Mysterious and mysterious, a bald man looks quite beautiful. He always looks at the sky, and his white beard is amazing. From a distance, this old and quaint China turns out to be an ordinary old man on the side of the road, but this old man has no strong appearance at all. But this old man is now thick and big, and he is still alive when he was a great uncle. At the same time, he is still alive when he was a great grandfather. Which one has not experienced several wars? One yuan is dead and now he is new. He is thick and big, and six yuan is the longest when he was a great uncle. There is no cause of death. It seems that my uncle is very low-key and has no ambition. He didn’t take part in many times of hegemony in history, but he won’t die. It is no wonder that the Shura Gate can bring this lowest-key Yuan Zun to us.

This Yuan Ye is really a genius. It’s amazing that this law can be laid. Another long-flying feminine man stroking the jade Banzhi in his hand was also repeatedly praised. Soon, it was a pity that such a talented Junjie offended Yu Wenxiong and was doomed to die.
Brother Hu Yan is ridiculous. I am ashamed that I can’t help you. On the other side, the white-browed old man bowed his head and sighed that the Shura Gate was too big. Here, Yu Wentai, the elder of the Shura Gate, turned out to be the weakest one. Yuan Ye, the four masters of this broken array, guessed right three, but the fourth man was not a ram, but another hermit master, Hu Yanxian, who was a great uncle. Although he was low-key, people all over the world didn’t know that Hu Yanxian had been hidden. Hu Yanxian, who is not obsessed with exploring powerful forces, has almost gone crazy to explore power. Millions of years ago, he was forced to merge a new attribute. When the power knot was on the verge of failure, Shu Lamen, the deputy master of the school at that time, happened to meet with good luck to help the hermit master survive the crisis of life and death. Hu Yanxian succeeded in merging, and this became his brother to teach him a set of mixed attributes. This also helped Shu Lamen to connect.
That’s right. This is Hu Yanxian’s understanding of the quasi-revered dzogchen hermit. The conditions for quasi-revered dzogchen are extremely harsh, but the world’s population of 100 billion has been living and dying for seven million years. I don’t know how many people have always been so many. Hu Yanxian is one of them because of various reasons, like Wei Shu Yuan Ye.
Hear Yu Wentai praised the law badly. On the other side, he kept a cold face. Lei Yuanzun’s dead expression seemed to be a little slow. Lei Yuanzun was a good face. He felt ashamed to kill a new person with several level masters this time, but he dared not kill Yuan Ye by himself. Whether he killed or not, Lei Yuanzun felt it was a very disgraceful thing.
At this moment, the law suddenly dozens of starlight rays rushed to the feminine Huyanxian, but when he smiled and waved his hand gently, he combined the six attributes of fire, water, wind, thunder, civil and dark death. The energy was surging, and dozens of starlight rays were blocked at once. Huyanxian looked up at the law and patted his chest with starlight rays. I couldn’t help but sigh, my God, there are so many astral energy bodies. Fortunately, now it is the law master who attacks the large array and the master is controlling these rays and attacking me at the same time. I really have a headache.
It’s a headache to hear this. Thunder Yuan Zun is not happy, but he almost died here and immediately sneered. Don’t be complacent. I’m telling you that this array is the most powerful, not the immediate starlight rays. Yuan Yeke can control this array to condense more than ten starlight rays into starlight arrows, which is ten times more powerful than now. Then the starlight arrows will shoot at you alone, and you won’t die. The most terrible thing is that Yuan Ye can also condense the energy of the array extremely. Don’t say that your strength will condense 50% of the strength of the array. I’m afraid you won’t
Huyanxian eyebrows a wrinkly to LeiYuanZunLian step two curious way, this is strange. At present, the energy of the large array has surpassed that of one of us. I think your strength can block 70% of the energy at most. Then how did you escape at that time? It won’t be a pity on your knees. Let you go directly.
Name you die thunder yuan statue immediately nu that fist full of light suddenly hit HuYanxian.
Hu Yanxian’s reaction is also slow. The feminine palm breeze drives ten kinds of attribute forces to directly wave. These ten kinds of attribute forces are not as simple as Yu Wentai’s, but they are combined to form a new horse energy. This energy has gone through ten times of ten kinds of forces. This is the most terrible thing about quasi-respect dzogchen.
Quasi-Zun dzogchen is also the weakest quasi-Zun dzogchen is a ten-attribute quasi-Zun dzogchen, so the strength can’t compete with Yuan Zun. Hu Yanxian is now a thirteen-attribute quasi-Zun dzogchen is still weaker than Yuan Zun, but Hu Yanxian is not afraid of Yuan Zun.
