Yang Yun checked the bodies of these people for the first time, and then arranged diet and medicine. These people’s mental state recovered very quickly.

After three days, these people’s energy has also recovered rapidly. They can walk freely like normal people, but they can’t exercise vigorously. It may be some time before they want to take part in the battle.
Then Lin Ying and others set off again and crossed G City at the fastest speed.
A few days ago, Lin Ying, they all walked on the edge of G City, and there were not many zombies.
But as time went on, they gradually entered the center of G City, and the sudden increase of zombies made it difficult for them to move forward.
The only good news is that Naxiao has recovered very quickly with a lot of food and drug support.
Lin Ying added some evolutionary potions and stones, and some of them actually evolved.
This Xiao Bao bone has been transformed into fighting capacity, which greatly eased the pressure of Lin Ying and them to move forward.
When Lin Ying and them entered G City on the first day, Lin Ying and them had reached the most prosperous section of G City.
This is G City CBD. The population is so large that the whole road is full of zombies, and all the buildings are full of zombies.
It’s impossible to walk from the ground
So Lin Ying and them are going to take the waterway.
But when Lin Ying entered the waterway, they found that even the waterway was full of zombies.
As a last resort, Lin Ying, they cleared the waterway and struggled forward.
Good cover with dense fog, and the water channel is isolated from a large number of sound forests and shadows. Although they made a lot of noise, they still fought their way out in the channel.
Lin Ying and his party struggled through the most prosperous section of G City with the help of waterways, and then the journey behind was easier.
On the tenth day, Lin Ying and them finally crossed G City with difficulty.
Looking at the hillside outside Lin Ying G City, G City heaved a sigh of relief, "Goodbye G City at last."
Then Lin Ying plunged into the mountains with everyone.
Chapter nine hundred and seventy-one Walk back
G City is the last big city that Lin Ying passed on her way home.
After G City, there is a mountain road, deep in the mountains of forest filmmakers.
Qianzhai is closed to the outside world, and it will take several days to walk without roads.
Now it is the last time that all kinds of zombies and beasts haunt the Woods, and a large number of evolutionary beasts run wild in the shadows. As soon as they enter the Woods, they seem to have entered the zoo.
Or that deadly zoo.
After entering the Woods, all kinds of accidents and attacks came one after another, which seriously delayed the progress.
Lin Ying and others walked in the Woods for a long time, only to encounter dozens of attacks.
And the team actually appeared attrition.
Death is a lucky man who has just recovered. His body has just returned to normal from a skinny state, and his fighting capacity is not very high. When he meets a zombie beast, he doesn’t react directly and is bitten off by half of his head.
There is no way to turn this situation into a mutant.
Lin Ying killed the zombie beast and looked at the dead lucky person and fell into silence.
"There are too many animals here. If you are not careful, you will be ambushed.
And because of the complex environment, animals are powerful, and they have to sneak up on the lucky ones.
After only half a day’s walk, I encountered so many attacks and there were layoffs.
If I continue to take them back to the village, it is estimated that no more than 20% of them will live this way.
Although they are my lucky people on the way, they can’t take their lives seriously, and they can’t be afraid of sacrifice again. "
After a moment of meditation, Lin Ying decided to "go back to G City and find a place to settle them down"
Then Lin Ying had the body of the deceased disposed of and everyone was called together.
Everyone looked at Lin Ying, and the atmosphere seemed a little dull.
Lin Ying took a look at everyone and said, "The place I’m going to is deep in this mountain. If we walk at the speed today, we may have to walk for about ten days."
When I heard Lin Ying, everyone looked at each other with a dignified face.


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