen spent five million gold coins to buy the third map, and he was completely silent. He wanted to see what the last finale was.
With this in mind, Han Chen is also sitting in his own position waiting for the last auction to appear.
"Ladies and gentlemen, this last auction …" Suddenly, the old man’s voice sounded slowly, and after a short pause, the old man continued, "This last auction is a seven-elixir called Jiuzhuan Resurrection Grass. This elixir is extremely magical. Even if you want this Jiuzhuan Resurrection Grass with your last breath, you will be full of vitality and it will be very helpful for your strength, especially if you encounter a bottleneck expert and swallow this Jiuzhuan Resurrection Grass, you will be able to break through the bottleneck and rise to the realm." The old man said with great joy.
"Hey, hey, it’s really a good thing." I was also very happy to hear this old man introduce Han Chen when he was also eager to try.
But Han Chen’s face almost turned green after the old man said the price.
"Must reserve price? How high will the final price be? " In my heart, I severely scold this old guy, but Han Chen is also a bit helpless. He is bound to get it even if he loses all his money, otherwise he still doesn’t know how long it will take before he can be successfully promoted to the realm of becoming a god.
"Spell" the cruel Han Chen in my heart is also ready to stay put.
"I’ll pay 11 million."
"15 million"
"90 million"
At this time, the people in the seats are also eager to try. Of course, this magical elixir will tempt them to never be stingy with their money, because they know that this nine-turn rejuvenation grass represents strength. Isn’t it easy to get money?
With this idea, those people who bid are almost insane.
Only a few minutes later, the price of this nine-turn rejuvenation grass actually rose to 130 million gold coins.
Han Chen has long speculated about this phenomenon.
"140 million"
"150 million"
The bidding in the field continues.
"Hoo" saw those people bidding so madly. Han Chen finally breathed a sigh of relief slowly, and then he said a jaw-dropping price.
"I’ll pay 200 million."
"What? Who the hell is 200 million? How dare you pay such a high price? "
"This is crazy? Actually, the price has risen to such a high level. "
When Han Chen said this, those people’s eyes were delivered to Han Chen.
For those eyes Han Chen is shrugged and ignored.


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