Boom, the two masters directly collided with each other. With a shaking collision, the local array formed a brief fracture and then healed in a 53-break array.
At this time, Yu Wentai came to stand in the way. Don’t hurt your feelings by being a little humble.
Hum, don’t talk to me about my meager sensibilities. You don’t know me well. Thunder Yuan Zun immediately snorted the transvestite. You have already killed Yuan Ye with me on the death list, and it’s your turn.
You dare to say that my face was twisted when I called Yan Xiandun. He hated not to talk about him as a transvestite, even if he was in front of him for similar things, even if he didn’t say that he would die for so many years. He has never been so insulted for a long time.
Respectfully, I’ll argue with you. Hu Yanxian pointed at Lei Yuanzun in a feminine way. That posture was unexpectedly like a brothel woman soliciting. Suddenly, Lei Yuanzun’s eyes turned white, which was unbearable.
Don’t be angry and calm before you lose your identity. Great Uncle Yuan of the earth speaks slowly, and the slowness looks like a half-length coffin. It’s also slow to move, and it’s very common for Great Uncle to constantly crystallize all kinds of energy, try the array, then shake his head and try this again and again in a new way.
You’re worried about where you came in. Hurry up and break the array. You can’t wait for Thunder Yuan Zun to stare. It seems that everyone has offended him at this time.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
You see that the other party is not in a hurry, and the Thunder Yuan Zun is also nai. He joined hands with Hu Yanxian to break the array. Nai almost didn’t break the law. The other two Yu Wentai promised him to break the array after the study. Although he was in a hurry, he didn’t have his hands, and the Earth Yuan Zun has been trying hard to make a good living and plunged into the pile. Generally, he is tireless.
Earth Yuan Zun, that is, Great Uncle, is Yu Wentai’s friend. In those days, Yu Wentai followed the first flame hiking in the four directions, and Great Uncle followed the first earth Yuan Zun as well. At that time, the universe Yuan Zun and the 17th beast Zun had just formed a planet, all of which were the main places. These 25-level masters led the first batch of modern human powerful beasts of Warcraft to fight for the hegemony of Big Six. Since it was a multi-faceted fight, then the alliance joined forces. At that time, the flame Yuan Zun joined forces with their hands. Great Uncle Yu Wentai also became good friends. At that time, Yu Wentai’s strength was far greater than that of Tai-uncle. After saving Tai-uncle for several wars for more than three times, the situation reversed. The 17th beast statue was given enough territory and stopped there. However, human beings got a piece of territory and wanted to rule a larger territory. Finally, they suffered heavy casualties before determining the ruling area of each yuan statue. This is now the big six. At that time, Dayuan statue died a lot of his hands, and the first one was killed. Tai-uncle got the earth spirit bead and became the second earth. Your status has leapt far beyond saving his life several times. Yu Wentai saved his life. What’s worse, he saved three old friends. Even if his great-uncle fought for Yu Wentai, his great-uncle would never hesitate at all, and his great-uncle also had another purpose, that is, Yuan Ye’s array method.
Even Yuan Zun doesn’t know what the ghost god can be stronger and stronger, and the quasi-statue can be stronger and stronger. Only Yuan Zun, the beast statue, once it becomes so strong, turns out to be strength forever, and the strength is always so high. No matter whether you practice Yuan Zun for millions of years or just become Yuan Zun, the strength is the same. If you have to say that Yuan Zun is more powerful, he can win with better treasures, just like when the dark Yuan Zun got Baihumon’s relics, but who doesn’t want to be stronger and too uncle to keep a low profile, he has devoted himself to studying the array law for millions He is already a generation of grandmasters. Don’t say that in the thick soil, six people can be Xue Lumuqiang. These other six grandmasters are also worse than improper. I heard that Yuan Yeke defeated Yuan Zun Shen array and then added friends. I didn’t hesitate to invite Great Uncle. If it weren’t for Great Uncle, I’m afraid this law would have been broken long ago.
Brother Tai, how’s your research going? It’s almost ready. Seeing that the array has not been broken, Yu Wentai can’t help but be anxious.
Great-uncle’s face is slightly red. This is the only way that this array is mysterious. I imagine that every time I think my idea is right, it is always a problem to verify it. The subtlety of this array lies in the fact that it seems to be simple, but it can’t be worse. It’s wonderful. Brother Yuwen didn’t worry. Didn’t you also say that this array of his Yuan Ye is going to break the array? Your Shura Sect will never live alone. I can also help you search for them. You know that we Yuan Zun are looking for someone, but it’s simple and not easy to search.
