This girl is handsome in appearance, but extremely sharp in her hands. It can be said that she is ruthless. The thunder chased the thin young man and kept blinking, so she split the young man into a pile of coke and died very unjustly.

In fact, the strength of that person, this young girl, can’t win without facing the enemy, but she won’t die so ugly.
However, he was attacked by this girl, and the first blow broke his protective qi, and it was easy to die when all means were used.
Hee hee sneak attack on these fools is the best way to get rich. I already have two veins today. The girl’s fingers hold her cheeks. Hee hee smiles and looks cute, but the actual person is extremely cruel.
She is going to walk all the thin and explosive equipment behind her at this time. Suddenly, a soft and rich voice laughs at my little sister. Chapter four hundred and twelve Here comes the little teacher younger brother.
The girl’s hair stood on end in fear, and she quickly offered a protective body to protect her whole body. At the same time, the white mountain thundering water gushed from her head.
Several Lei Guang cut through like a sword, turning Fiona Fang 100 meters behind her into a thunder pool. There are sharper than Lei Guang everywhere.
This is famous for her sharp attack with five thunders.
The girl is convinced that suddenly the man behind her will be blown to pieces by lightning.
When you play with me, I’m afraid you haven’t given birth to a girl yet. She giggled and looked back. Her face suddenly stiffened and there was no one behind her.
A dark skeleton suddenly emerged from her side, not far away, and now this skeleton spits and laughs. Little sister, you are so vicious that you are afraid that you will not marry in the future.
Say it is a skeleton slowly condensed around her.
Then listen to the swish of a dozen skeletons and surround the girl. Even a skeleton swims and drags these skeletons, and the killing gas ratio is rich.
Let her feel hard to breathe when she falls into the plasma pool.
This horrible situation makes people shudder.
Big brother, do you really want to kill someone? The girl is delicate and touching. Blink her eyes and cry. She knows that these skeletons can talk, but they are not manipulated by people.
A dozen skeletons came crashing and winked and drowned her.
How does the elder sister’s soul-urging term have no effect on this person? The girl broke out in the whole body of Lei Guang and broke several skeletons’ blockade. He shouted, "Smelly little one has a strong life and death environment and dares to fight with elder sister to die."
Meng Fei hand panlong gold-banded cudgel looked at her and rushed to her side, hitting the girl’s forehead with a silent stick.
It seems that I have three veins. Meng Feibang smiled slightly.
The girl didn’t find Meng Fei in the end. She was first surrounded by several skeletons in Meng Fei, but she didn’t want Meng Fei to wait for a long time. She rushed to the delivery door at her feet and died in a daze.
In fact, Meng Fei didn’t kill people indiscriminately, but this girl is not clever and ruthless, and she is more ruthless than a devil’s evil spirit. She is a woman, and the last death is probably Meng Fei.
Meng Fei will be satisfied with the two spiritual veins and hide the thin young man in his heart.
These two people have three spiritual animals, but the animals are not placed in Meng Feixin, which makes him feel glad that there are actually many minerals in these materials that he needs.
The mother of purple stone mine is a piece of gold mine, and the mother of cold jade mine is a fist. These are all magic weapon materials. This little girl and that thin young man seem to have killed many people and robbed so many rare magic weapon materials.
Meng Fei carefully liquidated the Xuan Ming copper mother that was added to his hand today. He has reached the level of four kinds of mother stones. If he wants six more kinds of mother stones, he can build a real magic weapon of his own.
However, the birth of a magic weapon requires not only ten kinds of mother lead, but also other massive precious materials. Meng Fei touched Ba Xin Road and should also pay attention to this material from now on
There are thin young people in these treasures, and that young girl practices mind, art and martial arts.
For the art of Meng Fei, he can’t directly see two doors of Wushu, but he has roughly read it again
Thin young people practice martial arts called Purple Star Gangqi, which is a very overbearing martial arts practice. They are just strong and powerful against the enemy, but when they meet that girl, Tian Lei is directly blown into coke by that girl.
To cultivate the purple star spirit, you need to be equipped with the corresponding mental method to transform one’s body cultivation into the power of the highest heaven. Therefore, this martial art can be easily practiced unless the purple star school mental method is changed.
However, it is not difficult for Meng Fei. He has three forces in his body to pull the three forces method, in which the real power can turn the highest power into the highest power.
He will ponder this martial arts carefully again.