Hundreds of soldiers were sucked into the demon spirit gourd and left alive. One by one, they were called to ask about the officer’s words.

The officer didn’t lie, and now the Great Jin Dynasty has fallen apart.
However, the officer didn’t know much about the monastic world, and all he knew was the specific situation. These soldiers were even more unclear. They knew that their troops were under attack, so they fled all the way with their officers into the mountains to escape.
Those mountaineers were afraid to get close to Leitian in the distance, sitting there interrogating the soldiers. Biluotong stood on the side, and they were all respectful to the Taoist priest. These mountaineers were afraid to disturb them. It was these soldiers who destroyed their homes. The mountaineers looked at several soldiers with anger in their eyes.
After leitian asked, knowing that there was nothing worth digging, he pressed the moon sword pill, beheaded the officer’s remaining soldier department and inhaled the demon gourd to make fertilizer for Pyrrhus.
Leitian said to Biluotong, Do you still care about these people? He meant mountain people.
Biluotong’s face changed, sir. These mountain people don’t know anything. Without them, I can’t break through the physical bondage. Please spare them. They won’t reveal your affairs.
Is this the feeling of incense? Leitian is curious. Looking at Biluotong, this monster is still devouring flesh and blood, and he can also have feelings for these mountain people. It seems that it is not good to kill the monster and get rid of it. Besides, it is not a good excuse to be a monster.
Leitian’s thoughts fluttered, and I forgot to ask Biro’s fairy tale. Biro Tong quickly knelt down and said, Master, don’t kill these people. Biro, please.
Well, Leitian pointed to four Fu Bing roads, and you commanded these Fu Bing to help rebuild the village.
Thank you, sir, for getting up quickly and directing Fu Bing to stay away from Leitian. He was afraid that Leitian would change his mind and shake his head. What do these villagers know that they won’t reveal their secrets? They are not addicted to killing demons, but they killed those soldiers because they have just been refined and will soon have mortal feelings.
Those soldiers killed the Gushan people, and it was out of place to be educated since childhood. Speaking of it, such a thing is tragic and inhuman.
I don’t know if I will care about these if I am lucky enough to achieve immortality in the future. At that time, I will no longer have mortal life and death and have emotional fluctuations, right
It’s not difficult to rebuild the cottage. It’s not difficult to repair the cottage after almost a day.
Leitian has been sitting there looking at Biluotong’s sorcery to see how it changes in time. His gods are no longer strong enough to form the name of firm but gentle. Leitian’s gods have been repeatedly repaired, moistened and polished by the lamella gun, and their toughness is hard to match even the monks in the deification period.
He is now able to explore a distance of 100 feet, and he can clearly distinguish the combination mode of meta-pneumatic, which is not a small day.
Once Biluotong appeased the villagers, he returned to Leitian and called his master.
Leitian just got up and looked at the sky. Go back to the abode of fairies and immortals first. Are you ready to pick up things and leave with me?
Master, don’t close your eyes and practice. There are many fairy tales in Biro, but you still fly quickly, wrapped in Leitian, and fly to your abode of fairies and immortals. This time, Leitian’s body is more agile, and the flight speed is much faster. Less than half a column of incense, the two of them returned to the hillside abode of fairies and immortals.
Leitian didn’t meet the boy for questioning. His heart slowly analyzed whether he should take refuge in a small sect and hide his identity. Although the lamella gun can speed up his cultivation, the problem is that it is not enough to accumulate vitality when various realms rise to the future.
If you want to impact the realm of God, you need more knowledge of monasticism, and you can’t rely on Luo Tong. This demon realm only helps you when you are suffering.
However, the collapse of the Great Jin Dynasty and the chaotic humanitarian world have changed. Will it be very difficult for this small sect student?
Chapter 56 Violet in the fire
The alchemist’s cultivation is not a powerful thing, but a way to achieve immortality and liberation. No matter how strong you are, you will meet your opponent. If you persist in fighting for a day, the alchemist will often die a bad death.
The establishment of humanity by Qin Huang, the major sects, all died down. Penglai immortals would rather give up their inheritance than confront Qin Huang with some small doors and factions to escape before being exterminated by Qin Huang.
When the Qin Dynasty collapsed, those sects that chose to keep back made a comeback in one fell swoop, which laid the foundation for their superiority in Zhongzhou and refused to compromise with the Qin Dynasty. Most of the sects went up in smoke. Fortunately, some sects also lost their strength, and then Kunlun and other sects competed.
After thousands of years of self-cultivation, these big schools have gained great strength.
Today, when humanity collapses, it is necessary to carefully consider your future.
Too small sects can’t meet the needs of leitian, too big sects can’t see the qualifications of leitian. At the beginning, Su Mei looked away, and the future was bleak. A demon clan had to refine its bones and practice the demon clan Taoism, which may not be weak, but it can also point to the fairy road. However, after the ancient and ancient times, most demon clan Taoism has been exhausted, and the cultivation path has become very slim.
Many great demons immediately washed away their blood after refining their bones, and converted to Terran Daoism. The rapid progress has surprised many geniuses.
In Su Mei’s eyes, Leitian is a fool.
However, even a true fairy can’t tell the difference between Leitian and Qinglei. When people say that I have a demon fairy emperor, who dares to dare him?
Let’s just find a small sect of gas refiners in the deification period. Now it seems that it is necessary to return to the virtual strength to sit in the sect to give yourself some protection.
Everyone is fighting for territory. Petty factions will be swallowed up at any time.
When do you practice leitian to understand when you are killed every day? After a long breath, you said to Biluotong, I will be here for three months. You are a demon, and I will give you a pole.
Leitian said that he would take the Xuan Huang Hou Tu from Baishui real people to Biluotong.
Biluotong took the long banner and couldn’t put it down. This mysterious banner can protect him, and the yin and the gods complement each other. He is a wooden monster, and this mysterious banner can make his vitality stronger and concise.
Three months after Piluo, I plan to find a medium-sized sect to join in. After that, you will have to be hidden in the evil spirit gourd, and you will have to be caught and refined. These days, you will have to thoroughly study the mysterious yellow earth and your weapon for melee.
Biluotong went outside to play thank humbly and meditated alone in the abode of fairies and immortals.
He can come from the breathing state at any time, and he needs too much protection. Put Biluotong outside the door and add two Fu Bing leitian to study the third chapter of Qinglei Zhenjie.
A total of 24 articles, each of which corresponds to a great realm. The third article has cultivated three kinds of spells, but four characters are condensed. That is the realm, but because of lack of mana, the only shortcut for him to increase his strength is to let the lamella gun devour it, but there is nothing to devour in front of him. Leitian is good to stabilize the realm first.