Great-uncle is low-key, but he is low-key because there is nothing worth his hand. Do you think that this fellow who once followed the largest earth statue to kill the sky and then fought for the land in those days is not a killer? Then you are all wet.
Is it true that Yu Wentai faked a smile, but there are a hundred people who don’t trust him. Although the words are so said, they didn’t really extinguish the science Tianzong, which is still an unknown variable, and Lei Yuanzun Huyanxian has long hated each other and simply stood on one side without looking at anyone.
On the other side, Yuan Ye rushed to the Kirin clan as quickly as possible, but two Yuan Zun and two masters close to the Yuan Zun level were in urgent need. If we delay for one minute, Hao Tianzong might be devastated. Yuan Ye dared to hesitate.
Yuan Ye, who came to Qilin Mountain again, was not in the mood to enjoy the excellent scenery and rushed in directly according to the way of entry.
Humans are not supposed to come in here. The red fire unicorn is always as tall as a horse and hostile to Yuan Ye. In fact, the god beast is not good for humans.
I’m in a hurry to find Elder Weishu and let Yuan Ye say that he rushed over directly. There are many experts in this Kirin clan, but their ancient elders are all in a retreat near Guihaochi. Except for the strongest Weishu, Yuan Ye, the ghost god, is now unable to stop these Kirin roots, but Yuan Ye’s hard work will soon attract more Kirin to rush over.
Stop it. Suddenly a binge drinking Yuan Ye turned to look. It was none other than the second elder of the Kirin clan, the fire unicorn, who was furious and knew Yuan Ye.
It will take some time for Shao Hao, a human friend, to close at the last moment. Isn’t it rude for you to come to it now?
Elder Red Anger, I’m not looking for Brother Qiu. I’m looking for Elder Wei Shu. Please help me introduce you to an urgent situation. Yuan Ye, there’s a lot of leisure at this time.
Red anger eyebrows a wrinkly will bring a beautiful white image and teleport. Wei Shu saw Wei Shu coming to Yuan Ye. After a while, he closed his eyes and nodded. Here, there are millions of masters gathered at the edge of Zongmen. Even Zongmen was in great trouble, but the middle array method stopped those millions of masters from attacking.
You know all about Yuan Ye’s surprise.
Wei Shu looked calm and nodded slightly. When your soul is strong enough, you will have a spirit consciousness and disperse everything outside. However, it is the strength of the soul that determines the scope of the spirit consciousness. My spirit consciousness range is just as far as your clan door, so I will know what is going on there.
Okay, okay, let’s not talk about this. Please help me see if my array is broken now. Yuan Ye hurriedly said.
It’s not broken yet, but your array is more magical than the first time I met the law to observe things. That array is your cloth.
The Kirin clan has never known anything about the outside world. Yuan Ye’s dazzling performance has been all over the world for a long time, but the Kirin clan doesn’t know it.
Array is a master of two levels, thunder yuan and earth yuan, in my array method. I’m afraid they won’t last long in breaking the array.
You’ve come to me to help you resist the strong enemy Weishu. I guessed Yuan Ye’s eyes. I won’t stand by and watch you in Shao Hao, but I’m afraid I can’t stop two Yuan Zuns from being worse than other masters even if I go alone.
Don’t worry, senior. I want you to teleport me to the nearest dragon, green dragon and beast to help me. Senior will help me in the future. No matter where I can get it, I will never refuse. Although Yuan Ye actually doesn’t recognize himself, the green dragon and beast is very familiar with it, but at this time, Yuan Ye can’t consider whether he will be rejected by others. If he can’t do this again, he will go farther away. The Xuan Orcs will return to the Phoenix clan. I hope Yuan Ye will never give up.
Looking at Yuan Ye with an anxious face, Weishu didn’t let him wait long. Finally, he nodded and said, You can move the green dragon beast. It should be no problem for the two of us to deal with the two Yuan Zuns. Well, I will take you to the dragon to have a try.
Thank you. Hurry up, Yuan Ye said. Go directly to hug Weishu. Although Weishu is a respected and famous master in millions of grades, he was suddenly hugged by a strange man for a slight moment, and then he felt a wry smile in his heart and retired for so many years. I didn’t even think of this pure move of human beings. I didn’t think of anywhere else, but I felt a trace in my heart.
Wei Shu made a slight mockery and disappeared directly with Yuan Ye.