The Golden Hongqiao greeted Lu Chen and went to Gaoshen Tulan Ke to meet him personally. Without too much explanation, he took Lu Chen into the tunnel connecting the virtual battlefield.

Lu Chen didn’t say a word all the way. When he met rotten Ke, he made a courtesy. He didn’t ask why he was looking for him, because the news from the painting pear clothes had already let him.
I believe that not only he, but also Chu Hang, an institution of scientific and technological truth, will be invited out of the mountain soon, and so will Xia Mi, an institution of reincarnation.
Because there are many competitive events, there will be some special areas that need their hands.
However, there are more than 9,000 kinds of combat events in this competitive event, mainly depending on the results of the combat events, and it is only a small part that he won the event.
"Lu Chen believes that you already know that there is an ancient monster in the No.1 world who is an absolute enemy in ancient times. Are you sure?"
When I arrived at the virtual battlefield, rotten Ke still couldn’t help asking. After all, Lu Chen’s strength in mainland China has definitely changed for many years. These things are the clearest among Lu Chen people.
"Absolute enemy? …"
Lu Chen repeated this name and grinned. "I didn’t dare to define myself like this."
After listening to Lu Chen’s words, rotten Ke decided to believe in the origin. Since the origin thinks that Lu Chen can win, it means that he can win.
"Predecessors are you in charge of the institution of higher learning? I am Bai Lao who came to see me. "
Liu Chen, who stopped, could not bear to ask more questions.
Rotten Ke smiled and shook his head. "I’ll give you a ride temporarily when Bai Lao leads the team to preside over the athletic meeting. You will know that we won’t be dealing with each other for the last time."
The contemporary director of Lingxu Temple, Lan Ke, knows the pioneers best and pays the most attention to them. After all, many pioneers’ files are full of troubles, which makes them look cool in boring life.
Liu Chen see each other secretive also no longer ask is eye closure pranayama continue to understand the mystery of the ancient classics.
"Don’t play? There is only one day left. What are you waiting for? "
Every stadium is wearing the No.1 World Tianjiao, who is disdainful of the high world.
Just now, the man named Kuping, who killed the muscle Shinto nylon, did not immediately go to the battle field, but looked at you with provocative eyes. Tianjiao and others on the high side of the world continued to play.
He has a belligerent personality and likes to kill his enemies. He was killed in that era. His name has been sealed for many years and he has been mad for a long time. Naturally, the stadium will kill him.
At this time, the high world tianjiao was wronged, but Bai Lao was already strict and could not play.
"You wait for the landing brother to come and see how long you can be arrogant!"
Someone shouted angrily, but he was a little weak.
Because the number one world is strong, there are too many arrogant people, and that is called abnormal light-seeking. Even if Lu Chen comes, can he really reverse Gan Kun?
"Looking for light is really strong. I feel that Liu Xiong is probably 50-50."
The world of mortals frowned and said, I’m afraid this high world is really going to overturn. Even if I can’t beat Lu Chen, I will hold Lu Chen off for a fight for more than ten years, so it’s still the first world victory.
Because the high world can’t stop the No.1 world, he is arrogant, and he also has a direct feeling that the No.1 world card is not finished.
"I feel that the captain is still stronger. He is unbeaten."
Thousands of snow light way
Falling in the world of mortals didn’t refute it after seeing thousands of snows. He really wanted to vomit. It is because your filter is too strong that Lu Chen really can’t win.


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